6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
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6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas

Lou Malnati's legendary pizzas are hand-made from scratch with mozzarella cheese, vine ripened plum tomatoes, and fresh toppings layered upon a tasty crust.

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Package Contents:

Six 9-inch Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas (each pizza serves two adults)

Pizzas available: Cheese, Gluten Free Cheese*, Sausage, Gluten Free Sausage*, Pepperoni, Gluten Free Pepperoni*, Veggie (mushroom, onion & green pepper), Spinach, and Crustless (Gluten Free made with a lean sausage base).

*There is a $2 upcharge per gluten free deep dish pizza. Lou Malnati's gluten free deep dish pizzas are tested and confirmed to be gluten free, but processed in a facility that uses wheat. Crust is made from a blend of rice flour, potato starch, pea fiber, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum (may contain almond and coconut). Crust contains egg.

If your pizzas are still frozen when they arrive or are cool to the touch, place them in the freezer and bake them within 30 days.

For the ultimate pizza, bake from a frozen state according to the following instructions:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Remove lid and lift pizza out of the pan. Wipe away condensation from the pan and lightly oil the pan. Return pizza to the pan and bake on the middle rack until cheese melts and crust becomes crispy and golden brown. Baking times vary for each type of pizza and length of bake time is indicated on the lid of each pizza. If the pizza has thawed decrease bake time by 5 minutes. Microwave cooking is not recommended.

Real reviews from customers just like you!

Da Best!
We have ours shipped to Florida. Excellent service and delivery and worth every penny. Our favorite is the plain old cheese pizza. A never fail treat. Consistently fabulous. Also makes a wonderful gift.
Lou Malnati's Online
We order the 6 pack of Cheese Pizza as often as we can! It is such a good deal for 6 delicious pizzas! Best way to keep our home town close to our tummy's :P
Remembering Chicago
We lived in Chicago for 17 years and Chicago style Pizza is one of the two things we loved that we can't get in Ohio. This is a great way to remember the great taste of Lou's...and it is just as good as ordering at the restaurant...great shipping process!
Bob From Beavercreek, OH
The best pizza in the world!
Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza
Cheese Pizza
For a taste of 'home' we love ordering Lou's frozen pizza. Cooks up well in our oven even at the high altitude we are at now. We've turned the entire family onto ordering Lou's from the states of Washington and Arizona to Wisconsin and Florida. It brings back memories of having Lou's Every Thursday in our home when the kids were growing up. Love it!
Carol From CO
6 cheese pizza
Dry ice melted because dry ice bag ripped ... Pizzas soggy
Dan Osman From Niwot, CO
Fabulous As Always
We love our Lou's Cheese Pizza here in Florida. The perfect quick, delicious dinner choice and ALWAYS completely yummy. We make sure there are at least several in the freezer at all times.
Barb From Tequesta, FL
Six Cheese
Very tasty, as always. And delivery right on time.
Wayne From OR
Delivered as expected.
6 pizzas as ordered.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Loving Lou's
Living in California for 25 years after growing up in Illinois for 38 years it is absolutely amazing having deep dish pizza in our freezer to enjoy anytime. Nobody does pizza like Chicago. These cook up amazing, just like you are there!!!
Deborah From RIVERSIDE, CA
Got the pizzas very fast and they're great!
Susie From Portland, OR
cheese pizzas
john reiland From panama city beach, FL
Missing Lou's
We live in Washington state. My wife loves lou's. So for Mother's day I ordered her 6 cheese pizzas. Just for herself. She said it was the best gift I have gotten her yet.
John From Olympia, WA
Cheese Pizza Taste
Cheese Pizza have too much tomato sauce, thickness of pizza was thin and the crust is hard & Dry. and my kids do not like the pizza. I would never purchase the pizza again. its my first and last.
Tony From Atlanta, GA
Great Pizza - Great Delivery
We order regulary from Lou Malnatis. There is no pizza like Chicago pizza and Lou's does it well. Our pizza is always delivered on time and in great condition - even in hot weather. We always look forward to eating our Lou's pizza - it reminds us of Chicago.
Jo Ann From Greenville, NC
Yum Yum Yum
The best I've ever tasted.
Jeanne From Lakeside, CA
The best pizza ever!
Love Lou malnattis pizza so much. So happy to have a slice of Chicago in the Mile High!
Joseph From Denver, CA
Awesome Pizza
For a really crispy crust we cooked for 50 minutes and it came out perfect!!!!
ZMatt From FL
Cheese Pizza is Great!
This is the third time I've ordered the cheese pizza six pack. I keep them in the freezer and we have one for dinner around once a week. They taste great! The one thing I missed when we moved to Oregon from the Chicago area was the great food. Now some of the great Chicago pizza can come to us! It's a wonderful treat!
Christine From Waldport, OR
Lou's pizza
Amazing! Everything arrived perfect and on time in great shape and still frozen after several hours!
Debby From Springfield, IL
College Care Package Extraordinaire!
The 6 pack of pizzas I had shipped to my college kids at Auburn University was, hands down, the best care package they have ever received! Makes their mom feel like a hero!!!
Mary From Frisco, TX
15 Stars if it was possible! Bestest,cheeseist most awesome pizza EVER!
Aaron From Waverly, NY
Great Pizza
6 Super Pizzas
Joe From Ann Arbor, MI
cheese pizzas
excellent as always!
Debbie From Coral Gables, FL
Got cheese not sausage
Ordered sausage, got cheese, went back to verify order, it showed cheese. Don't know how. Cheese was OK.
The pizza was delivered quick. I immediately tossed a couple in the oven and could not have been happier. It was the next best thing to having it hot and fresh in Chicago.
cheese pizza deep dish
char From aiken, SC
Have been ordering Lou's for a few years now. Absolutely the best !
Howard From CA
So pleased!
Arrived frozen and on time. Pizza heated to golden perfection and tasted exactly like the deep dish I grew up with.
JJ From Alexandria, VA
good tasting pizza
unattainable taste to get from my local pizza shops.
guy From bethpage, NY
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
My family has celebrated Christmas night with L.M.'s pizzas for the last 5 years. Yummy!!
Judy From lakewood, NJ
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza is the best. Cooks up great. Living in California we can't get anything close to the Chicago pizza's that we grew up with.
Deborah From Riverside, CA
Restaurant quality deep dish pizza delivered on time in perfect condition for heating in the oven.
David From Glen Arbor, MI
A great way to send Chicago love to Texas
Even though we can't be with our family in Texas for Christmas, we shared some Chicago love by sending a 6 pack of pizzas! With the early order discount it couldn't have been a more economical, easy gift that everyone will enjoy!
Linda From Gurnee, IL
6 cheese pizzas
awesome. delicious. delivered on time.
carol From escalon, CA
6 Lou's Cheese Pizzas
Excellent flavor, comes out of the oven as if you were eating at the restaurant
Kathy From Glendale, AZ
Excellent as always
Can't get enough of these delicious pizzas
Matt From brooklyn, NY
Great Service
Love the pizza. This has become a family tradition for the holidays. We get a little taste of home since we don't get up that way anymore.
Rich From Helena, AL
Lou Malnati's Cheese Pizza
Ordered 6 Cheese Pizzas from Lou Malnatis for a Christmas present. Very Happy with the speed of delivery, and the receiver was very happy and ate them on Christmas so she did not have to cook.
Deborah From Homer Glen, IL
6 cheese
Jamie From Dunedin, FL
I'm slowly counting down from the 6 Cheese Pizzas I ordered
Les From Alexandria, VA
Lou Malnati's Pizza
Your customer service is excellent! My pizza's were not delivered on time and the pizza's thawed. New pizza's were sent overnight and my son's office had your pizzas on Christmas Day! Thank you again! Marti K
Marti From Chicago, IL
First Time
First time I've tried Lou Malnati's Deep Dish. Born and raised in Chicago. Have been to most all the Chicago pizza places except Lou Malnati's. Craving a taste of home, I heard their pizza is the best so I thought I'd give it a try. Maybe so if I ate it there but the frozen pizza I received is not as tasty as I hoped it would be. Too much cheese and not enough sauce!
James From Fruita, CO
a great experience!
I first ordered 6 cheese, then changed my order. Everything went as they said it would, and the pizzas were delicious....
Deep Dish Pizza
The very best Deep Dish Cheese Pizza Ever! Our order, the shipping and the pizza were all perfect!
Jacqueline From Palm Desert, CA
best pizza imp
don't know how it can be so good from a frozen state, but local pizza does not match tastiness of lou's pizza. living on long island that is quite something-highly reccommend.
guy From bethpage, NY
Return customer
Awesome pizza as always. I just wish you would branch out in Huntsville, Al area!
Laura From AL
6 Lou Malnati's Pizzas
6 cheese pizzas-wonderful as always!
Donna From springfield, OH
Awesome pizza
Even frozen the pizza is delicious !
Cheryl From Dix hills, NY
Ordered Lou Malnati's, Gino's East and Giordano's and Lou Malnati's was our favorite!!
Marc From Tampa, FL
Perfect gift for my husband
Cheese pizza - the best
Robbie From WA
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza
My husband received two pizzas from Chicago for his Birthday. We have since reordered 6 pizzas twice. Needless to say, we are hooked. They are the best tasting pizza around. We are now die hard customers for sure!
Diane From Seacrest, FL
Jeff From Fort Myers, FL
Pizza Reveiw
Makes me miss Chicago a little less
Roger From Pleasant Hill, CA
Chicago Pizza Can't be beat!
Great Pizza! Great delivery
Howard From Westlake Village , CA
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Always great pizza & service
Brian From Winter Haven, FL
delicious as usual!
Cheesey Pizza!
Clare From Boulder Creek, CA
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Constance B. Harr From York, ME
Great order
6 Cheese pizza plus 1 free
Dan From Round Rock, TX
recent order
Awesome as usual.
Lou's Pizza Review
I ordered 6 Deep Dish Pizzas and they were awesome as always. I have my daughter in Williamsburg ordering boxes of Lou Malnati's pizzas now, too and they love them! I hope that will be my Mother's Day present! Hint hint!!
Donna From Springfield, OH
Best food, best service
We order pizzas to keep on hand for when we're just too tired to cook. They make the BEST quick meals. Real food, fantastic ingredients, and always, always, always delicious. They arrive right on time. We even sent them as gifts, and our friends have been delighted every time.
linda From charlotte, NC
I love this pizza!
My husband and I savor every bite of this cheesy deliciousness! 6 isn't enough. I need to order more soon!
Lynn From Holden, MA
Pizza delivery
Odered six pizzas for my daughter who moved to Colorado. Pizzas arrived on the date givenand still frozen and when baked very tasty.
Richard From Northbrook
Pizza pizza pizza pizzapizzapizza!
6 pizzas arrived on time and in good condition.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Cheesy cheese!
Cheese Pizza
Clare From Boulder Creek, CA
Love it!
Susan Foster From Largo, FL
Awesome cheesiness
6 pack lous cheese pizzas
Not as good as being in chi town
It's sooo much better to eat the pizza at the restaurant In Chicago, minus the long wait. The cheese and tomato are a bit lacking as its frozen and not fresh! The crust is less buttery and tasteful as its in an aluminium pan and not cast iron, like at the restaurant. It'll do when you can't make it to Chicago but don't boast to everyone how good Chicago pizza is then order this and serve it, because it's no were near as good!
Mike jones From Wendel, PA
6 Lou's pizza's...awesome. Delivered on schedule. Easy to bake in a home oven. Will order again (and again).
Steve From Phoenix, AZ
On Time
Got mu order on time in good condition. There was even still dry ice left.
Jules From San Bernardino, CA
Absolutely delicious! i think that it's the tomatoes that make the difference. I'm not sure where you source them from (California?) but very sweet and low acidity. Yum!
Robert From Gig Harbor, WA
6 Deep Dish
Easy to order, kept updated on progress, delivered when promised. Perfect! Only wish you could customize your pizzas instead of the limited list.
Jeff From Fort myers, FL
As advertised
6 pizzas delivered in a timely manner.
Jules From CA
Love my pizza
the best frozen deep dish ever! It's my little taste of home!
Kim From Delray Beach, FL
6 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Great!! Almost as good as being in Chicago at the restaurant. Best I can get in Annapolis.
Harvey From Annaplolis, MD
Simply the Best
Lou Malnati's pizza has become our families new Thanksgiving tradition.
Steve From Murrieta, CA
I get sausage 3 Pepperoni. 3. Years ago I ordered them and I thought they had basil on them but not now. Disappointed!!!
Colleen From Gulfbreeze, FL
Pizza doesn't get any better than Lou Malnati's!
I have been ordering from Lou's for the past 22 years which is how long it has been since I moved away from IL. Nothing compares to Lou Malnati's pizza. I have sent many friends to Lou's when they visited Chicago and they all agree it is the best pizza they have ever tasted!
Judy From GA
Lou's deep dish pizza
love the pepperoni and sausage combo. bring it back, please. there's nothing like it available in NM (the whole state)
Incredible pizza!
I live in the pizza capital of the world, Trenton, NJ, home of the appropriately named "Trenton Tomato Pie", so imagine my reservation when a former Chicagoan recommended buying pizza from Lou Malnati's/Taste of Chicago. If you ever had a thin crust tomato pie, you would know how wonderful it is and that it's the exact opposite of a Chicago deep dish pie. My friend told me that even though we have local deep dish, that I probably never had a good Chicago deep dish pie. As I expected, my friend was 100% correct. All the varieties that we purchased were wonderful and you could not imagine how happy my wife was when she found out that they make a gluten free "crustless" pie. It's really incredible how each taste stands out on it's own with each of their pies. The crust, the tomatoes, the sausage and the cheese are all flavorful, and taste wholesome and natural; and when combined, they make the perfect meal! We will be ordering again shortly as it only took a few days to eat the 6 pies that we bought. Thanks! Bill
Bill From Trenton, NJ
Can't be beat!
Fresh, delicious, buttery, cheesy deep dish pizza! The flavors speak for themselves! Make sure you follow the directions when baking (use vegetable oil not olive oil when oiling the pan) or the taste may be off by a little. My favorites are all, but my top three for shipping are cheese, pepperoni and Spanish. I love sausage too, but I prefer to eat this one at the restaurant, when I can. Overall, never been disappointed with Lou's! I am thankful they ship since I am no longer in Chicago.
Tania From Miami, FL
Nothing Like Lou's!
Born and raised in Los Angeles but absolutely addicted to Lou's! I would come into Chicago and head straight there! To be able to have it in LA is amazing and I have sent to friends and family for gifts several times since I discovered ToC! Bravo!!! As we deal with this pandemic, we all need some absolute joy in the world, I just ordered more Lou's ...Blessings!
pam From Los Angeles, CA
Ordered this because of Stool President's review , and he was right, it's amazing. I got 6, not going to lie, took me a few to perfect the cooking. I didn't see at first to lightly oil the pan.. My oven is not convection, so at the end I take it out of the pan, and put straight on the rack for 10 minutes.. it's perfect . So happy
Jeanette From MIAMI, FL
Great Pizza - Great Delivery
We have ordered Lou Malnati three times. The pizzas are delicious, arrive quickly, still frozen. We highly recomment this!
Miss my Lou's
I was so excited to see that I could get Lou's delivered to me here in Clearwater, Florida... I absolutely hate the pizza down here... I'm telling you, you would make a mint down here just opening a take out place... Knocked off one star cause I don't think two 9" cheese pizza's should cost $60+ - Thanks a little steep... but still delicious!!!
Deb From Clearwater, FL
Love The Lou!
Everyone has a favorite Lou Malnati pizza and mine has always been the sausage but that may have changed today. If you haven't tried 'The Lou' give it a try because it is fantastic!
Steve From Pepperell , MA
Chicago Native
Just like remember luv it
Kev From Fairview Heights, IL
So Enjoyable!
We ordered the 6 pack and have had so much enjoyment eating them in Florida. We have shared with friends and everyone has enjoyed trying Lou's for their first time!
Lisa From St Petersburg , FL
Sailor From Waukegan NTC Great Lakes Remembers
Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I found out from Weber Grills website that you ship nationwide. I remember heading down to the Chicago area almost every weekend when I had a break from training at Service School Command - Fire Control Technician 'A' School for some Malnati's pizza. This pizza was the only thing that kept me sane during an insane time. Two tours in Iraq later, trading the six pack abs for the keg, 20 pounds to the waistline and a lot of gray hair make this old sailor feel 19 again. Thanks for making me feel young again. I'll be ordering more in the future.
Dan From Fullerton, CA
Used to live in Chicago and eat Lou's frequently. I'm now living out of state and wasn't sure if Lou's frozen/shipped would match the taste. It did! Smaller version, but the taste was identical. Outstanding, will be ordering again in the future. Thanks Lou's!
Andrew Hendrickson From Madison, WI
The Lou
Crazy how bad my cravings get missing the hometown deep dish as the only option in Vegas is my 6th favorite place - Giordano's. When I found out I could get frozen Lou's I was ecstatic but skeptical of the taste being the same. When I ordered two of their true veggie signature pizzas - "The Lou" I was shocked they actually carried them but the taste was as if I was back in Chi. It's a shame that this site rarely ever carries "The Lou" as I would have them sold out every week. They're certainly losing a ton of money not carrying "The Lou" more frequently.
Christian From LAS VEGAS, NV
Cooks perfectly, amazing taste
By following the directions the pizza will cook perfectly. They solved the issue of replicating the taste when cooked at home or in the restaurant. Note they are only 9 inches in size so you may need more than one for your family. I wish they offered a larger size
Anthony From TX
Comforts of Home!
We love this pizza!!! When we want great pizza here in Georgia, we go to our freezer not a pizza chain store. When we go back home, this is one of our favorite spots. We love Lou's!
Lynne From GA
Love it!
I grew up on Pizzaria Uno, it was started by Lou's dad and a partner, it was always our go to place until Lou opened his first restaurant in Lincolnwood,IL. We were invited to the grand opening party and remained loyal customers from that time on. When we moved to CA we began having pizza shipped to us, now The Taste of Chicago has gone nationwide for good reason! Nothing beats Malnati's pizza!
Fern From Rancho Mirage, CA
Not good
I was so excited to get this but it was such a disappointment! The cheese didn't get melty enough but the top was cooked so I ended up putting pieces in the microwave. They are also very small pizzas. Really only feeds 2 people. Not worth the money for sure.
The best!
We were introduced to Lou Malnati's in 2019 visiting Chicago to watch the LA Dodgers play the Cubs. Even losing 2 out of 3 was great fun. Wrigley, the fans, the pizza made it all worthwhile. There was never a like for deep dish made here in Southern California, but all I can say is several orders of your frozen pizza over the last 18 months says it all. An order of 6 more just arrived! Properly packaged and shipped as advertised next day air.
Joel From CA
Best frozen pizza
I saw this pizza in my mens journal magazine. Im a trucker and I placed my order so it would arrive when I got home. Ups delivered at 11 am. I didn't get home til 8 pm. The pizzas were still frozen. This is the best frozen pizza I've ever had. Nothing in the grocery store tastes this good. I will order more and stop my a restaurant next time im in chicago. I ordered 3 sausage and 3 pepperoni. I ate a whole one myself but its enough for 3 people.
Trucker pat From Vicksburg, MS
The best as usual
Look forward to receiving my pizza's every time I order. I would honestly say this is the best pizza I have ever had. Ordering online is easy, pizza, still frozen and ready for the oven. Fallow cooking instructions and the pizoza comes out excellent. would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.
James From Plattsburgh , NY
Worst Pizza I've Ever Had
I'll start off by saying the pizza I've had at Lou Malnati's in Chicago is the best pizza I have ever had. I ordered the 6 pack special with a variety of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas. PROS: The pizza arrived very quickly. The packaging is very high quality, and the dry ice kept the pizzas very cold. Well done on the packaging! The pizzas look great before cooking. You'll get very excited prepping to put them in the oven! CONS: However, when they come out of the oven, things go south, quickly. The pepperoni pizza did not taste like anything. The crust was hard as a rock, to the point I could not use a fork and knife to eat the pizza. I had to resort to breaking apart the pizza with my bare hands. The cheese did not melt at all. The pizza was very hot but had the texture of un-microwaved leftover morning pizza. The sausage pizza had more taste, but the crust was still hard as a rock, and the cheese did not melt at all. All in all, this is the worst pizza I've ever had in my life. Please, do yourself and your wallet a favor and eat the pizza in Chicago at Lou's. Don't settle for this hot mess. I don't understand all of the 5-star reviews on here. Did I get a bad batch?
Dionny From FL
One Bad of the Six
The only pepperoni of the six ordered. Crust broken with the crumbs all over the pizza, gooey crust no matter how long I cooked it. Looked like a disaster. The cheese and cheese and sausage ...amazingly delicious and pretty as a picture.
Margaret From Sawyer, MI
Gluten free available-Great!!
Ordered the gluten free for my family in Illinois for Christmas. My grand-daughter is Celiac and they said they were great!! Now she can enjoy Lou's too. I live in Florida and enjoy the regular ones here too.
Carolyn From Bradenton, FL
Best Frozen Pizza
I ordered this pizza and it was so good well worth the price. I will be ordering again soon.
Chris From Waverly hall, GA
peperoni and sausauge
You need to bring back the sausauge & peperoni pizza there the best
carl From battle lake Mn, MN
Delicious Pizzas but Poor Packaging for Shipment
We love Lou's pizzas but our shipment of seven pizzas were crushed due to the way they were set on top of each other, resulting in crumbled crusts. Disappointing because to me, the crust is one of the best things about pizza!
Sharon From Hixson, TN
Love me some Lou Malnati's
My pizza gets delivered all the way to South Texas! The customer service and pizza is superb! Thank you for having this option available to all of us who can't get enough of the Best Pizza in whole world from our Windy City!!!!
Draziw From Laredo, TX
Best pizza in chicago
I have been eating lou's pizzas since the early 70's. They are the best pizza in America. After moving to the west coast I have longed to have a local location for fresh Lou Malanti pizza. Though I have written to the owners many times urging them to come to our market in Vancouver Washington. Sadly they have not taken my invitation. So for now I will continue to meet my desires by ordering on line.
Dave Galanter From 6614 NE 126th St Vancouver WA 98686, WA
What are you waiting for?
If I could give these 1,000,000,000 stars I would. The flavor, when it hits your tongue It's like you're back in Chicago. Sausage is my favorite. The cheese, the sauce. I'm drooling. If you are thinking about ordering Lou's and getting it shipped to you then what are you waiting for? Dollar for dollar it's the best money I have ever spent or will ever spend. Don't wait until tomorrow Or the next day Order now! Get those pizzas ready, I'm getting more.
James Anderson From Englewood, CO
Pleasantly surprised
For a few years now, I've wanted to try Lou Malnati's pizza. I've never been to Chicago but I love food, lol. I was skeptical because I'd basically be eating a frozen pizza, I thought. Well, I thought wrong. If their pizza is this good from frozen, I can't wait to visit Chicago and experience it first hand! The crust is light, flaky and flavorful. I can taste the time, love and passion in this dough. The fermented dough give a great quality to the pizza that I appreciate as a fellow bread maker. I love making bread with a homemade, natural yeast starter. Don't let me get started on the cheese! Amazing! The cheese pull is insane! The sauce is a perfect compliment to this pizza. Someone who is used to Pizza chains with this sweet and heavily spiced sauces would say it's bland. They'd be Dead wrong! It's perfect! What you've done here is fantastic. Please don't ever change a thing! I'll definitely be ordering again. My kids love it too!
Ebony From Jacksonville, FL
Best thing out of Chicago
I ordered the 6 pack pizza was a little skeptical at first after cooking and eating 1st pizza one night 2 nights later had another. Thinking frozen pizza might not be so good it puts everybody's pizza around here to shame. I will definitely be ordering more. Glad I ate at Lou Malnati's 3 years ago its well worth the wait in person. Well done all at Lou's
Jeff From Fredericksburg, VA
6 Lou Malnatis Deep Dish Pizzas
Ordered twice, one as a gift. The pizzas were good, the downfall they did not have as much cheese on them as when you purchase the pizzas direct at one of their locations. Next time I will add the extra cheese on my own when baking. The picture shows the pizza with lots of cheese but in reality it is lacking cheese. I would also add the packing of the pizzas were EXCELLENT, they arrived frozen like getting out of a deepfreeze. Kudos on the packaging of their goods.
Sue From OR
Not worth the money
Having hailed from Chicago and eating many deep dish pizza's I decided to order Lou Malnati's pizza and was extremely disappointed. I never had a pizza that had one layer of sausage which was not very good. Also ordered the spinach pizza which was equally disappointing. I buy Home Run Inn frozen sausage pizza's at my local grocery store and the flavor is far better than Lou Malnati's. Do yourselves a favor and save your money as their pizza is not that great.
Roberta From FL
Love crustless
We continually order the crustless 6 packs! We live in Chicago and this is by far the best and delivered free to my house in the boonies! What more could you ask for..? Go Bears!
Vicki From IL
The Hunt for Lou Malnati's In Iraq... A true story.
During one of my combat tours to Iraq, my sister asked me what I needed because she was sending me a care package from my hometown, Chicago. I told her that I didn't need anything, but... what I wanted was a Lou Malnati's deep-dish sausage pizza. I also told her that I would even pay for it and I would give her $100 for one pizza. So, she inquired at Lou Malnati's in Darien and they told her, no! Can't do it! Logistics, temperature control, yada, yada, yada. I was highly disappointed. After all, I,e been a loyal customer since the '80s and my favorite location is on Wells St. in River North, not far from where I grew up. And, I used to work at Ed Debevics, but got my pizza from Lou. So, fast forward. later, I read a story about a little kid that asked his dad if Soldiers were getting pizza like he is. Dad said, I don't know son, but imagine not. Kid asks Pops, can we send them some? Pops says, I'll look into it. Next thing you know, 10,000 pizzas are coming over on a dedicated flight and being delivered by DHL to Iraq, just in time for the 4th of July celebration. The story was published in the Chicago Tribune... look it up. So, the problem was I didn't know what camp would get them or if there was enough to go around to all the camps. I don't know who decided, but what I decided to do lead to quite an adventure. So, come July 4th, I grabbed my junior warrant officer, my platoon sergeant, and one other Soldier, jumped into my Humvee, without armor protection and I drove to the main camp where the general had his headquarters. We drove an hour through the desert and luckily didn't get shot at. When we arrived, we searched every dining facility, but could not find any pizzas. It was lunchtime and we timed it right, but nothing. After search 5 or 6 chow halls, we decided to head back so we can get some kind of lunch. After we got back to our base, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) we bee-lined to our regular, neighborhood chow hall. To my amazement, people were eating pizza and the chow hall was getting ready to end lunch. I ran up asking about them and they said that they served all the pizzas they made. But, they did have some left, frozen, and told me that if I want to wait that they would make four, but it would take an hour. I told mess daddy to get 'em going, we're not going anywhere! So we waited an hour and had Lou Malnati's after all. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Now I live in Plano, Texas and the pizza here sucks! Getting ready to order a few pizzas.
Ely From Plano, TX
Have had his pizza delivered twice now to Idaho, it was very well packed and arrived quickly. My son and I just love the pepperoni pizza so much! Wish you would open a restaurant here!
Wendy Adamsen From Fruitland, ID
I miss my Chicago pizzas. We moved to Alaska and have since received Taste of Chicago packages from our daughters who still live in the area. The pizzas from Lou Malnati's are so wonderful -I buy them every time I return home! This crust is exceptional!
Jean Hamilton From Wasilla, AK
Born and raised in Chicago, but now down south, I really miss Lou Malnatis pizzas.
I just had four of Lou's deep dish pizzas, and my friends down here in Alabama demand that I get more. They are terrific. I am ordering six more as I type this.
John From Daphne, , AL
great pizza
we are chicago in our hearts , i live in florida i miss the great food, miss the pizza, so we order. perfect as always.
lillian milinovich From Fleming Island, FL
Best Chicago Pizza
Having lived in Chicago area for most of my life, retired to NW Florida and the Florida pizza stinks! A friend sent me a 6 pack and I have reorded several times and also shipped many to my kids in Oregon! Lou's was always our favorite and now we enjoy one a week!! You won't be disappointed!
Paula From Navarre, FL
AWESOME! BUT PLEASE make a White pizza!
Delicious and fresh, we were gifted these from our friends from Chicago. The pizzas made it South 1400 miles and still stayed frozen! LOU...make a white pizza please...for us with allergies to tomatoes!
Cure for covid cooking blues
So sick of cooking, sodium filled frozen grocery store pizza and local greasy pizza; gave Lou's a shot and have order 3 times in a week. Really is incredible even frozen. Sauce is delicious, cheese is abundant and addicting. Will be a lifelong customer, just wish spumonis would ship now :-)
Mike From Mayfield, NY
as i remember
reminds me of home
lillian milinovich From 32003, FL
From Chicago to Arkansas
I got my pizza shipment today. I ordered the 6 pack. 2 Sausage, 2 Spinach, 1 Pepperoni & 1 Cheese. It took me less than 5 minutes after the UPS guy left my porch before the Sausage went in the oven. OMG! y'all this is the BEST pizza I have EVER eaten. I will certainly order from Malnatis again! Crust- 9.4/10 Sausage- 9.7/10 Cheese- 9.5/10 Tomatoes- 10/10 I highly recommend this pizza. Happy Dance. GET IT Y'ALL!
Dewayne From Harrison, AR
Lou Malnatis Deep Dish Pizzas
We have bought these pizza and had them delivered for about 10 years! We use to live in the Chicago area, and would go to Naperville just to have this pizza. After moving to Florida, we started to order them online. We have even shipped them to TEXAS to our son. They are the BEST DEEP DISH PIZZA'S EVER , and we have tried many others. I'm going to be placing another order tomorrow
Mary From Port St Lucie , FL
First time.
My son in-law is from Chicago. He has always raved about Lou Malnatis Chicago deep dish pizza. So we ordered 6. I get it. The quality is unmatched. Arrived frozen and intact. Followed package instructions and it was fantastic.
Jeff From Wellington, FL
By far the BEST PIZZA
I'll never understand why they never opened up in Florida. Florida has the worst possible pizza. There sausage is like putting a sliced hot dog on it.
Maryann Golden From Lake Worth Beach, FL
Lou's is best
Ordered from others. Lou's is still the best for my palate!
Kelly From Princeton , WI
Cheese and more cheese
My son introduced me to Lou's over 15 years ago. He would have them shipped to me in LA, as he knew about Lou's when he lived in Chicago as a 15 year old and he is now 59. So glad they opened here in Phoenix. Every time he visits us, that is his first stop after we pick him up from the airport. He is sad that they are not in LA yet. Just love the Cheese more than any of the others, that of course my personal opinion. AND the BEST CRUST.
Ellie Turiace Lund From Sun city west, AZ
Very Delicious Pizzas
I have never had frozen deep dish pizzas before. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are. There are no places nearby that sell a good deep dish pizza in my area. I am glad that I discovered Lou Malnati's and will most likely place a future order.
Pizza Purchaser in NE
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