6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
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6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas

Lou Malnati's legendary pizzas are hand-made from scratch with mozzarella cheese, vine ripened plum tomatoes, and fresh toppings layered upon a tasty crust.

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Package Contents:

Six 9-inch Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas (each pizza serves two adults)

Pizzas available: Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni, Veggie (Mushroom, Onion & Green Pepper), Spinach, and Crustless (Gluten Free made with a lean sausage base).

If your pizzas are still frozen when they arrive or are cool to the touch, place them in the freezer and bake them within 30 days.

For the ultimate pizza, bake from a frozen state according to the following instructions:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Remove lid and lift pizza out of the pan. Wipe away condensation from the pan and lightly oil the pan. Return pizza to the pan and bake on the middle rack until cheese melts and crust becomes crispy and golden brown. Baking times vary for each type of pizza and length of bake time is indicated on the lid of each pizza. If the pizza has thawed decrease bake time by 5 minutes. Microwave cooking is not recommended.

Real reviews from customers just like you!

Disappointed this time
Pizza crusts were not like they were in the past....more like a dry flatbread than a deep dish like I get if I am actually ordering in Wilmette.
Joan From Las Vegas, NV
Always great pizzas!
We get a couple deliveries of Lou malnatis pizzas each year and they go so fast. Delicious and easy dinner or snack. Will buy again soon.
Fantastic Pizzas
Best pizza ever. Will order more!
Lou's Pizza!
We always enjoy making Lou's at home! Houston hasn't perfected the Chicago deep dish pizza yet and Lous is the best! They are easy to make and the quality and flavor have been excellent every time we ordered. I recommend it to everyone.
Linda From The Woolands, TX
Where is the butter crust?
Loved my Lou Malnati's long-distance order. But the famous butter-crust was missing! Even with the buttresses crust, the sauce and toppings were amazing. :)
Marcus From Fort Lauderdale, FL, FL
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Manuel From Mount Prospect, IL
Chicago pizza heads south
I'm a repeat customer who loves my pizza from Chicago. I was born and raised there and being able to get it delivered to my door here in Florida is heaven on earth!
Laura From Ponce Inlet, FL
LOVE the Pepperoni and Plain the best. Better than I ever thought it would be. Have ordered 3 times for friends. Great Holiday and Birthday gift cause you can make it whenever you want. Just be sure you have room in your freezer. 1 pie feeds 3 of us.
Sonia From Weston, FL
pizzas shipped overnight without a problem. They are absolutely delicious! Definitely recommend to anyone who loves Lou!
Morgan From MN
Recently tried the Crustless Pizza and it was awesome! If your low carbing it you need to try this one!
Deborah From Riverside, CA
Mixed Review
Cheese & Pepperoni Pizzas were good; Crustless Pizza gets a thumbs-down. All could use more cheese and tomato sauce; not as thick as I remembered former Chicago Pizzas.
Ron From Lake Ridge, VA
Not A Crumb Left
My cousin was in the hospital in Portland, ME having cancer surgery, so I sent pizzas to her husband and two teenage sons. They were ecstatic! And did not save even a piece of crust for their mom, who is the only native Chicagoan in the family. A huge hit!
Anne From Skokie, IL
Thank you, Lou Malnati
Sausage pizza
Janet From Flagler Beach,, FL
Thank you, Lou Malnati
We live in pizza no-man's-land. What a treat to have pizza this good shipped to us. The crust alone is worth the price. The only reason I give it four stars is that I'm not in Chicago and eating a fresh pizza, but this frozen pie comes damn close.
Janet From Flagler Beach,, FL
Had a party & everyone Loved the pizzas.
sausage pizza
very good...other pizzas haven't been tried yet
Kerry From Eden Prairie, MN
My Heroes!
We have lived for over 20 years in an area of the country that has no idea what GOOD pizza is. (Their favorite is Papa ****'s). We're far from Chicago but not when your pizza is here. You're a lifesaver!! Thank you!!
Mary From Salem, IN
Excellent Chicago-style Pizza
Having eaten at Lou Malnati's many times in Chicago, these pizzas were a welcome arrival at our home outside of Boston. The quality of the product was excellent, and they cooked perfectly in our oven.
Miles From Sherborn, MA
Love to have in the freezer!
So glad to be able to have the freezer stocked with this hometown treat. Easy to bake and love that crust. Cheese, spinach and sausage are great. Veggie gets soggy, so we stick with the others.
Our Taste of Chicago
Every time we have a Malnatis Pizza brings back our memories of Chicago.
Jay From FL
Best Pizza Ever
We love this pizza. Great to keep in the freezer for those nights when we don't want to cook.
Linda From Telluride, CO
love my pizza
Pizzas were delivered on time and as always were excellent. Brings back memories of " Sweet Home Chicago"
George From The Woodlands, TX
Like a Trip Back to Chicago
The pizzas arrived completely frozen in a styrofoam cooler. I baked them in my home oven for my husband's birthday-they were EXCELLENT! We can't get Chicago style pizza here in Texas, so I will be back for more.
Kathryn From Cedar Park, TX
Fantastic Pizza
Everything from ordering, delivery, and the awesome pizza was great! The pizza was ordered one day and at my doorstep the next! The pizza is fantastic! We will order again!
Barry From Cape Girardeau, MO
Missing our Chicago pizza
Delivered fast, on time and well packaged. Pizzas arrived frozen, they taste great!
Kerri From Cypress, TX
Pizza was great, just like being there! Shipped on Monday, deliverd Tuesday, gone by Wednesday. Will definitely order again!
they were great ..reminded me of my home town Chicago
6 Pizza Review
Overall good, but it took 5 days to deliver the order.
Fred From Senatobia, MS
Lou mal's
Donna From Virginia beach
Best Pizza Ever!
The pizza is really great and well worth the money. 12 people tried the pizza and they all loved the pizza!
Ed From Los Angeles, CA
Great Service/Great Food
My fiancee was in Chicago for a few days and told me about Lou Malnatis. I got on the internet and ordered 2 cheese, 2 sausage and 2 pepperoni to be delivered to Brooklyn, NY which came in a day. When she returned to NY I baked the Pepperoni and she said it tasted the same as when she was in the restaurant in Chicago. Excellent Pizza! I'll be ordering more this year
Gary From Brooklyn, NY
the only negative was one of the plain pies came crushed on one side.The box was not so it was packed that way otherwise the taste was what I expected..very very good.
Eric From bridgewater, NJ
Love Lou's
Always love having Lou's in my freezer & for $17 per pizza it's a way better deal than delivery.
Ben From Orange, CA
Super Bowl Party
Everyone loved the pizzas and I made some new fans of Chicago Style Deep Dish. Great as always, my favorite place to order pizzas from.
Charles From San Antonio, TX
Heaven in NJ
6 pizzas 2 cheese 2 pepperoni 2 sausage
Steve From Randolph, NJ
pizza was fantastic
This is the second time I have purchased Lou Malnati's pizzas. Being a Chicago native, and living in Colorado for 20 some years, you tend to miss the Tastes of Chicago. Eating this pizza takes me right back.
Laura From CO
Not too shabby
Obviously I wasnt expecting them to be as good as fresh, but the roni were pretty awesome. The cheese was awful with a very thin layer of sauce. Was very disappointed. Still need to try the sausage!
Kristin From Chicago, IL
Timothy From Delaware, OH
Pleasantly Surprised
I'm a Giordorno's boy at heart but when I read that Lou's beat them in a recent showdown I decided to give them a try. I wasn't disappointed. The crust was incredible and the filling amazingly tasty. I will order again (& again & again!!).
John From CT
Good Food
The pizzas arrived on the day promised and were prepared the next day. The pizzas were great and they translate pretty well despite being baked in a home oven. The crust, sauce, and ingredients are all tasty and high quality. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that I have eaten at a Lou Malnati's restaurant in Chicago and you simply cannot beat one of their pizza pies fresh out of a real pizza oven.
Larry From Lees Summit, MO
Awesome Pizza to Brown University
Have 6 Pizza's deliever to son for Easter party from his classmates at Brown University - My son was amazed how wonderful they can packaged and how well they cooked .... just like eating at a Lou's place in Chicago
Renee From Providence, RI
I'm very disappointed. my whole life I've always heard good things about your pizza. So I was so excited to order it in for my husband's birthday as a present to him. I can't even tell you how disappointed I was there was no better than the store bought frozen pizzas I can get here in my town in North Dakota. It's a sad sad day
Amy From Williston, ND
Frozen delivered pizza.
While it's not the same as being at a Lou Malnati's in person, it is certainly the next best thing! Incredible pizza as always!
Jon From Albuquerque, NM
Lou's pizza delivered to Michigan
I ordered 6 pizzas from Lou Malnati's pizzeria and it was delivered as promised frozen. We love this pizza and had it that night. the process was easy and the product very tasty. I will be ordering again in the near future.
Susan From MI
Bringing good pizza to Colorado
I used to live in the Chicagoland suburbs until a job opportunity took me to Colorado. I was trying to explain to a group of friends that real pizza does not come from the super market. One taste of Lou's deep dish converted them.
Ryan From Kremmling, CO
Great Food, 2nd shipment
After UPS lost my order, Lou's sent a new one. GREAT FOOD AND SERVICE!
Tom From Mckinney, TX
Not as good as I thought it would be
Lou Malnati's pizza
The pizza ever!
My kids and I loved it !!
Aaron Schwope From San antonio, TX
Delicious!!! Had some shipping issues but pizza got to us still good!
Great Pizza
Order this pizza from Chicago - it was delivered on time - was fresh and tasted amazing!
Jill From Lakeland, FL
Lou's is BIG in DALLAS!
As a former Chicagoan now living in Dallas, there is nothing like having that big box arrive at my door! My friends are now just as hooked as me!
David From Dallas, TX
garrick From kettering, OH
Happy College Kids!
As a former business commuter to the Chicago-land area, I'm familiar and fond of Lou Malnati's pizza. As a surprise, I ordered and sent 6 pizzas out to my son and his roommates in Wyoming. Everything arrived perfectly as expected. The boys cooked 2 out of the 6 pizzas as directed and said that they were absolutely AWESOME! I will definitely order and ship to them again! Thank you!
Josie From Greenwich, CT
Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!
Such a distinctive taste and smell. I could tell a Lou Malnati's pizza was in the oven as soon as I opened the door. The crust is delicious.
Martha From Fairhope, AL
easier than ordering out
Missed Chicago pizza, so glad it is this easy to get. Cooks up perfect!
Rob From steamboat, CO
Was skeptical about frozen pizza, but man...almost like in the store and far better than anything you can get away. Cheese is our favorite! Can't wait for the next feeding!
Craig From NC
Arrived and are delicious
First time I tried the pepperoni pizza. Really good! Would be nice to have a pie with a combination of grilled onions & peppers along with the meats. Combo with bacon, grilled onions and cheese. Yum.
Barbara From Pikesville, MD
Tastes of home
Love getting our Lou's pizza delivery! A little taste of home in southern Florida!
Kim From Delray Beach , FL
Lou's Again!
Have been eating Lou Malnati's pizza since 1971. I've ordered online now for YEARS! Have to have my Lou's fix. You've followed me from Illinois to Florida to Pennsylvania. Love the pizza. Love that I can have it delivered to me anywhere in the US. Never have to do without my favorite pizza.
Karen From Jamison, PA
chicago Food for LA
Chicago Style food for LA friends from Chicago.
Ed Fabiszak From Morris, IL
Mouthwatering and terrific
DONALD From Key Biscayne, FL
Pizza for friends
Our friends in AZ said, "PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!!" so we took it that they enjoyed the Lou's pizzas. They have plenty opportunities to share so we're sure they did. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share a real taste of Chicago.
Cheryl From Chicago, IL
Great food - great gift
We have some of our friends and neighbors hooked now as we give a pizza and a dessert for gifts. We have loved the pizza for years and are now branching out to some of the other items - philly sandwiches are great too.
Theresa Smith From Tulsa, OK
Order review
Georgia From Abilene, TX
Baked 3 of the pizzas the day after they arrived. everything was great they came out perfect. THANKS
Doug From GA
ship to Hawaii
6 pizzas shipped to Hawaii great delivery service - no problems - highly recommend
Margaret From Schaumburg, IL
Best Pizza Ever!
The BEST Pizza's by far my wife and I have ever eaten! There is NO doubt that Lou Malnati's Pizza has become our newest and most admired family member! Outstanding!!!!
Craig From Sugar Grove, VA
Everything was amazing. It was like we were actually eating at the restaurant.
Melissa From NAPLES, FL
Almost Like Being There
Though, I'd prefer to be sitting in the restaurant so I could walk out and enjoy the rest of Chicago, the pizza was almost as good as it is there.
Frierson From AL
Just as expected
The pizzas cooked perfectly and did not disappoint. The sausage was by far my favorite. I'll be ordering again very soon.
Jillian From Tulsa, OK
Texan Family Pizza Party
Chicago deep dish pizza was represented well by Lou Malnati's pizza taste and quality as well as Tastes of Chicago delivery service, Thank you!
Rene From Woodridge, IL
This is the best pizza I have ever had. So glad that you will ship it right to my door. I live out of state so this is the only way I could get the great pizza.
Robert From New Albany, OH
nothing better
I miss real pizza. Can't find anything like this in Denver.
Nancy From denver, CO
Best Pizza!
My pizza got here a day earlier than they said and it was AMAZING!!! I will definately be ordering again! Thank you for having this service for us that miss Lou's pizza so much!
Cindy From Chillicothe, IL
Longing for Chicago Pizza
I ordered Lou M. pizza for my husbands birthday. We are enjoying all of them, I can't invite my five granddaughters to join us, as there wouldn't be enough.
Trudy From Lantana, TX
The sausage pizza is my favorite! The sauce is simple and fresh and tastes amazing. Plenty of cheese and toppings. Will be ordering again real soon.
Satisfied and Happy
Edward Branch From Tavares, FL
Love the pizza
we live in Mississippi and there is no place to get pizza like this !! they are the BEST
Bruce sartin From Ridgeland, MS
The best deep dish...PERIOD
The tomatoes taste fresh from my grandma's marinara-the cheese is stringy-the crust has the best flavor & texture. I LOVE YOUR PIE.
Carol From Moorpark, CA
Awesome pizza sent to Texas
The pizza was awesome. I love the fact that I was able to ship CHICAGO DEEP DISH pizza's all the way to Texas. Thanks guys
Ramon From Houston, TX
Best Chicago Pizza in the World!
We love this pizza! The crust stays so crunchy it is perfect. We will continue to order again and again!
Cari From Tampa , FL
Lou Malnatis doesn't disappoint!
The only reason it isn't 5 stars, is because it wasn't fresh!
Iva From Randolph, NJ
The best pizza I have ever eaten...
Vic From Kingwood , TX
Great pizza
Pizza is outstanding.
Pam From Des Plaines, IL
first time to try deep dish & it was very good. will order again
Debbie From Bainbridge Island, WA
Pizza Delivery Review
Sent three separate orders of pizza to Hawaii. They arrive in a timely fashion, and were absolutely delicious!
Kate From Honolulu, HI
Birthday Pizzas
Pizzas came on time. delicious treat for former Chicagoian's s
Best pizza ever, as always!
With 2 cheese, 2 pepperoni and 2 sausage, how can you go wrong? Last 2 are dinner tomorrow!
peggy From whitesboro, NY
Exceeded Expectations
Took a first time risk and ordered Malnati's pizza. Both the service and product exceeded my expectations. The pizza tastes great, an easy way to experience Chicago style deep dish no matter where you live. No regrets!
Henry From Ames, IA
Tasty and cold even in Arizona
We ordered 6 pies and they were delicious
Chris From Phoenix, AZ
I truly enjoy these pizzas. Always nice to have ready to go from my freezer!
Steve From Smithtown, NY
6 pack order of deep dish pizzas
Great as usual
Tracy From TX
Lou's Pizza!
In welcoming home my college aged daughter from Chicago she was so excited that I had some home town flavors! A do again, for sure!
Amy From Denver, CO
Great Pizza and Shipping
Very impressed with your shipping process. Receiving frozen pizza from Chicago to Florida was great. The pizza was great, almost like we were in Chicago. So glad you provide this service
Judy From Tampa
Amazing! No pizza compares on the East Coast.
We ordered these pizza's for our son who just graduated from High School in Virginia. My wife and I are from Chicago and always get pizza from Lou Malnati's when in town visiting. This was a great surprise to him and everyone enjoyed the pizzas. Thanks for making his graduation memorable.
Ken From Chesterfield, VA
Ordered from Los Angeles
Come to Los Angeles. We love your pizza. It is the best!!
Stacey From Burbank, CA
Old Standby
We periodically ship pizzas to our deprived family in CA. I wish you would accept PayPal for payment
Wayne From Oak Park, IL
Ooo La La
I'm jealous, Best Hockey Team and No Doubt About it , Best Deep Dish
Greg From Jeannette, PA
5 Stars
Exactly what I ordered and arrived when promised. As always, the pizzas are excellent!
Restaurant Quality
Loved being able to get Lou Malnotti's in the DC area! Not quite the same as ordering fresh in Chicago, but very very very YUMMY! Made my husband's day.
JB From McLean, VA
So Fun!!
I ordered 6 pizzas to be shipped for my boyfriends birthday party. His family was excited to try the pizza and they all loved it.
Jackie From Los Angeles, CA
Awesome Gift
I sent the pizzas out before I arrived to town. It was a perfect to gift for my gracious hosts.
Elaine From Ridgeway, CO
Lou Did It Again!
Received 6 Lou's pizzas to remind me of home! While I received 3 - Sausage, 3 - Cheese, and 3 - Pepperoni, the Roni's were my favorite. As I tell my friends, there is Chicago-style pizza and there is Lou's! Why get the rest, when you can get the best? The pizzas were fantastic. Just that little bit of WOW that reminds me of Chicago! Thank you!
Karen From Jamison, PA
Yummy as ever!!
We've ordered several times and each time it never disappoints! We love the product!!
Kathy From Wellington, FL
My First Order Reviewed
My First Order Reviewed. Ordered 6 Pizzas. All were perfectly frozen and delivered quick. Better than expected. Will do again, Pizzas were as good as in Restaurant. DELISH!!
jerry From DeMotte, IN
Best Pizza on the Planet
We ordered six pizzas--sausage, pepperoni, and veggie. All were yummy. The only problem is they didn't last very long. We'll definitely order more next time.
Ken From Makanda, IL
Awesome Deep Dish!!
Lou's Pizza Multi-pack
Deb From Lewisville, TX
Chicaho Lou Malnati's HOMEMADE PIZZA
A lot of ingredients used and crust is delicious!Originally from Boston. Love thin crust pizza. However, I lived in Chicago over 30 years. Lou's Pizza is the best pizza. So many happy memories eating at the Original Restaurant in Lincolnwood, IL 60712. Pizza is better than Gino's East or Giodannao's.
Nancy From Lake Wales, FL
Best Pizza Ever
This is the best pizza ever! I wish we were closer to Chicago to have it fresh out of the oven, but this is the next best thing.
Tracy From Rosendale, MO
Excellent as always!!
My friends are always excited when I tell them that Lou's is in the house and they can't wait to come over for the party! Sausage, Cheese & Veggie are our favorites, something for everyone.
Carolyn From AR
Nice Birthday present
Pizzas with extra pan and spatula.
Neal From Middlebury, CT
Pizza review
6 pizzas only reason I gave a 4 and not a five is because the dry ice was completely gone and two of the pizzas were beginning to thaw
Sandy From Palmyra, VA
Smooth Process
Order process was smooth, good selection and delivered as promised.
Bob From IL
Confirmed buyer
Just as expected...yummy
Pizza (6)
Sandy From FL
6 lou malnatis deep dish pizzas
order was received in timely manner and pizzas were good
sheila From mason city, IL
Fabulous, as expected
Out of this world!
Nancy From Lake Villa, IL
You can't beat Malnati's for shipping pizzas
Don From Peoria, AZ
Most Excellent Pizza
Deep Dish Pizza was most welcome, and most EXCELLENT!
John From Friant, CA
Best Pizza
Scott From Cooper City, FL
chicago pizza
Lou's the Best
Judy From Hilton Head Island, SC
best pizza hands down
the best Chi town zzza
Debb From woodland, CA
lou malnatis deep dish pizza
cheese, spinach and veggie
carol From IL
Deep Dish
We are so thankful to have good pizza to eat here in Ohio! Chicago we miss you:)
kelly wissolik
Lou Malnati's Pizza
The pizza for some reason this time was not very deep dish. It looks like they skimped on the cheese and deepness.
Dave From Cary, NC
Tasty as per usual!
Lorie From PA
Love it!
Lou Malnati's was my favorite when I lived in Chicago. So happy there's an option to have it delivered out of state. It always safely arrives on the day I've chosen for delivery. And the same great taste as eating at the restaurant. Highly recommend this delivery service.
Diane From Clifton, NJ
Pizzas shipped
3 cheese, 3 spinach
Jan From Denver, CO
Great Pizzas
Excellent delivery, excellent product
Pizza - pepperoni and cheese
Greg From Woodward, OK
Served your delicious pizzas for our family Christmas Eve dinner...everyone loved them!!
Doug From VA Beach, VA
real pizza in Kansas via FedEx
Really enjoyed the Malnatis experience at home. Tip: cook 'em a few minutes longer than they suggest.
peter From overland park, KS
We got the 3 cheese and 3 roni pies and everyone loved them! I would highly recommend purchasing from Lou Malnati's.
Kevin From North Brunswick, NJ
2nd time ordering
Last order i placed occurred during the last snow storm...pizzas arrived just in time but dry ice was all evaporated but pizzas were still frozen. Close call.
Gary From Brooklyn, NY
Love your pizzas, they are always fantastic and your shipping is amazingly fast!
Amanda From Laporte, IN
3 chees 3 pep
walt From Las vegas, NV
Outstanding Pizza
Order arrived in 2 days, well packed in dry ice. Outstanding, delicious pizza AND cheaper than buying local pizza here in California. The quality is superb. Highly recommend Lou Malnati's pizza!!!!!
Mary From CA
Outstanding pizza. 6 pack is a great buy and cheaper than the local (much less tasty) pizza! Love Lou Malnati's pizza!
Mary From Dublin, CA
Lou's pizza review
We love Lou's pizza and can't get it at our summer place, so ordering it from tastes has been awesome, taste just like we ordered it from our Lou's at home
Vickie From Douglas, MI
All-around Fantastic!
Thank you Lou Malnati's for such amazing pizzas-to-go for our Taste of Chicago party. We live in Washington state and wanted to share some authentic Chicago style food with our friends. Hot dogs (Vienna Beef, of course), Italian Beef and Lou Malnati's pizza were all on the menu, and we couldn't keep the pizzas coming out of the oven fast enough. They were an absolute hit with everyone! Also, I want to thank your staff for answering all my questions before the party about how to cook multiple pizzas at a time. They were well-informed and courteous -- great customer service!
Linda From Camas, WA
Love Them Round Pies.....
Three cheese & three pepperoni.....
Norman From Daytona Beach, FL
Simply Amazing
I have never been to Chicago and have always wanted to try the Orginal Deepdish Pie. Well, yous guys have made me a buyer for life. The pies are absolutely delicious and the shipping quick. I'm very well pleased and I'll definitely will be buying more.
Michael From Chesterfield, VA
6 Awesome Pizzas!!! As always!
Linda From Stratford, CT
2nd order
can not choose which I love more. cheese or pep
sam From verona, NY
Always great!
3 cheese 3 pepperoni
Lauren From Pepper pike , OH
Love the pizza, but need a little more meat on them. Meat got lost in the sauce.
Veronica Bean From Saint Louis, MO
Lou malnatil's deep dish pizza
Doris From Russellville, AR
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Excellent as always...can only imagine what they would taste like fresh at the restaurant!
Monica From TX
Mmmmm Good!!
6 Pizza Delivery is incredible. We have stopped ordering locally, as we now have our pizzas sent from Chicago. The quality is unmatched and the price is unbeatable. Great Job!!
Gary From Palm , FL
Pizza is perfect every time!
Rhonda From Charlotte, NC
Better than local Gino's East
We live outside Houston Texas - my husband is from Chicago he misses Chicago pizza and was so excited when we got a Gino's East in our town - but oh my it is not anyway close to a real Chicago pizza - we order from Lou Malnati's each month and it is fantastic!
Melissa From spring, TX
Awesome pizzas
Great as usual. Half way through order.
Joe From NC
Top notch products and service.
Greg From Mustang, OK
Great pizza
As usual the order was perfect with quality ingredients
KBC From Fort Worth, TN
Better than anything made in Georgia
Even though it's frozen it is still great, fresh tomatoes, lots of cheese, crispy crust, way better than take out or delivery hmmm hmmm good!
JoeSean From Lilburn, GA
Always the Best
I'll never order from anywhere else...better than any other pizza place.
Gary From United States, GA
Pizza Review
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzas delicious always has been good.
William From Washougal, WA
Never disappoints
When homesickness hits, and we need our "Chicago fix," Lou's 'Za never disappoints!
Cira From Orlando , FL
great pizza
got two pizzas for xmas gift hsd to get more
joe From NJ
Mmmm, Lou's Pizza!
3 cheese, 3 pepperoni pizzas
Clare From Boulder Creek, CA
even at home...amazing!
3 cheese & 3 pepperoni LM deep dish pizzas ...delivered on time & frozen...nicely packaged if sending as gift even. Incredible taste & quality even from home oven...well worth the cost!
LoriO From San Antonio, TX
Perfect as always
Always great to order! Makes my wife feel at home and we all know how important that is!
Greg From FL
I was nervous because the package would be on my front porch for several hours before I got home and it is currently mid 90's here in Florida. No problem! Dry ice worked great. The pizza was great.
Paul From Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Delicious as always!
The best pizza ever!
John From Houston, PA
Sent 6 pizzas to our son for his birthday....he was beyond thrilled to get them!
Susan From Wilmette, IL
AirLou: Golden Delicious Crust
The three Cheese and three Pepperoni pizzas were devoured in 10 days after arriving. Living in Colorado is amazing. However, the pizzas out here are far from the amazing beauty you will find in a Lou's pizza. Going to be ordering another six pizzas soon for the upcoming holidays.
Andy From CO
It made a big hit on campus!
Sent the 6 pizzas to my nephew at school out of state! His friends heard Malnati's and invited themselves for dinner...they devoured them! Thanks so much!!!
Maureen From Chicago
3 cheese, 3 pepperoni - Awesome! Best if baked in a convection oven. The cheese is to die for! About to send in another order.
Lou From Glidden, IA
This Texas family loves Lou Malnati's!
My wife and kids were so happy to see the box of pizzas arrive because we are HUGE fans! And boy, were they tasty! This is a treat for us and we love the taste. We will continue to order these excellent pizzas!
Shawn From TX
Love the pizza ! Am a transplanted Chicagoan in Ca. Great to have a taste of home delivered to your doorstep.
Great pizza !
Pizza is great, ordering is easy, shipping is fast......customer service is great, too!
Patricia Biggs
Pleasure to order from Tastes of Chicago
We have ordered 3 different times from you and every time the experience is a pleasant one. And the pizza is always delicious, and makes us miss Chicago even more.
Restaurant Quality
Pizzas from "Lou To Go" rival those in the Malnati restaurants. Ordering online, shipment, and delivery are as smooth as could be.
David Harris
shipping nightmare/pizza great...
Pizza is great...but shipping this time was a nightmare, I paid the extra to have next day delivery to avoid stress. Notification that it would arrive Monday the 23rd *five days later...very stressful, emails and phone call later..it arrived Saturday instead of the original Friday. I was happy, but so much stress and I had to rearrange my schedule to be back home on sat. to freeze the pizza. very disruptive from the original plan. Hope my shipping extra cost will be reimbursed.
meredith From Arcata, CA
Best EVER!!!
I love Lou's pizza. This was a gift and it hit the spot!
Jamie From Sandy, UT
six deep dish
Henry From Naples, FL
six deep dish
Henry From Naples, FL
I love my Lou's!
I left chicago in 78 but thanks to Lou's I can get my pizza fix whenever I want! Best deal is the 6 pack, I split it with a friend.
jodie From Encino, CA
A little slice of HOME!
3 cheese 3 sausage pizzas
Mary From Mesa, AZ
Great way to celebrate another end to winter here in Cleveland!
Louise From Cleveland, OH
Wicked Awesome !!!!!!
I saw Tastes of Chicago on the Travel Channel. I used to love Uno's Deep Dish Pizza back in the late 70's, but the recipe has changed over the years and I no longer would go there. When I saw that Lou's recipe was the Uno's original I had to try it. And I was not disappointed !! These pizza's are the best, just like I remember them from the 70's. Thank you for keeping this recipe alive. I know I will be ordering more in the future !!!
Chris From Medford, MA
A taste of home.
Sooo Good.
Jeanne From San Diego, CA
ED From abq, NM
Jason From KC, MO
All Good
3 cheese 3 sausage
Mike Scheid
Superior Pizza Quality
Finest Pizza around! Was at the opening with Lou at the first restaurant in Lincolnwood and got hooked on the unique taste. Just superb!
Ben From Isle of Palms, SC
Lou's in Michigan
Lou's pizza was our Thanksgiving feast. We use Lou's pizza for many such celebrations. Great.
Stephen From Marshall, MI
Roy's Birthday - 2nd package
3 Cheese, 3 Sausage Everything arrived perfectly and we can't wait to dig in!! Thank You!
Kim From Pittsburgh, PA
Excellent as always!
Everything came through perfect and was delivered on time. Going to have pizza for supper tonight. Thanks Lou!!
Pat From IA
Chicago Delivered!
My order arrived right on time and, of course, the pizzas were delicious.
Ray From AZ
Pizzas are great!
3 cheese 3 sausage pizzas
Just in time for the holidays!
I split these with another former Chicagoan...she gave hers as gifts...I am eating mine!
Jodie From Encino, CA
Pies were delicious
While not as delicious as eating at Lou Malnati's, these frozen pizzas are the next best thing.
Janice From Winchester, VA
Chris From MA
Arrived on time and still frozen
Martin From Scottsdale, AZ
Can't be beat
The best pizza in the land.
Jim From Bluffton, SC
miss you
so happy that we can still enjoy a Lou's in Arkansas
Carmela From Evening Shade, AR
Amazing as usual.
6 pizzas and we enjoyed every bite of them.
Nanci From New York, NY
Best Pizza in the World
Order arrived exactly when they said it would, perfectly frozen, and when served at my birthday party, was delicious as always!
Therese From FL
Rain, Sleet or Snow the Pizza's MUST GO!
I had arranged for 6 pizzas to be delivered to North Carolina recently from Chicago...delayed 4 days due to an east coast snow storm, finally the order ships only to be delayed 2 days due to a midwest snow storm....the pizza'a eventually arrived in North Carolina in GREAT shape and frozen solid. The feast began, the taste was fresh, crisp... as if they had been taken straight from a Lou's oven and brought to our table!!Fantastic job, I'm a customer for life!!
Steve From IL
I love Lou's!
Got my fix have 2 left...trying to pace myself!
Jodie From Encino, CA
Never lets you down
almost a 5
Margaret From Oceanside, CA
great pizza/ should of been a 5
Could of been a 5. I have ordered many times 3 sausage 3 cheese but I had 1 cheese pizza that I couldn't eat, I had to throw it out. It was dry and looked like it was freezer burned. But the other 5 were great. Just hold my breath when I take the cover off now and look at it. That one didn't look right from the beginning but I never had a problem so I thought oh well just cook it. Sorry it went in the garbage
Margaret From Oceanside, CA
It is treating myself when I order these amazing pizzas! The quality and taste takes me right back to my Chicago time
James From Wadsworth, OH
Moved to Florida in Oct. 2014 and we were craving the best pizza in the world Lou's. We are so thankful to be able to order and have it delivered to our new home. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Bonnie From Miami, FL
Chicago restaurant quality deep dish pizzas delivered as promised, as it has been in the past. We served it to friends this time, and they were surprised that such high quality, authentic pizza could shipped by air from Chicago.
David From MI
Sheila From Agoura Hills, CA
Donna From Mableton, GA
Excellence Delivered
Classic deep dish Chicago pizza with restaurant quality taste, easy preparation, and on-time delivery.
David From Glen Arbor, MI
Delicious! I am actually a native New Yorker and, as you know, we love our thin crust pies. However, I think Lou Malnati's totally rules.
Robert From Gig Harbor, WA
Nothing beats it!
This pizza has so much flavor! It is not overloaded with salt. You can taste the freshness! The crust is crunchy and full of flavor. Unlike any pizza crust I have seen!
John From Oceanside, CA
great pizza, but a little more work on the bottom crust which is a little doughy. Even so great taste, and I'll be back for more.
Best in town
Just about the best Pizza in Chicago, thus the USA
Ben From Isle of Palms, SC
SO good!
SO good to be able to get this pizza outside of the Chicagoland area. We're in Northern California and have taken to "importing" our favorite pizza. It's so worth it! :)
Lisa From CA
Deep dish cheese and veggie
Linda From Hamburg, NJ
Da Best!
We have ours shipped to Florida. Excellent service and delivery and worth every penny. Our favorite is the plain old cheese pizza. A never fail treat. Consistently fabulous. Also makes a wonderful gift.
Lou Malnati's Online
We order the 6 pack of Cheese Pizza as often as we can! It is such a good deal for 6 delicious pizzas! Best way to keep our home town close to our tummy's :P
Remembering Chicago
We lived in Chicago for 17 years and Chicago style Pizza is one of the two things we loved that we can't get in Ohio. This is a great way to remember the great taste of Lou's...and it is just as good as ordering at the restaurant...great shipping process!
Bob From Beavercreek, OH
The best pizza in the world!
Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza
Cheese Pizza
For a taste of 'home' we love ordering Lou's frozen pizza. Cooks up well in our oven even at the high altitude we are at now. We've turned the entire family onto ordering Lou's from the states of Washington and Arizona to Wisconsin and Florida. It brings back memories of having Lou's Every Thursday in our home when the kids were growing up. Love it!
Carol From CO
6 cheese pizza
Dry ice melted because dry ice bag ripped ... Pizzas soggy
Dan Osman From Niwot, CO
Fabulous As Always
We love our Lou's Cheese Pizza here in Florida. The perfect quick, delicious dinner choice and ALWAYS completely yummy. We make sure there are at least several in the freezer at all times.
Barb From Tequesta, FL
Six Cheese
Very tasty, as always. And delivery right on time.
Wayne From OR
Delivered as expected.
6 pizzas as ordered.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Loving Lou's
Living in California for 25 years after growing up in Illinois for 38 years it is absolutely amazing having deep dish pizza in our freezer to enjoy anytime. Nobody does pizza like Chicago. These cook up amazing, just like you are there!!!
Deborah From RIVERSIDE, CA
Got the pizzas very fast and they're great!
Susie From Portland, OR
cheese pizzas
john reiland From panama city beach, FL
Missing Lou's
We live in Washington state. My wife loves lou's. So for Mother's day I ordered her 6 cheese pizzas. Just for herself. She said it was the best gift I have gotten her yet.
John From Olympia, WA
Cheese Pizza Taste
Cheese Pizza have too much tomato sauce, thickness of pizza was thin and the crust is hard & Dry. and my kids do not like the pizza. I would never purchase the pizza again. its my first and last.
Tony From Atlanta, GA
Great Pizza - Great Delivery
We order regulary from Lou Malnatis. There is no pizza like Chicago pizza and Lou's does it well. Our pizza is always delivered on time and in great condition - even in hot weather. We always look forward to eating our Lou's pizza - it reminds us of Chicago.
Jo Ann From Greenville, NC
Yum Yum Yum
The best I've ever tasted.
Jeanne From Lakeside, CA
The best pizza ever!
Love Lou malnattis pizza so much. So happy to have a slice of Chicago in the Mile High!
Joseph From Denver, CA
Awesome Pizza
For a really crispy crust we cooked for 50 minutes and it came out perfect!!!!
ZMatt From FL
Cheese Pizza is Great!
This is the third time I've ordered the cheese pizza six pack. I keep them in the freezer and we have one for dinner around once a week. They taste great! The one thing I missed when we moved to Oregon from the Chicago area was the great food. Now some of the great Chicago pizza can come to us! It's a wonderful treat!
Christine From Waldport, OR
Lou's pizza
Amazing! Everything arrived perfect and on time in great shape and still frozen after several hours!
Debby From Springfield, IL
College Care Package Extraordinaire!
The 6 pack of pizzas I had shipped to my college kids at Auburn University was, hands down, the best care package they have ever received! Makes their mom feel like a hero!!!
Mary From Frisco, TX
15 Stars if it was possible! Bestest,cheeseist most awesome pizza EVER!
Aaron From Waverly, NY
Great Pizza
6 Super Pizzas
Joe From Ann Arbor, MI
cheese pizzas
excellent as always!
Debbie From Coral Gables, FL
Got cheese not sausage
Ordered sausage, got cheese, went back to verify order, it showed cheese. Don't know how. Cheese was OK.
The pizza was delivered quick. I immediately tossed a couple in the oven and could not have been happier. It was the next best thing to having it hot and fresh in Chicago.
cheese pizza deep dish
char From aiken, SC
Have been ordering Lou's for a few years now. Absolutely the best !
Howard From CA
So pleased!
Arrived frozen and on time. Pizza heated to golden perfection and tasted exactly like the deep dish I grew up with.
JJ From Alexandria, VA
good tasting pizza
unattainable taste to get from my local pizza shops.
guy From bethpage, NY
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
My family has celebrated Christmas night with L.M.'s pizzas for the last 5 years. Yummy!!
Judy From lakewood, NJ
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza is the best. Cooks up great. Living in California we can't get anything close to the Chicago pizza's that we grew up with.
Deborah From Riverside, CA
Restaurant quality deep dish pizza delivered on time in perfect condition for heating in the oven.
David From Glen Arbor, MI
A great way to send Chicago love to Texas
Even though we can't be with our family in Texas for Christmas, we shared some Chicago love by sending a 6 pack of pizzas! With the early order discount it couldn't have been a more economical, easy gift that everyone will enjoy!
Linda From Gurnee, IL
6 cheese pizzas
awesome. delicious. delivered on time.
carol From escalon, CA
6 Lou's Cheese Pizzas
Excellent flavor, comes out of the oven as if you were eating at the restaurant
Kathy From Glendale, AZ
Excellent as always
Can't get enough of these delicious pizzas
Matt From brooklyn, NY
Great Service
Love the pizza. This has become a family tradition for the holidays. We get a little taste of home since we don't get up that way anymore.
Rich From Helena, AL
Lou Malnati's Cheese Pizza
Ordered 6 Cheese Pizzas from Lou Malnatis for a Christmas present. Very Happy with the speed of delivery, and the receiver was very happy and ate them on Christmas so she did not have to cook.
Deborah From Homer Glen, IL
6 cheese
Jamie From Dunedin, FL
I'm slowly counting down from the 6 Cheese Pizzas I ordered
Les From Alexandria, VA
Lou Malnati's Pizza
Your customer service is excellent! My pizza's were not delivered on time and the pizza's thawed. New pizza's were sent overnight and my son's office had your pizzas on Christmas Day! Thank you again! Marti K
Marti From Chicago, IL
First Time
First time I've tried Lou Malnati's Deep Dish. Born and raised in Chicago. Have been to most all the Chicago pizza places except Lou Malnati's. Craving a taste of home, I heard their pizza is the best so I thought I'd give it a try. Maybe so if I ate it there but the frozen pizza I received is not as tasty as I hoped it would be. Too much cheese and not enough sauce!
James From Fruita, CO
a great experience!
I first ordered 6 cheese, then changed my order. Everything went as they said it would, and the pizzas were delicious....
Deep Dish Pizza
The very best Deep Dish Cheese Pizza Ever! Our order, the shipping and the pizza were all perfect!
Jacqueline From Palm Desert, CA
best pizza imp
don't know how it can be so good from a frozen state, but local pizza does not match tastiness of lou's pizza. living on long island that is quite something-highly reccommend.
guy From bethpage, NY
Return customer
Awesome pizza as always. I just wish you would branch out in Huntsville, Al area!
Laura From AL
6 Lou Malnati's Pizzas
6 cheese pizzas-wonderful as always!
Donna From springfield, OH
Awesome pizza
Even frozen the pizza is delicious !
Cheryl From Dix hills, NY
Ordered Lou Malnati's, Gino's East and Giordano's and Lou Malnati's was our favorite!!
Marc From Tampa, FL
Perfect gift for my husband
Cheese pizza - the best
Robbie From WA
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza
My husband received two pizzas from Chicago for his Birthday. We have since reordered 6 pizzas twice. Needless to say, we are hooked. They are the best tasting pizza around. We are now die hard customers for sure!
Diane From Seacrest, FL
Jeff From Fort Myers, FL
Pizza Reveiw
Makes me miss Chicago a little less
Roger From Pleasant Hill, CA
Chicago Pizza Can't be beat!
Great Pizza! Great delivery
Howard From Westlake Village , CA
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Always great pizza & service
Brian From Winter Haven, FL
delicious as usual!
Cheesey Pizza!
Clare From Boulder Creek, CA
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Constance B. Harr From York, ME
Great order
6 Cheese pizza plus 1 free
Dan From Round Rock, TX
recent order
Awesome as usual.
Lou's Pizza Review
I ordered 6 Deep Dish Pizzas and they were awesome as always. I have my daughter in Williamsburg ordering boxes of Lou Malnati's pizzas now, too and they love them! I hope that will be my Mother's Day present! Hint hint!!
Donna From Springfield, OH
Best food, best service
We order pizzas to keep on hand for when we're just too tired to cook. They make the BEST quick meals. Real food, fantastic ingredients, and always, always, always delicious. They arrive right on time. We even sent them as gifts, and our friends have been delighted every time.
linda From charlotte, NC
I love this pizza!
My husband and I savor every bite of this cheesy deliciousness! 6 isn't enough. I need to order more soon!
Lynn From Holden, MA
Pizza delivery
Odered six pizzas for my daughter who moved to Colorado. Pizzas arrived on the date givenand still frozen and when baked very tasty.
Richard From Northbrook
Pizza pizza pizza pizzapizzapizza!
6 pizzas arrived on time and in good condition.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Cheesy cheese!
Cheese Pizza
Clare From Boulder Creek, CA
Love it!
Susan Foster From Largo, FL
Awesome cheesiness
6 pack lous cheese pizzas
Not as good as being in chi town
It's sooo much better to eat the pizza at the restaurant In Chicago, minus the long wait. The cheese and tomato are a bit lacking as its frozen and not fresh! The crust is less buttery and tasteful as its in an aluminium pan and not cast iron, like at the restaurant. It'll do when you can't make it to Chicago but don't boast to everyone how good Chicago pizza is then order this and serve it, because it's no were near as good!
Mike jones From Wendel, PA
6 Lou's pizza's...awesome. Delivered on schedule. Easy to bake in a home oven. Will order again (and again).
Steve From Phoenix, AZ
On Time
Got mu order on time in good condition. There was even still dry ice left.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Absolutely delicious! i think that it's the tomatoes that make the difference. I'm not sure where you source them from (California?) but very sweet and low acidity. Yum!
Robert From Gig Harbor, WA
6 Deep Dish
Easy to order, kept updated on progress, delivered when promised. Perfect! Only wish you could customize your pizzas instead of the limited list.
Jeff From Fort myers, FL
As advertised
6 pizzas delivered in a timely manner.
Jules From CA
Love my pizza
the best frozen deep dish ever! It's my little taste of home!
Kim From Delray Beach, FL
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Great!! Almost as good as being in Chicago at the restaurant. Best I can get in Annapolis.
Harvey From Annaplolis, MD
Simply the Best
Lou Malnati's pizza has become our families new Thanksgiving tradition.
Steve From Murrieta, CA
6 Spinach pizzas
We know that they are great but haven't received them yet. Hurry!
Maria From APOPKA, FL
Quick delivery, fun with dry ice, great pizza: all you can ask for! Thank you!
Gary From hickory corners, MI
Love these pizzas!
Nancy From Richmond, VA
Good & bad...
First time trying the crustless pizza, and we did not care for it at all. I was not aware how it was made before ordering. My mistake. I not only wouldn't order this again, I would actively recommend against people ordering this pizza...unless they want a massive hit of sausage. One of the pepperoni pizzas had all the pepperoni pretty much clumped-up in two areas on the pizza, rather than spread around. The one spinach pizza we have had so far was up to par (very good, that is), and we still have three pizzas to go. Hopefully we'll have a little better enjoyment...although of the three there is still a crustless waiting there in the freezer, which might never be consumed...
Lawrence From Creswell, OR
Best Pizza Ever!
Yes, I ordered 6 pizzas for my husband and I to have in the freezer for those nights when you just need a deep dish pizza! I also send this as gifts, it works well for any occassion and you can do a pizza and dessert! LOVE This company!
Best frozen pizza
First tried this pizza in Chicago at relatives home and has to order some when I got back home in California. Fast shipping too!
Kathy From CA
We are spreading Lou's all over Colorado and that is a beautiful thing!
Wendy From Evergreen, CO
Better than expected
Texas Heat
I asked for extra dry ice since my last order was a bit defrosted when it got to Houston. LM accommodated us with extra dry ice. All pizza was consumed with smiles and Blackhawk Victories.
Kate From Houston
Love Pizza..
6 pack of pizza
Renee From Largo, FL
Best Pizza Ever
I have been ordering Lou's pizzas for over ten years. Wish that they had a restaurant near me, cancel that, I would probably weigh 500 pounds. Seriously, best pie ever.
Pizza was like I remember when I lived there! Nothing like the "cardboard" stuff we get here! Absolutely delicious! Thank you for making it available to me!
Nancy From Richmond, VA
Consistantly Awesome Pizza
Been ordering Lou's pizza online to Calif. for over 12 years. Consistently AWESOME fresh flavorful pizza.
Kate From CA
Lou Mainati's Deep Dish Pizza
Lou Mainati's Deep Dish Pizza The Best Pizza! We love our deep dish pizza! A favorite for our family!
Ben and Denise G From vassalboro, ME
A very welcome hostess gift
We ordered an assortment of pizzas to thank a wonderful couple who hosted us - 8 of us for 3 days. They loved them!
Cindy From IL
First deep dish pizza i have eaten. Great product thanks
Michael From Alexander, NC
6 roni pizza
Great pizza
We love LOU'S!
One of the biggest regrets of moving away from the Chicago area was NO LOU'S! Not anymore with nationwide delivery.
Best pizza
Best pizza in the world!!!
Darby Jr From Lake Charles, LA
6 Roni
Awesome as usual!!! The only thing that would have made it better is if we'd have had it fresh it Chicago:)
Tom From Ashland, KY
6 roni pizzas
taste was good, but disappointed in depth. I expected a deep dish. This was no deeper than a pan pizza at pizza hut. For the money, not worth it. When my wife and i can eat a whole pizza and still be hungry, that is not good
Richard From Fremont, OH
Perfect Gift
I gave family members pizza for Christmas and everyone loved it! It was unanimous the pizza is delicious.
Maggie From Fort Lauderdale, FL
The next best thing to being there is having it delivered to Oklahoma.
Nicole From Elk City, OK
Great Product,
We love this pizza! Everyone we share it with agrees!!
Muriel From GInesville, GA
I have been ordering Lou's since 1989! Best pizza in the world! Pepperoni is my fav but sausage is great too. Love the crust. It's flavorful and crunchy to boot. Tons of cheese, wonderful tomato sauce with just the right seasonings. My mouth starts to salivate when the box arrives!
Cynthia From Tulsa, OK
I have been ordering Lou's since 1989! Best pizza in the world! Pepperoni is my fav but sausage is great too. Love the crust. It's flavorful and crunchy to boot. Tons of cheese, wonderful tomato sauce with just the right seasonings. My mouth starts to salivate when the box arrives!
Cynthia From Tulsa, OK
Love this Pizza!
Ordering for the third time because they are so delicious,
Muriel From Gainesville, GA
The BEST Pizza ever !
5 Stars !!!!! I order a pizza six pack for my Bday.Yummo
Kate From Santa Ana, CA
The best. No more words needed.
Scott From Downey, CA
Kari From Allen, TX
Wonderful as usual!
Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza
Cathy From Carmel, IN
Rich From Parma, OH
Lou To Go
Great pizza, as always!
One of my pizzas slid. Luckly I was able to repair it. However if there is another as such I will be letting you know.
chris From phoenix, AZ
Pizzas to Gouston!!
Ordered 6 pepperoni and 2 cheese
Eileen From Houston
The Very Best
We had six pies delivered to Los Angeles. They arrived in perfect condition and we have already enjoyed a delightful pepperoni. Thank you giving us a perfect taste of our beloved Chicago.
John From Los Angeles
Great pizzas as always. I recently had the opportunity to compare side-by-side a local "Chicago-style" pizza with the real Lou Malnati's chicago pizza. The difference is obvious - if you want chicago pizza, get Lou!
Missing Chicago!
I had to order the 6 pepperoni deep dish pizza order because we are already missing the best pizza we have ever tasted! We visited Chicago during the summer and just had to taste it again! Excellent!
Suzanne From San Antonio, TX
pep pizzas
You guys rock!! Pizza is awesome and im telling everyone about you. Thanks again!!!
6+1 pepperoni
excellent service & product
Mm Mm Good
Good eating, from frozen to cooked in no time flat.
Dave From IL
heaven on crust
Always nice to bring a piece of Chicago home for the holidays
Scott Michael From Macungie, PA
Best pizza!
Troy From Port Royal, VA
My Son's Favorite Pizza
I send the package of 6 pepperoni pizzas every year to my son for his birthday. He lives in Texas and can't find anything to match Lou's pizzas in Texas. When he comes to Chicago to visit, he calls to place an order while he's driving from the airport to my home for a visit - Lou's first; Mom second.
Marilyn From Lombard, IL
Best Pizza Anywhere
Lou Malnati's is the best. No thick breadie crust, just deep dish full of good stuff!! I send these to Hawaii!!!!
Barb From Fort Myers, FL
The Perfect Gift!
Recepient loved the gift!
Sue From IL
Always wonderful! Great delivery!
Different Pepperoni?
David From Toledo, OH
Chicago's finest
Im from Chicago so ordering online is extremely beneficial considering the lack of "real pizza" in Virginia. I never get tired of this pizza.
reminds me of being there
great pizza, always comes out amazing. only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is due to cooking time. when u cook it in the pan it takes about 55 min to an hour.
Nicole From Naples, FL
The pizza tastes amazing. Just wish it was cheaper.
brandon From Pittsburgh
Great Pizza with excellent taste
carlos From Elk Grove, CA
Exceptional Quality - Better than any other shipment
Ingredient/quantity change? These were the best!
Kari From Allen, TX
Pizzas are wonderful-not at all like a frozen pizza!
Elizabeth From Lady Lake, FL
Best pizza I have ever tasted
Lou Malnati's pepperoni pizza
Nancy From Williamsburg, VA
Great pizza
Wonderful pizza but my son had to wait a while to get it due to weather.
Angela Hutchins From NC
Excellent all the way around!
Perfect order, fast and fresh frozen pizzas at my door. Please email more discount pizza coupons :)
Kevin From Mansfield, OH
I LOVE your pizza. The only way you could be better is to open a franchise in TN.
Lisa From Knoxville, TN
Love this Pie
Keep them in the freezer for that quick pizza night dinner.
David From IL
Best Pizza Ever!
Lou's pizza is the best I've ever had. I just wish I lived closer so I could pick the pizza up myself instead of having to pay the cost of shipping. It gets pretty expensive and my wife starts to complain if I order too often. It's worth it though! Thanks!
Alan From Saline, MI
Hawaii loves Lou's
Deep dish pizzas ordered next day air, well worth the extra postage to get the to Hawaii still frozen!
Carl From Kapolei, HI
Good Gosh we LOVE your pizza!
Pepperoni & Sausage pizzas are spectacular!
Dave From Thousand Oaks, CA
Ronis from heaven
Love my Lous!
John From Los Angeles, CA
Taste of home
Never does me wrong. Love these pizzas. I'm so glad I can get them now that I don't live in Chicago.
Nancy From denver, CO
delicious as usual
pepperoni pizzas were enjoyed as we watched the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup, a perfect meal for a perfect evening!
kathleen From roseville, CA
Great product as usual. I sure miss Chicago style food and so glad I can order on line!
Christine From Westminster, SC
Love the pepperoni pizzas
We just don't have pizza here in Kentucky, that compares with Lou's. So happy we can still enjoy the pizzas by ordering them.
Tastes almost as good as restaurant!
Roxanna From Austin, TX
As good as we remembered!
good job getting the quality as great in the to go service as it is in the restaurant- we loved the pizza!
Vivian From Edmonds, WA
Lou's pizza
6 deep dish pepperoni pizzas shipped to WI
Peggy From Mequon, WI
Best pizza ever!
I will order again .
Craig From Kelseyville, CA
Crunchy delicious crust, lots of quality cheese and pepperoni.
Suzanne From Avella, PA
Best pizza ever
Sent to friends in NH.
James From Naperville, IL
Delicious Pizzas
The pizzas were fantastic! They tasted as good as the one we had in Chicago earlier this year. It would be great if y'all would offer medium and large sized pizzas too. It would also be awesome if y'all would offer "The Malnati Chicago Classic" pizza since that was what we had in Chicago and would have preferred to the pepperoni pizzas we ordered instead.
Joseph From Charleston, SC
6 Lou Malnati's Pepperoni Pizza
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Our absolute favorite pizza!!!
vickie From Coronado, CA
Couldn't be happier! :)
We order Malnati's frozen pizzas as often as we can, they are just fabulous! Once we moved away from Chicago we were overjoyed to find out this was even an option. They are always fresh, the tomatoes are succulent and the crust perfectly flaky/crispy. And on the rare occasion we have had trouble with an order, Lou Malnati's was immediately responsive and worked it out. I've introduced their pizza to many of our friends and I hope they order it now too! The pizza is amazing and their service is excellent. Planning my next order now...
Jennifer From Mebane, NC
Great pizza
I was in Chicago in 2014 and had the pleasure of visiting one of your restaurants. It was really the best pizza I'd ever tasted. I was a bit skeptical to order considering that it would be frozen and shipped. To my surprise it was outstanding. Almost as good as sitting in the restaurant. I will be ordering again.
David From VA
great pizza, but would love for the butter crust to be delivered
grisel From WY
Next best thing to eating it fresh at a Lou's
After moving to the west coast from Chicago we mourned the loss of great pizza - until we realized Lou's delivers to CA. We always have pizzas in our freezer now.
Tiffani From Huntington Beach, CA
Love the deep dish
Although it's really more of a tomato 'pie', it's such a welcome, comforting & unusual alternative to regular pizza. Love these. I've ordered numerous times & use these as a family treat for special occasions.
Russ From Altoona, PA
Always top notch
Ordering is a breeze. Shipping is on time. Pie is great.
David From IL
Lou Malnati's
Deep Dish Pizza. Excellent. Ordered for daughter's 30th. Birthday party. Wonderful memory of living in Chicago.
Lu From Pittsburgh
Nothing Like Malnati's!
It's wonderful to be able to have pizza from home - Chicago!
J. From Houston, TX
Smashed Pizza
One of our Pizzas was smashed! Not happy about that!
Audrey From Sedalia, MO
Valentine's Day Gift
Sent this as a Valentine's Day gift for my son and daughter-in-law who live in Connecticut who miss real deep dish pizza. They loved it!
2 Sausage 2 Pepperoni 2 Spinach
Delicious! However, the spinach crust was very soft compared to the other 2. I ended up taking it out of the aluminum pan & placed it on the rack to harden the crust. That move turned out better for the spinach crusted pizza. I am thinking it was on the soggy side @ first since spinach has a lot of water.
Charissa From Portland, OR
2 Sausage 2 Pepperoni 2 Spinach
Pizzas came on the date it stated on the email, w/in 2 days of online ordering. It was wrapped effectively to stay frozen upon arrival. Pizzas were delicious & the crust was crunchy after baked, as if we were eating it right @ a Lou's restaurant.
Charissa Ringo From Portland, OR
Good for Pizza in the Mail
Don't expect the restaurant experience in a box. It tastes great relative to anything in the grocery store, but doesn't compete with freshly made. If you live in a small, isolated town like out, this is as good as it gets if you want Chicago style pizza.
Jeff From Fraser, CO
6 Pack of Pizza
2 Pepperoni, 2 sausage, 2 spinach
Kim From Cincinnati, OH
Great pizza and free shipping!
I miss Chicago pizza and this put a smile on my face:) The pizza was delicious and there was free shipping when I ordered. I just wish there were combo pizza options.
Jodi From Tucson, AZ
Pizza Pizza
Like being a "mans man", this like a Pizza's Pizza. My wife says it is the best and she is the best chef I know for sure. A "super foodie".
Scott From Minneapolis, MN
Football Pizza
I had 6 pizza delivered to WA sate for the Bears Seahawks game! They arrived frozen, on time and provided the much needed home taste I needed!
Tina From Wenatchee, WA
Pizza Christmas gift to out of town relatives
This order was sent as a Christmas gift to relatives in PA. Aarrived exactly as scheduled. Some of the pizzas have already been eaten and they got rave reviews. This was the first time I sent pizzas out of the Chicago area and because it was an all around positive experience, I will be using this service for future gifts. Thanks Lou Malnati's
Amelia From Arlington Heights, IL
BRIAN DALEY From bellingham , WA
Great esp for newbies!
Ordered the 6 pack amongst 3 coworkers (2+me) at one persons recommendation who had been to the locale live. Both me and the other non-Chicago-ian thought these were delicious. Specifically coworker said "A+"! Apparently, she did not like deep dish pizza and upon having this realized she had never had deep dish pizza before and now loves it. Great stuff! The coworker who had been to the site before, said the pizza was not as good as live which is to be expected. Thanks for the great experience. I'll be back!
Not Impressed - Bought them for my construction crew and no one was very satisfied.
Phil From Stateline , NV
trying something new
we ordered in pizza for the return of walking dead, the pizza was good just not what we were all expecting, we did enjoy it just don't know if it's something we will have again.
Amanda From Artesia, NM
love the pizza
ordered 12 of each kind its been like 18 yrs since I was to Chicago. boy wasd I glad to find your website thanks
Don From Lake Mills, WI
pizza order
6 pizzas
john From aurora, CO
That's a tasty pizza!
Bought the six pack with 2x pepperoni, 2 x sausage, 2 x veggie. Arrived on time as promised, frozen solid. got a great pie following directions. One very happy camper!
Dan From Valparaiso, IN
Always Excellent!
The pizzas come promptly in the mail. We follow the instructions which are easy and then sit down to a great meal.
Kate From NY
Great Pizza
As always, I order from Lou Malnati's when I need a fix of real Chicago pizza! They never let me down!
Robert From Franklin, TN
Very light and tasty. We love your pizza's. We went through 6 of them in 3 days and there are only 3 of us! Would have been faster but we tried so hard to make them last. We will be ordering again very soon.
Natchez White Sox
Easy to cook, tasted like I was back in the windy city. Looking forward to trying more item.
john From natchez, MS
Pizzas delivered
Crust was dry, compared to eating at the store. Pepperoni and sausage pizzas were much better than veggie pizza.
Long Distance Delievery
Former Chicagoan who has resided in Knoxville, TN since 1982.
Robert From Knoxville, TN
Sausage pizza
We used to love love love this pizza. Still think the crust is the best. We do not like the sausage that is now used. We wish you would go back to the crumbled sausage. Also, the bottom crust often comes out very wet even after scraping off excess ice.
Lori Ugolini
Our View from Texas
4 of 6 pizzas were great! Vegi pizza needs work...
Dwayne From Spring, TX
loved the sausage, pepperoni hated the veggie
This is the first time ordering for us. Xmas gift to the hubby. Loved everything but the veggie. It seemed very wet and unappetizing versus the other 2 styles.
terri From dublin, OH
I little slice of Chicago in Pensacola Florida
I wish there was a Lou's In Pensacola. I miss the pizza! Lou Malnati's is a TASTE OF HOME! Brilliant!!
Randy Paun From Pensacola, FL
My Lou's
My 3rd order since moving from Glenview IL this past August. It's awesome to know I can still count on Lou's for our Chicago Deep Dish pizza. There is 0 places that have any close to even good pizza, other than making my own. On a side note, maybe you can work with Walker Brother's Pancake so you can add their Apple Pancake to your delivery service, as they no longer ship. If I could get Apple Pancakes, & my Deep Dish with the click of my mouse this would be the best
Every flavor we try is delicious! Sausage, pepperoni, veggie, cheese, spinach - all have been great. Malnati's is our favorite pizza and favorite gift to send to our friends. Love it.
Why live in Chicago when you can enjoy lou's anywhere in the country for a reasonable price?
2 Sausage 2 Pepperoni 2 Veggie
Very good
Debbie From Lakewood, CO
Everything is always amazing! When we have ordered other pizzas from Chicago in the past they don't taste like they do when you are actually in Chicago and get them fresh. Lou Malnatti's quality doesn't suffer one bit like the others. The pizzas are as good as if we were there. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Marissa From Hilton head, SC
All the different pizzas tasted great! One is plenty for 3 people, they are thick and piled high!
Hailey From Richland, MO
I will definitely order again!
Tonya From Washington, DC
A little Slice of Heaven
Simply amazing, the pizza's taste as if they were made fresh for us at the very moment in a Malnati's restaurant. You simply cannot beat the quality or the price no other pizza maker that sells "frozen" can come close to this We will be ordering again
Jen From Saint Francis, WI
pizza for birthday party
Everyone at party loved pizza and was delivered right on time, in excellent condition.
Sarah From Wilmette, IL
Tastes of Chicago
Lou Malnati's pizzas
Carol From Interlochen, MI
.Lou's Great Pizza
I wish we would have a Lou's in Surprise,AZ.The pizzas delivered are great.Reminds me of Chicago.We love them.
Arnie From Corte Bella, AZ
Absolutely the best pizza ever
Doug From GA
best pizza ever
Lou Malnati's is by far the best pizza ever.
richie From chicago, IL
Super Pizza. Great Delivery Process
Always happy with my orders from you guys. Can't find pizza like this up North.
Steve From Phillips, WI
A taste of home
Reminded me of being at the restaurant many years ago. Love it!
Polly From WA
Love it!
I bought 6 pizzas (3 sausage and 3 spinach) for my Husband's Birthday. He grew up in Chicago, and we both desperately miss the pizza. Although the pizzas are rather small- the taste is just right! They were delivered super fast (even all the way up in the U.P. of Michigan). No complaints- we will definitely be ordering again.
Valerie From Marquette, MI
The Best
Can't live without Lou's.
Polly From WA
Chicago Lou's Pizzas
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas---A Great Christmas Present for my hubby and me to ourselves. So Good.
Georgiann From Las Vegas, NV
The best for consistent quality and attention to detail.Let me establish a "pick-up & Delivery" here in SanDiego before I'm to old !!!
Fred LaCorte From SanDiego, CA
Love Malnati's pizza!
Originally from Chicago, now can enjoy Malnati's pizza anytime. Great product, tastes amazing. No one even knows it's a frozen pizza! Order comes promptly, never any issues. I will continue to order these pizzas. Great value for the price.
Melanie From CT
Exceeded Expectations
The service was quick, as promised, the prices are reasonable, and the pies were out of this world! I am a mid-west native who moved to Colorado 15-years ago and they do NOT know how to make pizza out here! We crave the good Italian pizza, and Lou's fits the bill.
Best next thing....
While nothing can replicate a fresh from the oven Lou's pizza, these frozen pies are the next best thing. For those of us that don't live in Chicago anymore, thank god for this service!
It's Christmas!
Placed my order on Dec 15. Got an email that they shipped on 17th. UPS sent an exception notice on 19th saying my pizza was "left in a UPS facility" in Oklahoma City. I assumed they would be delivered the next day (Friday) They were not delivered until Monday the 23rd. The dry ice was gone, the pizzas were frosty and mostly thawed. I was going to fuss at UPS, but we baked two and put 4 in the freezer. The two were delicious as expected. And I'm sure the others will be just fine. Since it is Christmas, I assume they were very busy, so I just let it go. Merry Christmas! Maybe we'll actually come to Chicago sometime and eat your pizza in person! Until then, thank you for shipping your yummy pizzas to me!
Kathy From Norman, OK
My all time favorite pizzas!
As a native of Chicago and an Italian, I know good pizza! My family members have even had an Italian restaurant! Lou's is my all time favorite. I have been ordering pizzas since the early '90's and from over 5 different states. I hate to share them because I adore them. Love the crust!
Cynthia From Tulsa , OK
Pizza, Pizza
Arrived exactly on schedule...what better gift for two teenage boys who eat mostly pizza...but they have never had any like this...got them to be grateful...a high achievement!
Neil From Austin, TX
A little Slice of Chicago Heaven
Very good. The pizzas arrived on the 18th I had them on the 28th and they were still very fresh. The cheese was very stringy and the meat tasted great. The crust was still very fresh.
David From SC
Lou Malnati's Pizza
It was delivered in less than 24 hours and it was frozen solid. Tasted very good. Of course it isn't as good as it is at the actual restaurant. But, I didn't figure it would be. We really enjoyed eating Lou Malnato's in Iowa.
Delicious and shipping was on time.
Alex From Dallas, TX
Just OK...
Having grown up in Chicago with stuffed pizza, this frozen version is not the real deal. Nothing particularly bad about the product, but certainly nothing that resembles the actual restaurant version either. Probably won't order again.
Michael From Bristol, CT
Pizza delivery
I haven't had a chance to try the pizza yet, but if it is half as good as the customer service it will be amazing. Our pizzas were delayed due to the bad weather and I received a phone call and e-mail addressing the issue. Thank you so much for the attention to detail and fantastic customer service. I will absolutely recommend to all of my friends.
Lynn From lawrenceville, GA
Great Super Bowl Addition
The pizzas were great! The flavor was what I was hoping for. The crust was great. I was a little disappointed in how thin the pizzas were. It seemed about a half inch too thin. With that said, I will be ordering again.
Gerson From VA
Great pizza
We have been ordering these pizzas for a while now, and it is the best pizza we found anywhere. We will be ordering more.
James From Mount holly, NC
Could Not be Better
Ordered 3 pep&3 sausage !!Were just as good as hot out of the oven at Lou's.Will order many more times!! I will be sure to spread the word!!
Lori From Kalamazoo, MI
Our pizzas arrive on time and appeared to be well packaged. When we went to cook our first sausage pizza (the day it arrived) it had frost on top of it. When it cooked the crust got a bit soggy. We also cooked a pepperoni at the same time which was frost free and cook perfectly! Not sure what caused on to arrive with frost inside the packaging but it did interfere with the cooking and flavor.
Valentine's Pizza Party
Ordered 6 pack of pizzas to celebrate Valentine's with friends. Arrived on time even with snow storm. Tasted just like being there!
Delicious Pizza
Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza
Jenifer From Kansas City, MO
Delivery one day late, all ice gone, pizza beginning to thaw. Haven't cooked any yet, don't know how they will be.
Cheryl From Anderson, SC
I miss Chicago!
Best pizza ever. Just follow the directions, and it tastes like you are eating at the restaurant!
L From Santa Clarita, CA
Recommended 6 pizzas to at least 5 others since my purchase
Scot From Glen allen, VA
Best pizza I've ever had
Gigi From ishpeming, MI
Ordered (3) sausage and (3)pepperoni and they arrived in a styrofoam cooler still frozen. Put (2) in the oven the night they arrived and they were just great. I will order more when these are gone for sure.
Mark From Wilmington, NC
Chicago Pizza Fix in Miami
Chicago Pizza Fix in Miami
Scott From Miami, FL
Pizza review
We ordered three sausage and three peperoni pizzas from Lou's To Go. They arrived in good condition, packed in a Styrofoam container with dry ice. We served three of them a couple of days later, and as always, there were a delicious hit. We're transplanted Chicagoans who live in the Seattle suburbs, and we can't find any pizza here that measures up to a good Chicago deep dish pie. Thank god for Lou's To Go.
Gary From Sammamish , WA
Great pizza great price especially with the add one for free Lou's never disappoints. I've given catalogs to coworkers in the past they always come back with a smile on their face. Even if your not into pizza from Lou's their catalog is loaded with something for everyone.
Alan From Winona, MN
Pizza order great!
The 6 pizzas we received were great! We will be sure to order again.
Jennifer From Walkersville, MD
Pizza was promptly shipped as described. Upon arrival, pizzas were frozen. We followed directions to prepare and we were pleased. The best Chicago style pizza we have had. We will reorder.
janes adams
We love Lou!
Elizabeth Embry From Boulder, CO
Great Pizza, Great Experience
This order was received on time and when promised. The pizzas were still well frozen and in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this Lou Malnati's Pizza delivery.Not exactly like being there but very close.
Steve From Fairhope, AL
The Experience Review
Mail Order Lou Malnati's Pizza
Glenn From Honolulu, HI
The Lou Malnati's Experience
The ordering process was simple and it got shipped to Hawaii in one day. The pizza was delicious - Crispy crust and nice and gooey inside. Everyone enjoyed it!
Glenn From Honolulu, HI
Amazing!!! We plan to make this a yearly tradition!!
Kelly From Seattle, WA
Pizza delivery
Dennis From Lake City, MN
Heidi From Painesville, OH
Lou's Pizza
3 sausage and 3 pepperoni
Bill From Chino Hills, CA
A Fond Remembrance
We were introduced to Lou Malnati's on our last trip to Chicago a couple of months ago. After finding out we could get pizzas shipped to our home in Santa Fe we ordered 6 and had the first one last week. Delicious!!! Just like being there.
Spencer From Santa Fe, NM
Frozen Pizza Delivery
My wife and our family visit Chicago every other month from Kentucky. We always visit Lou Malnatis a couple times during every visit and we are huge fans! The frozen delivery pizza was ok, but not as good as being in a Lou Malnatis in Chicago and enjoying the fresh made pizza with butter crust. I give the delivery a 4 out of 10 on the frozen pizza. I wasn't pleased with the frozen pizza, but my wife said to be nice because we love visiting Lou's. The quality was just disappointing with delivery, also I miss the salad with that awesome dressing.
Rob From KY
Awesome product with awesome service!!
Tim From St. Charles, MO
Sent to my niece to help her recover from rotator cuff surgery and she was thrilled with the wonderful taste. Best pizza ever she said.
Margaret From Phoenix, AZ
Phil From Corpus Christi, TX
Sausage and pepperoni pizzas.
DEEEElicious, as usual. A real treat to have, now that we live in Florida and can't enjoy great pizza regularly.
Nancy From The Villages, FL
Great Pizzas
three sausage, three pepperoni
Deb From Portage, MI
Great Pizza
Thanks for the great pizza. I've missed Chicago style pizza since I moved away.
Ron From Griunnell, IA
High Praise
We have liked their pizza for years. But we moved. This is the first time we ordered for delivery to Minnesota. On time and in great shape. Thanks. I will order again.
Dave From Greater Minneapolis
Kathy From Naples, FL
You guys pull it off every time. Arrives frozen and tastes amazing.
Joel From CA
Right on time
the dry ice sacrifice it's life but the pizzas arrived frozen.no small feat considering I live in the middle of nowhere Nevada.
Chris From Crescent Valley, NV
Consistency Counts
We are long time customers of Lou Malnati's, both when we lived in IL and AL. Not only do they provide an excellent pizza, the quality is maintained when shipped to us. We have no fear of any issues when we give Malnati's as a gift.
Fred From Pinson, AL
Pizza review
Excellent flavor! Accurate delivery in perfect condition!
Dee From Hanover, MN
Lou Malnati's Pizza
6 sausage, 6 pepperoni
Tastes like HOME!
I admit I was worried about quality of taste because of shipping pizzas across country. No worries though! Arrived intact and was a hit with the recipients! Thank-You!
Christine From Grand Junction, CO
My First Pizza Order
3 sausage and 3 pepperoni. All came on time in very good condition.
Vivian From Irvine, CA
Lou's Deep Dish
Absolutely delicious. Came frozen, was here on time. So worth the money and I'll always order again online. Wonderful
Jennifer mccarty From Knox, IN
Great for a quick dinner!
Pizzas are flavorful, we enjoy them!
This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He loved it! He has a taste of home in Fla!
Patti From St Petersburg , FL
6 pack of pizza
Family Favorite
I periodicially send my family in Ohio pizza from Lou's as a Christmas gift. This year they experienced Chicago-style pizza in Chicago and thoroughly enjoyed it! When I sent the 6-pack shipment down for Christmas, they were fighting over it! What does that tell you?!
Steve From Rolling Meadows, IL
Great Customer Service
Due to the holiday delivery fiasco that ensues around Christmas, our frozen pizza delivery was delayed by the shipper. When the pizza arrived, there was no dry ice in the box and the pizza had begun to thaw. A quick phone call prompted a brand new delivery of pizza. Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly. You just can't beat this pizza (unless you go to a Lou's in Chicago and order the butter crust version in the store.) We are customers for life!
Amber From Houston, TX
Deep Dish Pizza
Super Christmas Dinner
Jeff From Henrietta Tx, TX
6 Pies for the New Year
Ordered 6 Malnati pizzas for 2nd Day Delivery for New Years Eve. Arrived on time and intact. No problem whatsoever. Thank you!
Trevor From Edmonds, WA
Perfect Gift!
This was 1 of 2 orders for a total of 10 pizzas. I only needed 9 for gifts so it has been a Seinfeld episode debating with my family who gets the extra pizza! They're in Seattle, so they don't have the access to Lou's like I do!
Sandra From IL
Best in Town
I did not realize how great Lou's pizza is until I left Chicago. Thank goodness it's only a phone call (on-line order away). It's the best in town!
Winsted From CA
Worth the price
Patti From Burnsville, MN
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Mind blowingly good. I cannot believe that a pizza that has been frozen can come out this good.
Steve From CA
Love the Pizza!
Sabrina From CO
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Awesome pizzas
Sandy From N. Richland Hills, TX
Always Awesome
As always you never fail to deliver the best pizza in the country thank you
David From Plant city, FL
I ordered pizza for my son's birthday dinner. Everyone loved them - perfect in everyway!
Lynn From St Louis, MO
great pizza!
Pizza was incredible even after being frozen. Its well worth the price.
Cool, not Cold.
Ordered 6 pizzas, all the dry ice was non existent...contents were cool, not cold...maybe a lot more dry ice should be added.
Dario From San Antonio, TX
Always perfect
It's consistantly so good, we have to reorder it consistantly :-)
Great service!
Ordered 6 frozen Lou Malnati pizzas. The process was simple and pizzas arrived when expected & perfectly frozen.
Susan From Wildwood, MO
Best pizza ever!
Received in two days. Ate one the first night. Excellent service and product!
Mike From Marietta, GA
Best Pizza Ever!
We wouldn't survive without a fix of Lou Malnati's pizza every few months. It's the best there is and we've been stuck in cities that don't understand a good pie. So thank you for shipping this treat--it's almost as good as what we'd order when in Chicago and definitely the best pizza we eat even when long distance.
Christine From Philadelphia
Deep dish pizza
Pepperoni and sausage
Charlotte From Cdulin@hotmail.com, CO
Treat from Chicago
Send pizzas periodically to sons out of state. ALWAYS a treat!!
Buy 6 / Get 1 Free
Best option for when you're craving a Lou Malnati's pizza, but you live in Florida! Hot pizza directly from Lou's oven get's 5+ stars, but the frozen alternative gets 4.
Brandon From Auburndale, FL
Top notch service
Pizzas arrived on time and were still frozen solid. Very pleased with service and delivery not to mention the amazing quality and taste of the pizzas. Will definitely order again.
Darin From IA
Pizza Review
The pizza's were good as usual. Same great taste. Arrived one day early. We were not happy about finding large chunks of tomatos on the pizza.
Scott From Sidney, OH
Lou in Florida
6 Deep Dish Lou Malnati's pizzas and the chicago Blackhawks playoffs! All we needed was some Old Style!
Andrew From Panama City Beach, FL
overall review
Pizza's ordered for a friend. Very satisfied with everything from ease of ordering online & the emails letting me know where they were tho letting me know the date & time they were delivered! Great service
Pat Laubenthal From Algona, IA
Great pizza!
3 sausage,3 pepperoni....six pack is the best deal! When will they offer the sausage/pepperoni combo?
Mike From GA
Taste of home
The pizzas are absolutley to die for
This pizza is so good my husband always eats a whole by himself!!
Shelli From Midland, TX
Order arrived on time. Pizza's were excellent!!
Lisa From Knoxville, TN
Excellent pizza
Love it. We order often.
David From Thousand Oaks, CA
3 Sausage 3 Pepperoni
Have not finished all 3 Sausage & 3 Pepperoni but so far the food has been excellent!!
Dirk From Houston, TX
It made me cry at first bite.
So delicious. I couldn't hold back the emotions that immediately overcame me with the first bite. Absolutely divine.
Sheri S.
As a Chicago ex-pat with a Lou's superstition come Chicago Blackhawks playoff time, I had to make sure it was in the house. It was absolutely delicious, as always!
6 Lou Malati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Five stars
Jo From Fairhope, AL
Taste of Home
Easy cooking and excellent taste of home from a Southerner missing her Chi-town pizza.