Lou's is Going Green!

Lou's is joining the cause and taking these steps to go green

If you wish to send your cooler back to us so we can reuse it we will send you a $5 virtual gift card. We hope to incorporate other green efforts into our shipping and packaging process in the near future!

Recycling whenever possible at most Lou Malnati’s locations: involves collection of paper, aluminum cans and other materials. Recycling containers are prominently featured in commons areas and Lou’s team members are encouraged by articles and signs posted to help them keep conservation in mind.

Eliminating unnecessary use of electricity by monitoring office machine power use and placing them in low-power consumption mode during non-peak hours. And we turn out the lights when we leave a room.

Integration of electronic conferencing and electronic documents to help reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in travel.

Promoting distribution of documents via email as an alternative to printing them out in order to reduce paper waste and amount of fossil fuels used to manufacture inks.

Creating and posting PDF versions of our catalog for customers who prefer non-paper copies, which saves precious resources and lowers costs.

Please send all Styrofoam coolers to:
Tastes of Chicago
3685 Woodhead Dr
Northbrook, IL 60062

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