2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
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2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas

Lou's pizzas are made according to the family's original five-decade-old deep dish pizza recipe. All pizzas are hand-made from scratch, baked, and quickly frozen to preserve their hot-out-of-the-oven freshness.

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Package Contents:

Two 9-inch Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas (each pizza serves two adults)

Pizzas available: Cheese, Gluten Free Cheese*, Sausage, Gluten Free Sausage*, Pepperoni, Gluten Free Pepperoni*, Veggie (mushroom, onion & green pepper), Spinach, and Crustless (Gluten Free made with a lean sausage base).

*There is a $2 upcharge per gluten free deep dish pizza. Lou Malnati's gluten free deep dish pizzas are tested and confirmed to be gluten free, but processed in a facility that uses wheat. Crust is made from a blend of rice flour, potato starch, pea fiber, tapioca starch, and xanthan gum (may contain almond and coconut). Crust contains egg.

If your pizzas are still frozen when they arrive or are cool to the touch, place them in the freezer and bake them within 30 days.

For the ultimate pizza, bake from a frozen state according to the following instructions:
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Remove lid and lift pizza out of the pan. Wipe away condensation from the pan and lightly oil the pan. Return pizza to the pan and bake on the middle rack until cheese melts and crust becomes crispy and golden brown. Baking times vary for each type of pizza and length of bake time is indicated on the lid of each pizza. If the pizza has thawed decrease bake time by 5 minutes. Microwave cooking is not recommended.

Real reviews from customers just like you!

Cure for Homesickness
Shipped some pizzas to my homesick daughter in California, they were very highly received!
Great pizza
My wife and I spent a weekend in Chicago in the early spring, and stopped by chance at a Lou Malnati restaurant in Oak Park for lunch, and loved the pizza so much we went to the Lou Malnati's in downtown Chicago for dinner that same night. Fast forward several months, and my wife surprised me for my birthday with Lou Malnati pizza shipped to our home frozen. What a great treat and simple to cook. I gave it 4 stars because it wasn't quite as good as having it freshly made at the restaurant in Chicago (how could it ever be?), but it was definitely very good, and brought back good memories of our experience at the restaurant in Chicago.
Steve From NJ
Great Pizza!
Yummy pizza from Lou Malnati's. Filling and satisfying.
Lee From Phoenix, AZ
Delish as usual!
Missing Chicago, so I like to order a few pizzas just to get a taste of home.
Kat From Santa Monica, CA
pizza was real thin
this is not the Lous I remember. They pizza was very thin because even though the crust was great, the toppings were chintzy.
Joseph J Pomis From orlando, FL
Dallas loves your pizza!
Had pizza shipped to Dallas for office event and what a great hit!
Vickie From Dallas, TX
Great service
I ordered a delivery to be made that was delivered late and already thawed. After sending an email I got immediate notification that the gift would be delivered again. That is great customer service!
deb From WI
Excellent Delivery and Service
Shipped out two stuffed frozen pizzas for a friend in Florida and received nothing but great compliments.
Ali From Burr Ridge, IL
Delicious and prompt
Pizzas came quickly and were so yummy!
Cathy From CA
I ordered 1 cheese and 1 pepperoni for my husband's birthday. Delivery was fast and pizzas were frozen. Baking was also easy. Good, but not as good as eating it fresh in Chicago. However I will probably order again.
Bekah From TN
1 cheese 1 pepp
sent to best friend in new mexico. She said it was like having it delivered. Just delicious, like being home in chicago. Thank you Lou!!!!
Renee From Huntley, IL
Awesome pizza and customer service!
We have had the opportunity to eat at Lou's and loved it! We wanted to share Lou's with friends so we had pizza shipped to them. It was during the holiday season and so there were delays but the customer service at Lou's was awesome. They made sure the pizza got delivered and even shipped new pizzas because they knew the 1st order had been delayed. They were friendly and very helpful. The pizza was delivered fresh and of course it was delicious. Would recommend stopping by Lou's if you are in Chicago but if you can't make it get it shipped to you! It is worth it!!
Leslie From TX
Tastes great
Brian From Tampa, FL
From a Displaced Chicagoan
I ordered the pizza for some of my friends to prove that Chicago style pizza is the best...they all loved it!
Christine From Cambridge, MA
Felt like I was back home in Chicago
Ordering was easy, delivery was fast! Eating a slice of home in California, nothing is better!
Way to small
Great tasting but way to small for the price they need to let you know the size before you buy
Zach From Indy, IN
Great Pizza
1 cheese pizza 1 pepperoni pizza
S From Chicago, IL
Always great
It was as good as the first time when I was 10 and now I am 35.
Johnny From Columbus , GA
Super all the way around! I am so happy I can get Lou's in the state of FL!!! Shipping was fast, pizza was super fresh and tasted just like I remember! Thanks so much guys!
Alfred From Boca Raton, FL
Very good, we don't get great pizza down here and after a friend told us we could order Lou's online, we were in. First order was just making sure it was legit, now we are all in.
Marc From Orlando, FL
Thank you
I always enjoy sending Lou's pies. The recipients get a big kick out of receiving them. They are reasonably priced and they get delivered on a timely basis.
Andy From The Woodlands, TX
great fast delivery to college student
Wow, super fast delivery of two great pizzas for my daughters birthday while she's away at Augustana college. She was able to share with her friends at school the great taste of Lou malnatis. It made her week.
Ups late Pizza still GREAT!
Even though UPS was a day later than they said and all the dry ice had evaporated the pizza was still frozen. Threw it in the oven and enjoyed. Will definitely get it again soon.
Gary From New Orleans , LA
Happy customer
LisA From tulsa, OK
This frozen pizza was better than any frozen pizza I can get in my town! Amazing.
LisA From tulsa, OK
Almost as good as being back in Chicago!
I wanted to believe it would be just as good as it is in Chicago. I admit, I was skeptical but I'm a believer now! They've managed to make the pizza taste just as cheesy and delicious with that incredibly crispy crust. Absolutely my favorite pizza and now I don't have to fly hours to enjoy it. Thanks!
Jeana From CA
A taste of Chicago in Boston
Fast delivery, easy cooking instructions, and fantastic tasting, authentic Chicago deep dish!!
Chris From Lynn, MA
Just how I remembered it!
Love Lou's! I was hesitant at first with a "frozen" pizza, but after the easy cooking instructions, the pizza was outstanding! My only feedback would be to offer some of the other pizza options. I'd buy them every month!
Chris From Franklin, MA
Lou Malmati's Pizza Order
The shipment of 2 pizzas did arrive on the day promised, but the dry ice had already completely melted. The pizza was good, but not outstanding. Needed a little something more... salt, or garlic, or just some cheese with a little more flavor. Great crust though.
Russ From Santa Clara, CA
Happy Relatives
My Dad and Brother was happy to receive Chicago pizza in Las Vegas where they live:)
Shipped to Tallahasee
All went well, recieved as expected.
Great treat for 'snow birds'!
Our western NY friends loved receiving this gift in FL. The ordering and shipping went exactly as planned. Thanks for great customer service!
Lou Malnatti's Pizza
Lived in Chicago all my life until moved to Philly area for work and family. I still order Lou (or my dad sends it to me) pretty regularly. This was literally the ONLY time it wasn't so good. The crust was really soggy and gross. But I have to say, out of the 50 or so times we have ordered it, this was the only time it wasn't fantastic. No worries, I will order again just to make sure it's still good!
Cary From Glenside, PA
I ordered these pizza's because of a friends recommendation. They arrived within two days. Absollutely fabulous pizzaz. I had never had a chicago deep dish pizza before and I knew I wasn't going to be going there anytime soon. I will definitely be ordering them again.
Christina From Peachtree City, GA
Birthday Pizza
Ordered this for my pizza-loving husband's 30th birthday dinner. What stood out the most to us was the delicious flavor and tang of the sauce as well as the crispy crust. We will definitely order again!
Brittany From Morgan Hill, CA
Chicago Pizza For Arizona
2 pizzas for a Christmas Gift
Randy From Lindenhurst, IL
It was absolutely wonderful...tons of cheese and rich flavor. I only wish it came in a larger size!
We have ordering from you for a few years now and it's never a disappointment!!! This was a surprise for my husband on Christmas, and he LOVED it!!!!!! Thank you!
rosy From miami, FL
pizza was great have not tried cookies or other pizza yet
Rhonda From Sunbury, OH
A new Christmas gift tradition!
We gave pizzas to two siblings for Christmas and they LOVED them! They have requested this be the new tradition ... hard to blame them.
Dan From OMAHA, NE
a little disappointed
We got the pizzas to show some friends what "real" Chicago style pizza was. The flavor was fantastic, however, the size of the pizza was tiny. The crust which is what we were trying to demonstrate as deep dish was only 1/2 high at most.
Donita From Maple Valley, WA
It's as if I had Lou in my kitchen. They tasted so fresh and exactly like I remembered. Next time I'll be sure to order more than 2!
Stephanie From Louisville, KY
Glad I found this site, but....
The taste of the pizza was excellent, truly the next best thing to actually BEING in Chicago, but the pizzas were very, VERY, small, which was disappointing to my family of 4. When we lived in Chicago, one pizza would feed our entire family and really, it's not worth the almost $30.00 per pizza.
Lisa From Portland, OR
Tasty and unique gift
My nephew's family, 14 hours away in Vermont was delighted with the pizzas. We, on the other hand, are seven minutes from the Malnati's in Naperville.
gladys From Naperville, IL
Pizzas came promptly and in good packaging. Lou Malnatis pizzas, prepared from frozen, were better than anything made here locally in Texas! We LOVED them and can't wait to get our next order. No more local pizza for us!
Cynthia From TX
Not what I remembered...
A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a friend and somehow we got talking about Chicago deep dish pizza. I made a comment that I still remember having my first deep dish in Chicago about 30 years ago and hadn't had anything nearly as good since. My friend suggested ordering Malnati's and sent me a link. I ordered 2 pies and eagerly baked then as soon as they arrived. I was disappointed. They weren't as big, flavorful or doughy as I remembered and given the expense, I will not be reordering.
Arnie From Seattle, WA
Wow this was amazing! The pizza was fabulous and the process was so easy and fast.
Brooke From Austin, TX
Deep Dish Pizza
Delicious as always. Welcome taste of home in Florida.
Leslie From FL
Love Lou Malnati's
I've been hooked on Lou Malnati's for years. The pies are awesome.
Bryan From Indianapolis , IN
Great Customer Service
The original order had a delayed delivery and customer service reps stepped in immediately to ensure my expectations were completely met at 100%. This was the first time out of all of my orders that a delivery was delayed. Taste of Chicago immediately corrected this for me and exceeded my expectations.
Steven From Chicago, IL
More then satisfied!!
Justnas good as being there!
Karen From Bloomington, IL
Excellent, quality product.
Makes a great gift. My Dad loved the Pizza's.
Kevin From Greenland, NH
2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Great service, makes a great gift!
Aleena From IL
Best in the business
the only thing better than customer service was the pizza of course
Loved the pizza
Always good
I had it delivered to where I was vacationing & it was ON time as usual. Serrrrr guuudddd
Priscilla Christine From Los Angeles , CA
Maine friends loved Lou Malnati's pizzas
Friends in Maine enjoyed Lou Malnatis
Anne From IL
Pizza Review
We ordered one cheese and one pepperoni. Possibly the best we have ever had. We are going to try and save up to order again. Excellent!!!
Jonathon From Newport, TN
Best pizza
I bought this as a thank you gift for my neighbors and they said it's the "BEST Pizza they've ever had!"
carol From Santa Clarita, CA
They said they were just delicious but I wish they did not cost so much. If they were less expensive I would send them to more people.
Jan From Pompano Beach, FL
Amazing Pizza, Terrible Delivery
I sent pizzas to New Jersey for the holidays. I have no issue with Tastes of Chicago or Lou Malnati's. My problem is with UPS and their delivery service. The pizzas should have been delivered on 12/20. I received an e-mail from UPS stating there was a problem with the delivery and that the package would not be delivered until 12/23. If the package was not perishable that still would've been acceptable. Unfortunately the pizzas were no longer cold by the time they arrived in New Jersey. I was very pleased with the customer service I received both times I called the 1-800 number. The representatives were knowledgeable and understanding. New pizzas were delivered to New Jersey at no extra cost to me which I totally appreciate. The problem I have is that the pizzas were Christmas presents and my friends are receiving the pizzas after Christmas. My rating would be 5 stars had the delivery gone smoothly. Hopefully UPS can figure out that perishable items cannot sit at a warehouse for over 4 days and still be good in time for next year's holiday season.
Paula From Evanston, IL
Great Christmas Present
We are from Chicago, ordered this as a Christmas present. Arrived on time Christmas Eve
Sue From Eagle Nest, NM
1 sausage, 1 cheese
Donna From Carpinteria, CA
1 sausage, 1 cheese
Donna From Carpinteria, CA
pizza order
pizza order for gift
diane From little elm, TX
Sent some pizzas to relatives out East and they LOVED it. Thanks for the fast service.
Could have been better
We ordered two pizza's from Lou Malnati's for Christmas. They are always the best. Thanks to the UPS delays, they arrived two days late and thawed. They Tasted just ok, not like the freshly frozen one we have had in the past. I blame UPS
Steve From Houston, TX
cheese and sausage pizza's
deep dishes
Tedd From IL
pizza dlivery order
Excellent taste & delivery time
Reed From Arlington Heights, IL
Pizza was impossibly small and arrived 2 days late
Pizza was impossibly small and arrived 2 days late. I expected more for $60
Kris From New York, NY
Deep dish cheese/italian sausage
I purchased for my Dad after purchase for my husband was so enjoyed.
Dawn From Katy, TX
Lou's pizza
2, 9 inch pizza's.Wish they were a medium size for the price.
Pizzas arrived on the correct date and time. Handy UPS notification reminders via email. Oh yeah, the pizza was just how I remembered it, DELICIOUS!
Laurie From Durango, CO
This pizza is the best! Don't go anywhere else for Chicago deep dish!
Rachel From NE
Cheese and Sausage Pizza by mail
Gregg From Plymouth, MN
Fabulous Pizza
The pizza arrived in a timely manner and tasted very fresh! Will definetly order again.
Kari From Fort Wayne, IN
My Order
As good as usual however it seemed the pizza's were smaller? Maybe it my imagination?
Michael From Concord, CA
One cheese/One sausage
Catherine From Mission Viejo, CA
Real Pizza Heads to Florida
Product shipped and arrived on schedule and in excellent condition. A great reminder of days past for a former Chicagoan.
Great experience!
The pizza was delicious!
Leslie From valencia, CA
Great experience!
The pizza was delicious! My husband couldn't have been happier to meet the UPS truck on the day of his birthday.
Leslie From valencia, CA
Pizza delivered to NJ
I had my pizza delivered from Chicago to NJ and it was delivered exactly when it said it would be and was still frozen when it arrived which I was hapy about. I put both pizzas in the freezer and a few days later I had a sausage one. It turned out GREAT. I followed the instructions about adding oil to the pan (actually sprayed with PAM instead) and it came out perfectly crispy. I haven't made my all cheese one yet but I am sure it will be just as delicious.
Kelly From NJ
Just like back home!
Pizzas were great, as usual, and I am reminded of when I lived near Chicago many years ago. But alas, there is no Old Style beer out here to drink with it. Go White Sox!
K A From Puyallup, WA
1 cheese 1 sausage
My sister-in-law and brother-in-law moved to Houston about three years ago and I wanted to give them a little "Chicago." They were delighted and loved a little taste of home.
Anne From Naperville, IL
Super Pizza!
Cheese and Sausage Pizzas from Lou Malnatti's. The recipient is a Chicago transplant to LA and he loved them! A taste from home!
Sonja From Aurora, IL
1 cheese 1 sausage pizza
Gail From AR
Favorites That Always Delight
We ordered two pizzas as a gift for my wife who loves Chicago pizza. They arrives perfectly preserved by the dry ice and we enjoyed real Lou's pizza once again in St. Louis!
Moxie From St. Louis, MO
I had the best Lou's experience - my sister had just out to LA and was born and raised in Chicago. It lifted her spirits to get a slice of comfort from home.
Taylor McCullough From Chicago , IL
excellent...husband love it!
AB From Plymouth, MI
cheese pizza
great crust, nice amount of cheese....a bit too much tomato sauce.
larry From vero beach, FL
The Best
I used LouToGo to send a gift to someone who'd left the Chicago area. They loved it. The delivery was made exactly as stated and food was fresh, even in the warm climate it went to. Malnati's is the best!
Donna From Palatine, IL
Lou Malnati Pizza
Excellent delivery and my friends loved the pizza
Gary From La Grange Park, IL
great pizza - ordering a little confusing
ordered one cheese one sausage
Bonnie From Collinsville, IN
Thank you!
Unable to enjoy the pie myself due to being in Afghanistan. But it was a great gift for my wife and she loved it. I will definatly be ordering again when I get home to try for myself.
William From Cottage Grove, OR
pizza, pizza
Pizza that puts other pizzas to shame.
derek From arrowbear, CA
Happy in Georgia
the 2 pizza's ordered from Lou Malnati's were delivered exactly as planned, and my grandson was happily enjoying a little taste of home.
Sharon From Lake in the Hills, IL
A little piece of home
I anxiously await the day when Lou Malnati's opens a store in Phoenix. Trust me, no one does it like you do.
Paula From Phoenix, AZ
Very happy!
The pizzas arrived just when they were scheduled to and, from the sound of it, they were delicious. Though you're paying quite a bit for the shipping, it is worth it as a truly special, unique gift.
Surprise gift
A relative is going thru chemo. The pizzas made her family smile and dinner that night easy
Candy From Naperville, IL
Some Confusion
Great Products. Only concern was received a email notice stating the product was delivered on 11/26 not scheduled till 12/17 and it did arrive on 12/17. Was a bit nervous that the order was messed up and would not arrive on time. But in the end it did and they were thrilled to receive it
Sue From IL
Tony From Pittsburgh
Never disappoints!
Erryn From GA
First order
2 pizzas
Bob & Diane From Schaumburg, IL
late shipping date
This gift to my extended family in Texas arrived a few days later than estimated. I do not attribute the late shipping to Lou's however; more likely it was a function of the time of year and the dates the holidays landed on. In the end, the pizzas arrived right before Christmas Eve and were thoroughly enjoyed by all. I have sent your pizzas all over the USA over the last 30 years, and I have always been happy with this service you provide. It provides undisputed evidence that Chicagoland offers the best pizza in the country. Thanks!
John From Algonquin, IL
2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
One Cheese and one cheese and sausage. Received in fine order as promised.
Stan From Chicago, IL
Gift of Pizza
Gift of Pizza for Christmas
I wasn't expecting the same experience-flavor/taste as when I went to the restaurant in Chicago. However, this was much less than what I expected. The size and taste were not even close to the original. If you want the real thing go to Chicago. Otherwise you will be disappointed.
Enrique From Coral Gables, FL
Given as a gift and they loved it.
Karen From IL
Deep Dish
Great Chicago Deep Dish, but needs more cheese
Paul From Surjprise, AZ
Taste of Home
My husband and I moved to Arizona in September and havent found decent pizza yet. For my husbands birthday he really wanted true Chicago pie. Our order was on time and it tasted EXACTLY as if we just had it delivered. We'll be re-ordering very soon.
Bunny From Fountain Hills, AZ
I sent to friends, who LOVED them!! Always a great gift.
Maryann From Chicago, IL
Great pizza per the norm and great service!!!
Marc From Commerce Township, MI
Great gift!
I purchased this as a gift for a family experiencing a loss, since I'm too far away to cook a meal for them. The family has Chicago ties, so it was a great encouragement to them during such a tough time!
Sarah From Naperville, IL
I ordered 1 cheese and 1 sausage for my husband for Valentine's Day and he was thrilled!! He said " this is the best gift ever"
Megan From Memphis, TN
Food and Customer service excellent
The Pizzas are always delicious but your customer service was above and beyond great. After the first shipment was delayed due to weather, you overnighted a new shipment to a friend undergoing chemo. Bravo!
Isadora From Denver, CO
Pizza deliveries to CA kids
Winter storms prevented the pizzas from arriving as advertised, but YOU went out of your way to make it right and re-sent the pizzas, as they were not frozen when delivered. Thank you. My California family loves getting surprises from this Chicago mother. They loved the pizzas.
Barbara Kohley
Everything was delicious and our loved ones really enjoyed the treat!
Kelly From PA
Great Pizza!
Lou Malnati's Pizza is the best!
Robert From WI
Lou Malnatti Always excellent
Ordered online for the first time. Pizza arrived on time, in perfect condition and was as good as I have had during my many visits to their restauratns
JBrian From Ann Arbor, MI
Mail order deep dish pizza
First time I had ordered from Lou's. A friend who travels to Chicago for work recommended this pie. I couldn't be more pleased with the product. It was Delicious and looking forward to ordering more in the near future.
Great Pizza, Great Delivery
Pizza was delivered on time and they loved it.
Dan From Joliet, IL
A Great Treat
Our two dish pizza were shipped exactly as promised and were very good. I would highly recommend Taste of Chicago!
Joe From Maryville, MO
My GO-TO for new parents!
Someone you know just have a baby? Then sending Lou's is the greatest gift for new parents. I'm originally from Chicago and Lou's in my fav. Having a newborn can be high stress & you never seem to have a spare hour or hand. This way, new parents can 'have dinner on me' when THEY want to...It's as easy as turning on their oven.
Steph From Memphis, TN
Just like in the restaurant!
I ordered two pizzas for my husband's birthday. We'd visited Chicago recently and loved Lou Malnati's. When I was there on business, I saw they delivered so I knew it was the perfect gift. They were soooo good; just like in the restaurant. I will definitely get these again.
Beth From CT
Cheese and Sausage Pizzas
Pizza Order was delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by my Daughter and her family in Noblesville,Indiana.
Jack From Frankfort, IL
Great Gift
We bought these for a friends birthday. He lives out of town and it gave him a little taste of home
Luke From Palatine, IL
Just like eating in Chicago
Great to be able to have our Chicago pizza in far away places!
Peter From Bartlett, IL
Easy and Yummy
Purchase was easy! Delivery was very timely! Pizza was yummy. Tastes almost as good as if it were straight from Lou's oven. It was a great gift idea for a Lou lover!!
Suzy From Philadelphia, PA
Delicious but pricey
I ordered the pizzas a week before I visited Chicago and had the pizza fresh from the ovens. At home, they came out well in my oven and tasted delicious. However seeing how much the pizzas actually are in store versus shipping them frozen, I felt they were very overpriced. I understand shipping them frozen might come with an extra cost but almost twice the amount is unreasonable.
Samantha From Fort Worth, TX
Frozen Sauage Pizza
I am not a huge fan of tomato chunks, but when they are on top of the of that layer of sausage cooked to perfection in 45 mins. This Pizza is to die for.
Lisa From White Plains, NY
the pizza was perfect as usual
bruce From woodstock, IL
the kids in florida just love your pizza
bruce From woodstock, IL
I like the pizza as far as flavor, I was not too impressed about the size, it was the size of a personal pizza and thought it was going to be a bit larger.
Mark From East Hanover, NJ
Fresh is Best!
Not living in the Chicago area any more, this frozen pizza is the second best to fresh.
Dawn From Williamsburg, KS
Great taste
Great delicious Chicago pizza
kenneth From Upper Marlboro, MD
The Best
Delivered as promised, taste always wonderful!
The Best
Deliverd as promised and as always delicious
Great gift!
New baby? I'm sending you dinner! Hit your sales goal? Congrats! Dinner's on me! Need some help getting back on your feet? Let me take care of a meal! Being a Chicago native (now living in Memphis, TN) I send Lou's for just about every occasion - and I'm always rewarded with huge THANK YOUS from the recipient!
Steph From Memphis, TN
Perfect Shipping and Delivery
This was gift for a relative in San Diego. The pizzas were delivered on-time and frozen. This was a great way to share some Chicago pizza with an out-of-towner!
Dan From Chicago, IL
College Students Love Lou's
Sent some pizzas to my college student in Boston who was homesick for some Lou's Deep Dish. They arrived on the scheduled date and were an instant hit with her friends!
wonderful! delicious! kids fought over the left over pizza the next day!
one cheese, one veggie deep dish pizzas
MEDICINE for my faraway family - literally.
True story. I sent these pizzas 2 times this fall - first to my son who is stationed 3000 miles in the US Navy in VA, 1st time we ever spent his birthday apart. The 2nd was even harder - to my cousin who is nearing the end of his too-short life in AZ. Those red boxes carried a piece of my heart - medicine to bring the smells and tastes of home to people I love when I cannot be with them.
stephanie From Long Beach, CA
Chicago taste experienced in California
This package was sent to a great friend in California; since he had not been home in over 30 years. Boy, what a surprise it was for him. This gift was sent as a belated birthday
couldn't believe it
I searched every pizza shipper of Chicago style pizza, and no one seems to have this guarantee, so I went for it. I literally ordered from Chicago to California with two days to spare, and would you believe it, there was the pizza when I arrived in CA. I elected to send the recipient an email as well, and I also got an email as soon as it had arrived at the location. Really smooth!
anita From chicago, IL
It's All In The Crust
The cheese and veggie deep dish pizzas were gifts for my senior parents. I've sent them before and they are always a big hit! They always call me immediately to rave about them. This year my Dad said, you know, that crust is just the best! They're in their eighties now and love pizza. They know a good pizza for sure! They've had many in their day!!
Sherry From Libertyville, IL
Service was terrific!! Very pleased and will order again in the future.
Linda From juno beach, FL
Cheese and Veggie Pizzas
This is the very BEST Cheese pizza we have ever had and it is our favorite. We just tried the Veggie pizza and discovered how delicious it is...DEFINITELY worth ordering again and again and again!
Billy From St. Petersburg, FL
Very yummy
Had cheese. & veggie pizzas. Both were very good. Especially the veggie! What I liked the best was the crust! Usually deep dish are crust-heavy. This was light & crispy! Will order again
Suzy From Indianapolis
Fantastic Experience
We ordered 2 pizzas for New Years and they were excellent! Easy to follow instructions, and tasted like we were at the restaurant. Thanks again!
Darrin From CA
Didn't like the veggie pie so much
I didn't care much for the veggie pizza. I love the cheese pizza. Thought I'd try a different pie but in the future I will stick to just cheese.
Pizza was bland. The crust tasted like flour and water. Then it was topped with cheese and canned, crushed tomatoes. Very boring and unimpressive.
Anita From GA
The pizza was great.
Gift Recipients Loved It
This was a post-surgery gift for an out-of-towner who loved the pizzas.
Lois From Chicago, IL
Made my son's day
Sent two cheese pizza's to my son in Portland - they arrived on time and his comments were that they were amazing
2 Cheese pizzas
Its great pizza and my grand mother in FL loves them. so it is a n easy idea / gift for the holidays!! thanks!
keith From Needham , MA
Cheese Pizza
Cheeese Pizza
Carole From Sun City West, AZ
ups malfunction
im only giving one star becuase I cannot give 0 stars. I paid premium charges for a specific delivery only to have the pizzas sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Tastofchicago was very helpful and refunded the full amount. thank you for that.
mike From chicago, IL
Cheese Pizza
Pies are too small for the price. Over $50.00 for two pies is not worth it. You should get a regular size pizza. The pie looked larger on Steve Harvey's show. I would not order again if they are this small.
Carol From Hopatcong, NJ
Super Bowl Party
One night I was checking out my Instagram and saw a photo of a Lou Malnati pizza on Jeff Goldberg's page. It looked delicious. I Googled the name and found the web site and thought it would be fun to order a couple pizzas for our Super Bowl party. They arrived refrigerated by UPS in two days. Everyone loved the pizza.
Terry From San Dimas, CA
2 Cheese
2 Cheese Pizzas
Lou's. Pizza
Great inside and out!!!!!!!!
Paula From Pswanras@aol.com, IL
OSU Delivery
My daughter, an Ohio State student turned 21 and we sent her favorite pizza. Delivery was awesome and the taste was consistent as ever. She loves LM!
From Chicago to Iowa
I shipped two pizzas for my best friend's birthday and even though it blizzard (for the 100th time this winter) I was constantly given an update about where my package was in the delivery process. It arrived in perfect shape and in plenty of time to be enjoyed on her birthday!
Kate From IL
Great business
Pizza came before the time promised and with no issues!
Ashley From Tuscaloosa
mark From charleston, SC
Lou's does it again & again & again
i send pizzas to my kids at college and they absolutely love the treat from home
dan From chicago, IL
Got this for my brother who moved from Chicago to Colorado 2 years ago as a get well soon treat. He loved it!
Danielle From Niles, IL
Customer loved it
Bought the pizzas for a customer who loved Lou Malnati's pizza when they were in Chicago. Needless to say, they were thrilled to get pizzas in California to enjoy.
Great gift
Purchased as a house warming gift for a friend. She said it's the best pizza she's ever tasted.
Nick From Columbus, IN
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza was great. The dry ice was mostly gone but the pizza was still frozen. You need to watch the area you are sending to.
Carole From Sun City West, AZ
Amazing like always!!!
Cheese pizza from Chicago and enjoying in NY!!!
Debra From NY
Absolutely amazing!
You gave my son at The University of Kansas a little taste of home! UPS didn't get the order on the truck so they sat in the warehouse over the weekend, called Lou's customer service and they immediately sent out 2 more pizzas! What a great experience. Nice to know there are still businesses out there who care about their customers!
Kim From Lake Zurich , IL
Tasty pizza, quick delivery.
Jenny From delray beach, FL
hooked since day one
cheese deep dish! I first tried Lou malnattis years ago in naperville & have been hooked since. If I can't make it to chicago I make sure to get it shipped to me in sunny california.
Priscilla From pasadena, CA
The best!
More than the quality of your products, (yes the pizzas are just that FANTASTIC) their customer service is just as equal. I had ordered dual cheese pizza and the delivery mail service had emailed me that my ordered was going to be few days later than expected. I got a hold of customer service, and told me that the pizzas by the time they got to me would be unsafe to consume and for me to throw out. They promptly told me they would send one out, and I'll be getting a new order with out extra cost to me. Which I got the "safer" order within two days. Thank you Lou's for not only being one of tastiest, but truly amazing with your customer satisfaction!
Maria From East Greenbush, NY
re-do of last review
You guys are amazing. Not sure why my rating didn't read, but LM rating I wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Maria From East Greenbush, NY
What a great holiday treat!
We love tasty treats from Chicago, but never get there enough to satisfy our cravings- it was so wonderful to get two perfect deep-dish pizzas in the mail! They baked up perfectly and we loved every bite. I think Santa may be delivery another order even before the New Year!
Mindy From Pilot, VA
Two Cheese pizza
Sent as a gift, the family loved it!
Terry From Valley Stream , NY
Great products and communication
Enjoyed the communication about when the order was being shipped. The recipient really enjoyed the products!
Grea gift
Received perfectly in perfect timing
Becky From Chicago, IL
My family in AZ loved the pizzas.Ijust think that we should get points on our card for these orders.
D Johnson From Elk Grove Village, IL
Ordered for my brother-in-law who is out of state and he was thrilled. I'm so happy that he enjoyed it I'll definitely order again!
Lou's to Go
Perfect treat for the college student! A taste of home
Mary Ann
2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Bought for daughter's birthday in San Diego. Arrived in time.
Tom From Woodstock, IL
2 Lovely Cheese Pizza's just for me
Not as good as the real thing but great for being 1,000 miles away
Eric From Boston
Not quite as good as being in Chicago, but it is as good as you can get if you aren't there
Great Taste
Cheese Pizza rates an excellent in taste and texture, however, we felt the size was smaller than what we had expected from the price.
Sue From Pendleton, SC
Still the best Pizza I've ever put in my mouth
The pizza arrived on time and I was excited to try them for the second time. Lou Malnati's pizza is the best pizza I've ever put in my mouth. I received my bonus check and decided this was how I would spoil myself. It was worth it.
Ginger From Chattanooga, TN
Perfect Gift for new mom
Fast delivery. Great price. Amazing taste. Ordered for a friend who just had a baby.
Ted From Charlotte, NC
The quality and taste was out of this world but the size of the pizzas and price wasn't.....
Brian From Minersville, PA
Can't live without it ....
Cheese pizza
Constance From Naples, FL
Missing Chicago
Lovin the best pizza
Sue From Largo, FL
the pizzas were eaten and enjoyed
2 Cheese Deep Dish Pizza - GREAT!!!
Joene From Lawrence
2 pack cheese pizzas
Something must have changed on your pizzas that you ship...I have ordered from you plenty of times and something was not right. Too much cheese for one thing. As much as this is and smaller you would think being shipped to Tennessee that something could be right..Nearly 70.00 and the way to Country is today...OMG... I follow you on Instagram and have always gave you A+ comments...I also wrote several weeks ago asking if you could help me out with 10% off or something on IG..No one even replied to me. I just am not happy and prob will not order again....Lots of money on these pizzas and not good.
Kim From Knoxville, TN
What a Great Product!!!
First time buyer! We loved these pizzas!! Well worth it!!!
Chris From Humble, TX
always the best!
wish they were as big as the restaurant, but still its lou malnatis!! thx !
anthony foster From gary, IN
Better this time
Th e1st time ordered a sausage and a veggie pizza I wrote a review saying they were the worst pizzas I ever had. Well, Lou Malnati's reached out to me and asked me to try them again, at their expense, so I did. They gave me a hint to cook them a little longer, like 50 min.. I tried the sausage pizza and cooked it for 55 min. which was a little too long. I burnt the bottom a little bit. However, I will say that the pizza tasted really good and it wasn't all watery, like the 1st time. I think 50 min. will be just right. I didn't give a 5 star rating because I want to see what happens when I cook the veggie pizza. How could anyone ask for anything more from a company who really sticks by their product and provides the kind of customer care like I received. Kudo's to Lou Malnati's.
Fran From CT
Follow the directions...
and we are transported back to Chicago, if only in spirit. A wonderful gift from Chicago - the pizza in Florida sucks.
Cindy From Vero Beach, FL
Will buy again!
Bought as a father's day gift and he LOVED them! Raved about the taste and quality!
Only Way To Go
I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Simply the best of the best!! Delivered in 2 days, frozen and tastes just like I was there!
Rick From Farmington, MN
Recent order
Spinach pizzas
Jeanine From White sulphur springs, WV
Recent order
Spinach pizzas
Jeanine From White sulphur springs, WV
Spinach pizzas
We had frozen pizzas delivered again this year as a holiday treat. My husband used to live in Chicago so it is a treat for him. They were delicious! Thanks
Amy irvin From MN
Excellent tastes from home
Would rather have been sitting in a Lou Malnatis restaurant..but when we can't we order it and the quality is just as awesome....with a flight home...
Janet From GA
Can't find better pizzas un Philly
I lived in Chicago and then relocated to Philly. It is sad to say that I can't find a good pizza place here, so from now on I am a month by month subscriber. The pizzas are the best and they shipped them very quickly. I order 4 per month so I know I won't cook 1 meal. They are the best!
Maria From Philadelphia , PA
No problems shipping to my family in Alaska
Wasn't cheap, but arrived in good time & good shape.
Benjamin From Wheeling, IL
Review of Pizza Order
I sent this as a gift. When they received the box, the first thing they see in Large Letters "PLEASE REFRIGERATE ASAP" Well they did and when the pizzas were baked the next day, they were very soggy, no matter how long they cooked. I was so embarrassed. On another place on the box, detailed instructions are then provided to freeze, if not cooking right away. I feel the labelling is misleading. I even asked my recipients to photograph the box. I have been raving about your pizza and they said it was such a disappointment. I think you should label your boxes a bit differently. These pizzas were sent to Atlanta.
Martha From Arlington Heights, IL
Frozen? Still Taste Great
I went to Lou Malnati's in August 2013 and cannot stop thinking about the food there. I'm from Los Angeles, and there aren't many that are like Lou Malnati's. The pizzas and pastas are delicious. My review today is regarding my first time ordering the Spinach and Pepperoni pizzas to ship to LA. I was a little worried that they wouldn't tasted the same as the fresh in-restaurant would taste. The ordering online was seemless and quick. I received the order on time and heated them up for 40 mins. They were delicious! The crust was still awesome and everything from cheese, spinach and pepperoni were just so delicious. My friends loved them too! Thank you Lou Malnati's for job well done and awesome pizzas!!!!!
John From Rosemead, CA
everybody was happy
Sent 2 pizzas to my sister for holidays and to help her feed my visiting dad--worked perfectly.
2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
The pizza was great, but I was a little disappointed that it took 3 days to arrive, as every other time I've ordered from you it has taken 2 days, and my family had made plans for Lou's for dinner that night. Not a tragic thing, but I wish I had known it would take 3 days.
1 Pep 1 Spinach
Both very good, just like if I was there. Wish they were slightly larger than they are though. Thanks for the ability to have real pizza in Beantown!
Robert From MA
great gift
We sent two pizzas to our family in Boston for thank them for being so hospitable. They were sent quickly and were so pleased with the contact we received from Lou Malnati's to let us know the pizzas were on their way, and that they had been delivered. They are saving the pizzas for the Super Bowl, but since we have had these pizzas many times before, I know they will love them
missing Illinois pizza
Out was awesome bringing a little bit of back home Illinois to Michigan! Delicious!
Angela From Novi, MI
Pepperoni / Spinach Pizzas
Annele From Detroit, MI
Friend craving Chicago pizza
I had 2 pizzas delivered to a friend who lives in San Diego CA
Paul From Chicago, IL
Eight pizzas shipped to an island off the coast of Washington for a birthday party. Pizzas arrived on time and still frozen.
Anne From Eastsound, WA
Birthday Pizza
We order pizza routinely and have shipped to the southeast. These were pizzas for my father. He was 80 and loved his pizza!
Cassandra From SC
Deep dish pizza
It was outstanding and their customer service is the best!
Ray Wachowski
Great Pizza, Great Service
Ordered pizza for a special date with my wife. Pizza came on tine and It was delicious.
Daniel From Acworth, GA
Great pizzas-great experience!
2 pizzas
Megan From Ellisville, MS
This was our first try at ordering pizza online from a long distance. Being from Chicago, we craved some great pizza so gave this a try. It was awesome! Delivery was quick and the pizza was delicious! We'll order again soon!
Anne From Nashville, TN
Valentines dinner
My order came late... I had it scheduled for the day before valentines and it arrived valentines day. Since it didn't come I had to make other plans. But we did eat the pizzas later. Kind of disappointed. Probably wouldn't do it again.
Jared From Xenia
deep dish pepperoni
We tried the deep dish pepperoni and the veggie. Have only eaten the pepperoni so far but AWESOME!! We will be ordering more.
marti From wellsboro, PA
Pizza is still wonderful
Roni and Vegi pizzas
Kenneth From DeLand, FL
Brother says awesome!
My brother loved his birthday present. Perfrect ffor someone who has eeverything!
naomi From lake villa, IL
pepperoni and veggie delivery
Delivered for a bday in Florida
Ginger From Palatine, IL
outstanding pie
1st time buyer---outstanding pizza and delivered on time as promised
Dan From PA
Excellent service and product!
I ordered a pepperoni and vegetable pizza and shipped it to my friends in Texas. The order arrived on time and perfectly packaged. My friends were able to enjoy it for the anniversary dinner.
Marie From Chicago, IL
they loved it!
Bought this for my aunt and uncle in New Orleans who used top live in Chicago. They were so excited they postponed their gourmet dinner Christmas eve and had pizza instead
Lori From MI
they loved it!
Bought this for my aunt and uncle in New Orleans who used top live in Chicago. They were so excited they postponed their gourmet dinner Christmas eve and had pizza instead
Lori From MI
We enjoyed the pepperoni but did not care for the veggie
Stephen From Olive Branch, MS
Pizza Review
I'm from Chicago, but currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I have always loved Lou Malnatis pizza and I had to have my fix of your pizza. The pizza was fantastic as usual. I will be placing another order in the next few days.
Michael From Los Angeles, CA
NOLA Delivery
On a whim after leaning of Lou Malnati's I ordered delivery...to New Orleans! Delivered on time, as promised and the pizza was great!!
Sid From New Orleans, LA
Pizza Delivery Across States
The pizzas were a gift to my parents!!! They were absolutely floored at how delicious they tasted! They are ready to order more! Thanks Lou Malnatti's for allowing us to have a taste of heaven in Memphis and Missisippi! Can't wait for the next order to arrive!
Jena From Charleston, MS
1 pepperoni/1 veggie
They were a BIG hit! It was a gift to my son-in-law for his birthday. He said they were better than the fresh pizza we had when he was visiting from us from San Diego. This is the second time I've sent Malnati's as a gift and both times it was a home run!!
Maryette From Glen Ellyn, IL
Pizzas were gifts and everyone was blown away by how good they are. I know this also from personal experience. You guys ROCK!
Sue From Sarasota, FL
Sent the pizza's to some family members. They said the pizzas cooked up beautifully, and that they tasted great!
Christina From Chicago, IL
I sent a regular and gluten free pizza to my daughter for her birthday. The kids who shared this with her who didn't need to eat the gluten free pizza actually liked it better than the traditional Chicago. Well worth the money. I'm an expat in TX and the pizza was delivered in NC. Very happy with the purchase.
Kathy From Fort Worth, TX
Great Job
We ordered pizza for friends who recently moved to Georgia and could not find good deep dish pizza. The order shipped promptly and was received in two days. Our friends were very happy with the pizza they recieved.
Excellent Pizza !
Our pizza came very quickly and it was excellent. Almos as good as being in Chicago !
Yum Yum Yum!
I will never order out for pizza again from a chain. Lou's to go is my new go-to for weekend pizza cravings!
Great Pizzas
Just a big THANKS for an easy transacation. Pizza's were sent to our son in the United States Navy, stationed in Washington State. He was thrilled to get food from home!!!!! Will order again for sure!!
Lori Ayala From Portage, IN
pizza for manager
Delivery was day late, so not sure pizza still good or not, embarressing as it was my boss
Ray From Naperville, IL
Missed delivery
Promised 2 day delivery- took 4 days
Nancy From Elburn, IL
Best pizza
This pizza is unique, delicious, and a great present for people to try amazing pizza
gry From st augustine, FL
your pizza is so amazing I fly it to Hawaii every year for my birthday and opening game of the Cubs. I just recently moved to San Diego and all I wanted was Lou's for my first night in my new home. Thank you for always being there for every special occassion!
Arrived nice & cold (even in Florida) . Just bake & serve. Reminded me of pizza from back home. I miss good pizza but at least I can still get good pizza by mail. I am grateful for the service. Florida pizza just doesn't compare to Chicago.
Cheri From tampa, FL
Best pizza we've ever had!
This was truly the best pizza we've ever tasted. I wish it wasn't so expensive so I could eat it more often. Definitely worth doing for special occasions.
Tamara From Raleigh, NC
We visited back in December & I surprised my boyfriend with the 2 deep dishes for Valentines. What a great treat to be able to have that deleivered to us! YUM!!!
Everything we imagined and more?
My boyfriend is from around chicago so for his birthday I got two pizzas delivered to us out here in Oregon. He LOVED them! Y'all are the best!
Ali From Bandon, OR
Two deep dish peperoni pizza's
sent 2 Lou Malnati Pepperoni pizza's
Great Pizza! Great Service!!!
I had two pepperoni pizzas delivered to my daughter in Phoenix (air force) and she went crazy over them. Delivered RIGHT ON TIME!
John From Elgin, IL
Wonderful experience!
Arrived on schedule, and the pizza is outstanding! Will definitely order again.
Linda From Fredericksburg, VA
2 roni
Joni From Surprise, AZ
Lou to Go Pizzas
Two deep dish pizzas.
Anne From IL
So good, I need more! I was very impressed with how fast we got our order as well as how it was packed. It tasted amazingly fresh for frozen pizza and we must get more soon!!
John From IN
Fast Delivery
The Lou's ordered got to my friend right away! And he was SO excited to get the best pizza ever!! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Lou's in their neighborhood, so being able to send this delicious pizza is so fun!
We had two pizza's shipped to Maine. They arrived at my doorstep promptly and as promised! They tasted fantastic and we will definitely order again!
Diana From Portland, ME
2 pepperoni pizzas
Could not believe how fresh it tasted
Douglas From Lakeville, IN
Best pizza I've ever had too bad you don't have one out here in California I will be making a order soon
Danielle aranda From reseda, CA
Best Pizza Ever!!
I fell in love with this pizza when I visited the restaurant years ago I'm Chicago and I am so glad they have delivery service now. I now have my hubby hooked on it and he has never been to the restaurant (we live in California). Well worth every penny:)
Danica From Murrieta, CA
great pizza
I have been ordering Lou's for years, but this might be the last time. The pizzas I ordered for my husband as an anniversary gift arrived one day late and both pizzas were completely thawed. Will definitely be calling customer service as soon as Labor Day is over.
Fantastic Gift
Our daughter recently moved out-of-state. She loved receiving her favorite Lou Malnati's pizza.
Susan From IL
Excellent service
Online order for loustogo = pepperoni pizza. Lou's is the perfect option for out of town clients. They love your pizza and it's always a hit! Thanks for making my life easier.
Lisa From IL
tastes like home
We just moved to Texas originally from Chicago and were craving our favorite Chicago pizza. We had a gift card for Tastes of Chicago so ordered two Lou's pizzas. Liked that the cost online included tax and shipping but the total still a bit steep. While the pizza tasted great, it was a bit small, it feeds two people but this stuff is so darn good we could have eaten more. Comes in a big box on dry ice and is delivered quick! Easy instructions and in 45 min we felt like we were back home. Would order again but can't wait to get back to chi for the real deal.
K&J From Dallas, TX
This is the second time I've ever eaten Chicago deep dish, and it still blows my mind how good it is. This place definitely delivers and I will definitely be ordering again.
Just how I remembered it!
Pizza was here within 2 days. Made one of the two immediately. It was cheesy and gooey and just like I remember from when I visited Chicago.
Kasey From stevens point, WI
Melissa From Pittsburgh, PA
Perfect gift
We had heard some bad news from a friend and were able to send this meal to them to show support (favorite meal is pizza).
Lindsey From OH
Donald From Lutz, FL
Our Pizza's Were GREAT!! We LOVED THEM!!! Thanks!!
Debbie From McAllen, TX
Best Pizza Ever!!!!
This Pizza is my family's Favorite. We all want to visit Chicago now to have one fresh from the oven
Daniel From Corona, CA
Love love love!
This service is impeccable. Second time we've ordered and it's quick, organized and arrives on time and in tact. The pizza comes out great and even though it doesn't beat eating it while looking at the Chicago skyline it's pretty darn close! I will be ordering more and more in the future, reminds me of home.
Kristen From Dallas, TX
Birthday surprise!!
I ordered the pizza for my boyfriends birthday. Glenn is from the Chicago area and misses your deep dish pizza. He was so surprised!! The pizza arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was delicious!! Thank you for shipping this delicious pizza. It was worth every penny!!
Lori From Bartlett, TN
The pepperoni pizzas were excellant, I just wish they were a little bigger.
Helen Tallman From JOHNSON CITY, TN
Great pizza!
My daughter sent me 2 pizzas for Xmas and they were so good I ordered another 2.
mark From brevard, NC
An Amazing Taste of Home!
Amazing as usual! We miss Lou's since moving to Colorado...so this is a nice reminder of home. Only suggestion would be to offer more of a selection for toppings and a bigger size.
Bel From Littleton, CO
chicago pizza
ron From norman, OK
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Great!Great! Great!
bryan From henderson, NV
pizza order
2 pizzas ordered. Delivered when promised. Delicious
Linda From Matteson, IL
Best Birthday gift ever!
We sent 2 pizzas to our son in LA as part of his gift. He said they were awesome as usual. He loves that he can just pop them in the oven for a quick dinner.
Janice From IL
Great gift
2 pepperoni pizzas
Lou Malnati's Pizza
2 deep dish pepperoni pizzas
Timothy From Woodstock, MD
A taste of home
Pepperoni pizza in Tulsa Oklahoma can't come close. It was nice to have a taste of home!
Charles From Tulsa , OK
Real Pizza!!!
I had 2 Chicago Deep dish Pepperoni Pizzas sent to my son in the service. He is currently in the states thankfully-but can't come home whenever he feels like it-so it was wonderful to send him a piece of home!!! The south just doesn't make pizza the same! They all devoured it the day they arrived! Will have to send more next time
Best I ever had !
I ordered two pepperoni pizzas. I loved it, just thinking about your pizza makes my mouth water. Wonderful flavor in every bite. I will order again soon.
Davey From Mint Hill, NC
Great Pizza!
We LOVED the Pizza! They did NOT disappoint!!
Debbie From mcallen, TX
Gift order was delivered right on time to NC and turned out perfect.
Tessa From IL
Best Pizza!
Pizza was fresh, shipped fast, and absolutely delicious. Would order it again in a heartbeat.
New Yorker
I expected a heavy pizza with mostly cheese. What I ended up getting was a pizza the normal thickness of a Pizza Hut pizza but with less crust and more deliciously sweet sauch and quality cheese. The instructions were so easy, the delivery timing was amazing and I can never diss Chicago pizza knowing how much I love it. Wish the pie sizes were a little larger bc we wanted more!
Connie From NYC, NY
Idaho loves Lou Malnati's!
Still the best pizza ever!
Debbie From Pocatello, ID
ther is NOTHING better than Lou's. A little taste of home.....BLISS.
Margo From not Chicago!
Great as a Gift Idea
I gave this as a gift and my family really enjoyed it. Great delivery time & packaging.
Jeane From OH
Malnati's deep dish
we lived in new York several years and have moved to las vegas and have gone through about all of the pizza's here and well, they don't measure up. So, we would spend $30.00 on each pizza delivery so, it only makes sense to spend the $60.00 and get what is AWESOMENESS pizza
2 Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas
Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizzas with pepperoni were delicious
Carol From Lewisville, TX
Yummy in my tummy
No regrets
Pizza was great.
Larry From Collinsville, IL
Always fabulous!
Your pizzas are the BEST! Consistent quality, you never disappoint! I love giving your pizzas as gifts , always a home run.
Marianne From GA
Does Not Disappoint
This was the second time I ordered Lou's and had it sent to my son in Oklahoma. He received the pizzas on the day I requested and was thrilled to get them as he is currently in an area of the country not known for its pizza :-) I will be ordering Lou's for him again.
Jean From IL
Lou's takes Lincoln
I had 2 pizza's delivered to Lincoln, NE for my boyfriend's birthday. We were in CHI the summer before and ever since we talked about how much we loved that pizza and couldn't wait to be back. It was delivered in a reasonable amount of time, tasted as good as ever, and was a great birthday surprise. Looking forward to ordering again soon.
Emma From Sioux Falls, SD
Satisfied Client
I sent these pizzas to a business acquaintance down south, and she was beyond thrilled and satisfied with her gift. Thank you for helping me to solidify a business relationship even further than already existed.
Gift of Lou Malnati's Pizza
The process to order was well organized and easy. Deliveery was on the date promised and the recipient was very happy with the gift.
Robert From Lexington, KY
Best Pizza - Period
I buy this pizza for every gift I give... They always end up reordering for themselves! I also always order a set of 6 to have in my freezer for those nights when you just need a good cheesy pizza!
Amanda From San Diego, CA
My parents loved this gift
Sent my folks (on Long Island) Lou's for my dad's b-day. They said it cooked up great, and they loved it! Definitely a cool gift to send.
Beth From Chicago, IL
Pizza was great and the delivery was timely. The website was easy to navigate to place orders.
Debbie From Manchester, TN
a very welcome surprise
My transplanted Chicago daughter was VERY excited to get Lou Malnati's pizzas for her birthday in California. Delivery was perfect, and of course pizzas were delicious, as always.
Anne From Hinsdale, IL
1 Sausage 1 Spinach to NYC
I sent this pizza as a gift to a friend, and it arrived on time, still frozen, and when the pizza was prepared it tasted great!
Kris From New York, NY
Recipient was thrilled!
Arrived as scheduled and as expected. Recipient said th pizzas were delicious.
Sausage and Spinach pizzas
Our son-in-law was thrilled with your special delivery for him for his birthday!
Cathy From AL
Pizza for Oregon friends
1 sausage, 1 spinach
Patricia From Park Ridge, IL
Great Xmas Gift for Out of Town Clinets
I sent each of my clients 2 pizzas - a sausage and a spinach - and all loved them! Ordering was very easy and arrived on time if not a day earlier than estimated. Just need to make sure your clients will be in town to receive their packages so cannot be a complete surprise. Very reasonable cost.
Carolyn From Chicago, IL
2 deep dish pizzas
Pizza was excellent but not enough instructions on how long to cook when frozen.
Tamara From Chicago, IL
Christmas gift
1 sausage, 1 spinach pizza
Not that good.
Not even close to the real thing at the Lincolnwood.
Ron From Naples, FL
Superbowl Sunday was spent with 2 former Chicagoans and 2 deep dish Lou's. Amazing.
Lisa From Los Angeles, CA
Purchased for New Parents
Received notice of shipment timely - Arrived as scheduled - enjoyed by all.
Donna From Madison, WI
Too cold to eat in arrival...
..but once they come out of the oven they were great! Such a treat, this was my second pizza order. Fast shipping and the taste of home. This was not my last order. I wish I could recycle the containers. Thanks!
Paul From Columbia , SC
the pizza arrived in a timely manner, pizza was good, needs a little more oregano
pam From fountain valley, CA
Great as expected
Lou's has never and will never disappoint me. Love live this beautiful restaurant.
On time & Delicious!
I had an excellent ordering experience this past April. Shipped 2 deep dish to my friends house in Denver. Pizza arrived promptly and we had a Great Dinner. Thanks Lou's!
Beth From Chicago, IL
Amazing as always!!
Amazing as always!!
Alayna From Atlanta, GA
The deep dish
It isnt quite as good as having it in Chicago. It certainly feeds the fix of much needed deep dish pizza. Going to order again for my house and make a special point of going next time Im in Chicago
Debbi From Granite CIty, IL
Great pizza
I used to live in Chicago and love that I can order!
Prompt delivery
The pizzas got to my door just as advised and were packed and contained well.
Love your pizza!
The sausage pizza was delicious! Had it shipped... can't wait to try it at one of your restaurants the next time I'm in Chicago!
Nancy From CO
Great service!
Pizzas delivered to Georgia as promised. My sis & bro-in-law miss Lou's since they moved.
Sue From IL
2 pizza pkg. shipped to home
1 sausage and 1 pepperoni pizza from Lou Malnati's
Noreen From FL
Chicago pizza sent to Denver
Delivery was on time and order was accurate. No complaints with this one and my Denver connection was super happy!
Susan From IL
An oregon thank you
My friends were so happy to have great pizza. Oregon needs more, the pizza there can not compare
mark From chicago, IL
My wife and her family are from the Chicago area in which my in laws just moved to Virginia. during our visits back to Chicago we would frequent Lou Malnatis every trip. Now that we and her family live in the Virginia Beach area, I order the pizza for us as well as my family in Tennessee for the holidays. Best Pizza anywhere.
Michael From Suffolk, VA
Christmas Gift
Great gift to ship to family. They received the gift within a week or me ordering it. They said the pizza was great.
Lou Malnati's Pizza
Pizza was awesome
Very good
I would give it a five star if I was in the store eating it hot from the oven. Nothing beats that!
Ev From Minot, ND
Was promised or guaranteed delivery by Christmas and was charged at extra $20.00 for this to happen.....it came after Christmas. VERY disappointed.
Steven Schweisthal From South Elgin, IL
Pizza was DELICIOUS! A little pricey for what you get, but still, DELICIOUS!
Craig From Schoolcraft, MI
Greatest pizza delivered!
I ordered pizza for overnight delivery, only to discover my friend didn't like sausage pizza. I was able to call morning of delivery and get pizza changed to spinach without any issue. All a day before Christmas. An awesome experience! Thank you.
Javar Rance From Raleigh, NC
Very Pleasantly Surprised!
The Roni pizza was delicious! I did not expect or believe it would be as tasty as it was! Plenty of deep cheese, wonderful tomato sauce and delectable pepperonis! Cooking was easy, the pizza comes in a tin pan that you can put in the oven and the directions are on the lid! I cant wait to dig into the sausage pizza! I must note, I got an email from the company that provided me with an update on the delivery status of my order...shipment was delayed 1 day due to weather in Chicago and they wanted to be sure the pizzas would not get delayed somewhere during shipping. How cool is that! And when my order shipped, it arrived in 48 hours as promised! Talk about great customer service! Outstanding all the way around!
Smitty From MD
Very satifying
Family loved the pizza, especially my son who I had to wrestle for the last slice!
Jay From Bethesda, MD
I had the deep dish pizza in the restaurant when I visited Chicago and wow..it was like heaven in my mouth. So when I returned to Los Angeles I immediately ordered online for delivery. I tried and was a little disappointed, don't get me wrong, the pizza was still delicious, but it seems like something was missing, the flavor was a bit weak and the center of pizza was too wet. I am definitely looking forward for my next Chicago visit now.
KUAN From Los Angeles, CA
Both Pep and sausage pizzas were GREAT!!! Fast delivery too!
We loved our Chicago pizza! Thank you for making it possible for us to experience the Tastes of Chicago!
Monique From Austin, TX
Lou's Sweet Lou's
Since I have moved to Florida 5 years ago it has been a struggle to find good pizza like Lou' s from my sweet home Chicago. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know whenever I am feeling home sick, I can always count on getting my favorite Lou's pizza delivered to my front door to cheer me up! It is always packaged to perfection and tastes great! Thank you from the sunshine state :)
Tracie From Naples, FL
WOW. Taste's just like I was there (Chicago)
Tasted just like I was sitting in restaurant. Just follow baking instructions.
Judith From Reno, NV
Fantastic Pizza!
Fantastic pizza that tastes just as amazing at home in Minnesota than it does sitting at a table in Chicago! We will definitely be ordering Lou Malnati's delivery again!
Stephanie From Minnetonka, MN
Good Service
Pizza arrived as promised. I have some happy in laws in Arizona. Tasted the same as if were eating freshly prepared in Chicago.
Michael From Glenview, IL
Ordered as a gift again .. was wonderful.. fast and enjoyed.. at this rate everyone in Michigan will be a lou fan
Lou's Pizzas
Sent my college son the 2 pack of pizzas for valentines day, quick delivery and he absolutely loved it!!
Maureen From IL
deep dish chicago style pizza
1 roni 1Sausage
Thomas From Hoover, AL
chicage style deep dish
1 Roni ! Sausage
Thomas From Hoover, AL
Delivery to Mississippi
I sent 2 pizzas to a friend in Mississippi. She was home the night they were delivered but the delivery person just left them on her front porch and didn't even attempt to ring the door bell to let her know the pizzas were there. Luckily they were still there the next morning when she was heading out to an appointment.
Andrew From Chicago, IL
Awesome quality
The pizzas were packed well and held up great during the delivery process. The quality was fantastic. I never had Chicago style pizza before, thin crust here is the norm. I didn't think a deep dish pizza could really be called pizza. Boy was I wrong! The pizza was awesome. I have to say that your crust was the best that I ever tasted. Will order again.
Paula From Muskegon, MI
Delicious pizza. The sauce is fantastic!
Kenneth From Little Rock, AR
1 Sausage/1 Roni
I just realized I never submitted my review from December for the pizza I purchased. I was actually looking forward to eating pizza directly from Chicago! Especially, since we recently gone there and ate pizza right in Lou's restaurant. I pizza at the restaurant was unbelievable!! But that was not the case with the frozen pizza's delivered to us. I wasn't expecting the same exact pizza that we had in Chicago, but this was flavorless and unappealing for pizza standards to say the least. Maybe it is from the freezing process? Either way, I was very disappointed and will definitely not be purchasing pizza from Lou's website again. I would appreciate a full refund. However, I will still visit Lou's restaurant the next time I visit Chicago.
Chris A From RI
Great taste of home...
Lou Malnatti Pizza
Kim From Valrico, FL
The best pizza in the world
Whenever we're in Chicago we visit Lou's, we love, love, love your pizza. So being able to have that at home, makes us feel like we literally do have a 'Taste of Chicago' in Arizona.
1 sausage 1 roni
Aloha, we loved it, it was delicious, we're from Chicago we miss the food & pizza so much. Will order again for sure!!
Sue Kachiroubas From Honolulu, HI
Perfect Gift
We sent this to our cousins in DC as a thank you for their hospitality. They are ready to come to Chicago to have Deep Dish with us--They loved it!
great pizza
Best deep dish pizza ever!!!!
jeff From eagle river, WI
Chicago pizza in NJ
Got the pepperoni and it was awesome!! Will definitely order again.
Karen From Hoboken , NJ
It was great to have Chicago's best pizza delivered to my door.
Bob From smyrna, TN
Thank You
Andy From The Woodlands, TX
Sausage and pepperoni pies were both excellent!
Sausage and pepperoni pie
Karen From Hoboken, NJ
Yummy - but needs more meat
I ordered the 2 pack to send to my son for finals....he loved it but said that there was very little meat....he was going to add sausage or pepperoni to the second pizza before he cooked it. Each pizza feeds about 2 people.... he still loved it...
Beth From Dallas, TX
Gift for friend
Chris From IL
1Sausage 1Roni
two pizzas - frozen
Carole From Panama City Beach, FL
I had Lou Malnatti's delivered to my boyfriend in Austin, TX for his birthday. It was delicious and tasted almost as good as the pizza we had in their store in Lake Zurich. Would definitely order again.
Laura From TX
Not as good as I had hoped
Being from NY I had always heard of deep dish pizza, so I decided to try it. First I'd like to say for the price that I paid for the pizza, they were extremely tiny. I could have eaten one whole pizza by myself. I paid close to $60 for 2 baby pizza's. The quality was not bad, but like I said before I might just be a NY pizza snob. I'd hope that if I was in Chicago the pizza would be much bigger. I was trying to feed a family with only one pizza and it was impossible. 1 Large Pizza in NY would have fed 8 people. So, not to be a downer, but for the price I paid it wasn't worth it.
Artemis From Westborough, MA
Will order again soon
On time, and exactly what I expected!
Vicky From Chicago, IL
Pretty Awesome...!!
I ordered two pizza's for my son's 28th birthday as a surprise...we miss Chicago food!!!! Arrived in great shaped, tasted VERY fresh...yum yum!!
Kelly From Whetstone, AZ
Pure Heaven
When they say "a slice of heaven"... they were speaking about Lou's Pizza!
Jen From Burbank, CA
Sausage for me!
The way they prepare sausage pizza (sausage spread atop) is unique to me, and their deep-dish crust is fantastic! Likewise their sauce. Other deep dish franchises are good but this tops them all. For me, this is the best online order deep dish that you can get from anyone. Wish we could get them locally as you can from some supermarkets in Chicago.
John From Columbus, OH
Very good
pizza delivery
My friends in California really enjoyed them. However was never able to get a delivery update, tracking info never worked
Scott From aurora , IL
I got the pizzas for my husband as an early Father's Day gift because it's his favorite!
Jess From Pittsburgh , PA
Deep dish pizza
Got two deep dish pizzas for my husband for his birthday. He loves regional food and always drools when he sees Lou Malnatti's on pizza TV shows. He really enjoyed the pizza. Came out good with the directions provided. Can't wait to have it fresh some day!
Michele From Albany, NY
great father's day
My dad received his pizzas on friday, but was so excited to have his favorite pizza in FL he had one Saturday instead of waiting for father's day! Always a great gift for hom, thanks!
Kerrie From Belleville, WI
Pizza by Mail
Linda From NYC, NY
Great customer service
Perfect gift sent all the way to Texas for my dad! I even had to delay the shipment a couple of days because my dad was't going to be in town to receive the pizza. Customer service was quick and friendly with my request.
Jessika From Chicago, IL
My friend moved back home from Chicago a couple of years ago and I got him the two pizzas for his birthday. He said the taste was exactly like he remembered it and the standards lived up to Lou Malnatis name even through freezing and shipping. He preferred the pepperoni in store, but out of the two we had shipped he like the sausage better. Great idea and great execution for these products!
Kaila From Baton Rouge, LA
Delicious! I will be ordering again!!
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed these pizzas. I'm very glad for the catalog and all the varieties of food items. I will be reordering in the near future!
Trina From Washington, DC
Best Pizza
Since moving to LA from CHI it's so hard to find really good pizza. This was awesome and we will be ordering more very soon!
John From Beverly Hills, CA
A Delicious Piece of Chicago!
I ordered a few pies since my wife did not travel with me to Chicago when I was able to get to the restaurant. The ordering & delivery were incredibly easy & the pizzas even better! I will be back!
Anthony From Atlanta, GA
deep dish delight
Fantastic deep dish pizza!
jon From chardon, OH
gift for daughter
sent tomy daughter in North Carolina.We ate them during my visit. As usualthey were great.
Jim From newport beach, CA
Best pizza ever
Nicholas From Lafayette , LA
Sending Lou's up north!
Sent a sausage and a pepperoni to a friend in a small town in Wisconsin. He can't get Lou's up there so the magic of UPS saved the day. The result was the smell of heaven on earth as the pizzas cooked in his oven. A truly amazing gift.
Our son's request for his 15th birthday party
My husband & I took our son to Chicago for a mini-vacation right around Thanksgiving last year. My husband is from Indiana and Chicago is his favorite city. He, of course, put authentic Chicago deep dish pie on the list of things we would be doing and suggested that we try the top two rated pizza joints in Chicago (one per night) and then decide for ourselves which one we preferred. Lou's won! In fact, it made such an impression on our son that he requested that be his birthday meal for his 15th birthday. Lou's shipped it all the way to Spokane, WA, where we were on vacation visiting my family. The two pies arrived, as scheduled, still frozen, we baked it according to the instructions, and it was AWESOME!!! Thanks, Lou's for being our family's choice for Chicago'a best pizza pie!
Kristin, Geoff, & Van Markiton From Atlanta
Delicious as always
Lou's reputation is well earned. Being from New Orleans obviously this is how I have to enjoy real chicago Deep Dish pies. Pop em in the oven take em out and let your tastebuds explode.
Aaron From New Orleans, LA
I ordered 2 pizzas for a suprise birthday gift for my boyfriend. It's his favorite pizza and we were unable to make it there the last trip we took. He was so suprised he had tears in his eyes. When baked it tasted just like it would if we were in the restaurant. The only thing missing was the Draft beer. Delivery arrived in a timely fashion on the day I choose. Thank you. I would definitely order it again.
Amanda From fort wayne, IN
Lou Malnati Pizza
pizza delivery to Florida from Chicago
Maggie From chgo, IL
Arrived on time, was worth the wait.
Art From San Antonio, TX
Taste of Chicago mail order pizza
1 sausage, 1 pepperoni deep dish
Perfect Gift!
This was the perfect thank you gift for a friend. He was so surprised when he found the pizzas on his door step. Thank you Lou!
Cara From VERONA, WI
The pizzas came fast and they taste great. I will definitely be ordering some more in the future.
Jackie From AZ
Amazing Pizza...
We got Lou's for a buddy of ours that wanted chicago pizza for the longest and it was delicious but was disappointed in the size of the large... Pricey for the size
Luis From Miami, FL
Absolutely delish!!!
I wasn't sure what to expect from a fresh frozen delivered pizza, but I was blown away. Absolutely amazing!!! The only thing that I could think would be better would be to have it fresh in the restaurant!
Jenni From Denver, CO
A slice of heaven
We love Lou's. Anytime we visit our family in the Chicago area, the restaurant is a must. Imagine our delight finding it can be shipped. Crisp, flaky crust, meaty toppings, and a rich tomato sauce. Mmm, tasty.
Tony From Seattle, WA
Amazing customer service for amazing pizza
My experience could not have been better. The pizza is absolutely amazing and so is the customer service behind the pizza. Could not ask for better.
Jessica From Radford, VA
Package arrived on time (in dry ice to keep it frozen). Directions for making the pizza were clear and once baked, it came out nicely! Although the deep-dish didn't taste exactly like a fresh Lou's pie, it's as close to the real thing as you can get without being in Chicago!
Amanda From Durham, NC
They showed up promptly, and were both great.
Andy From New Orleans
Great gift idea
Sent these two pizzas to a friend as a thank you and he loved them! Delivered on time and stayed frozen even though left outside for about 6 hours!
Heather From Chicago, IL
The pizza was fantastic? The layer of meat was amazing and the crust was perfect!
Kate From NY
Excellent Pizza
I thought the pizza was very good. It had an excellent sauce. It's a nice gourmet pizza to have on hand.
Patricia From MN
Boston Pizza Guy
Awesome Pizza Pies! Won in a bet with my buddy Derek in Chicago. Patriots beat Bears and I won two of the best pizza's I've had the pleasure of partaking
Dan From Boston, MA
deep dish order
One pepperoni and one sausage
Susan From New Port Richey, FL
My brother and his firefighter pals really helped me out recently, so I thought: What better way to thank them than two Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas? They loved them, and it was super easy to order them from the website. Thanks a bundle.
Niki From Fort Dodge, IA
2 pizza's vs. 1 football game
the pizza's were both great ! the game sucked....
Barbara From Orland, CA
2 pizza's vs. 1 football game
the pizza's were both great ! the game sucked....
Barbara From Orland, CA
Lou Malnati's
Ordered two pies shipped to Tennessee. Left Chicago 16 years ago, but the flavor was just like I remembered. Only drawback was that the larges were a bit smaller & not as "deep dish" as I recalled. Still, I WILL be ordering again!!
Bob From Murfreesboro, TN
Good pizza - had trouble ordering through amazon
Pizza tasted great, and delivery was quick. Unable to order through amazon for some reason - tried on 2 separate occasions.
Tom From Cedar Rapids, IA
deep dish pizzas
Eric From Garland, TX
Great service!
Sent as a gift. Fast shipping and my friend loved the Lou's pizza.
Jason From Georgetown, KY
Ordered 2 pizzas to be shipped out of state and they were delivered on time as promised. My friends enjoyed them and reminded them of sweet home Chicago!
Brian From Aurora, IL
Everything was awesome
We look forward to ordering these pizzas again
2 pizza order to Centennial, Co.
I ordered 2 pizzas to be sent to my son in Centennial. They arrived a day early but the crust was inedible, hard as a rock. The topping was okay. My first try at ordering this and very disappointing.
Rita From Ivanhoe, IL
Lou Delivered Twins!
Three days before Christmas, twin sausage pizzas were sent by Shully in Nashville, Tennessee and delivered to in perfect condition to a Chicago retiree living in Santa Rosa, California. My friend smiled for the first time since leaving the Windy City.
Jon Shulenberger From Nashville, TN
Ordered two pizzas for my husband...deep dish is his favorite. He LOVES Lou Malnati's! Hard for me to believe they still taste so good after shipping all the way out to San Diego, but they were great! Very simple online ordering system and quick delivery, too. Not something we can afford regularly but it is a fun treat for him on special occasions.
nicole From San Diego, CA
Holiday deliciousness
Perfect gift for the whole family...great timing and packaging
Jayme From San Antonio, TX
Great as always
Ordered for relatives as I wanted to share some real Chicago pizza - they loved it!
Robert From Franklin, TN
great service
Pizzas sent as gift. Arrived on time and greatly enjoyed.
Cynthia From Hammond, IN
Shipping pizzas as Xmas presents
The recipients in New Mexico have developed such a taste for the pizzas, they miss them if I don't send them this bonus!! Thanks for making my family away from home happy!!
Deep Dish Delish
after watching Malnati's on food tv, we placed a small order, 2 pizzas for Christmas. Followed cooking instructions, and the crust was perfectly crisp to the tooth, leading into the amazing layers sausage and cheese. Sauce was the surprise, great color,very fresh and not over-seasoned. Will order again and look forward to dining in restaurant.
Catherine & Tom W From Fairfax Station, VA
Happy in Hawaii
I loved the pizzas, and I'm so glad they stayed frozen and delicious across the Pacific Ocean!
Natalie From Honolulu, HI
Favorable Review
Product arrived in good condition, still frozen. Wonderful response from recipient. Stated it was delicious! This order was a Christmas gift.
Albert From Augusta, GA
Lous To Go
ordered some great pizza for a friend of mine in Detroit, he got it on time and loved the first pizza
Paul From lake in the hills
Fast Delivery
Arrived exactly on time and was here in time for Christmas.
2 pizzas
2 deep dish 1 peperoni and 1 sausage
Scott From Streamwood, IL
Best sausage pizza I've ever tasted. Being from the East coast all my pizza has been N.Y. Style. No more!
Michael From Marietta, GA
Sausage pizza and a pepperoni pizza
Judi From Tampa, FL
Fabulous even when mailed
Sent these to my brother; now his family is hooked as well! Your crust travels well. You are my favorite pizza. I'll always go to Lou Malnati's when in Chicago!
Great for celebrations
Lou Malnatis is fantastic pizza and works for all occasions. We celebrated my mothers 89th birthday and the old and the young enjoyed the wonderful pizza
Pizzas arrived early, and were delicious! Will for sure be ordering again.
Jenna From Saint Paul, MN, MN
Good pizza
The pepperroni was great. The sausage pizza didn't have a full load of sauce and sausage on top - only about 80% which was disappointing
We would love having Lou Malnati's Pizza when visiting Chicago, so we loved being able to have some delivered right to our home. Fast delivery and tasted wonderful! Please open a Lou Malnati's in the Minneapolis area!
Lisa From Maple Grove, MN
Out of state families
Family loved the pizza. Will be sending out to other family members who don't have the benefit of good Chicago pizza
We have been gone from Chicago for 18 years but still love a taste of home with LM pizza
Easily the best pizzas I ever ate that I didn't make myself.
Vince From FL
2 lou Malnati deep dish
Laura From highland park , IL
Throwback to Chicago
My husband and I love our pizza. We order two pizza one being sausage and the other one pepperoni. We did think our sausage one was better. Having the pizza made us remember our days back in Chicago. We will definitely order the pizza again.
Amy From Denver, CO
Tiny delicious pizzas
We ordered two pizzas ,one sausage and one pepperoni, and they were delicious. every bit as good as the ones we had at Lou's when we were in Chicago. the only problem is I would imagine most people don't read the exact diameter of the pizza and the picture certainly gives it the impression to be much bigger than it is we thought two pizzas would feed the entire family....no way, these are some tiny pizzas
Don From TX
Deep Dish Pizza
With being so far from Chicago, this allowed me to feel at home for one night. Never dissapoints.
Logan From Los Angeles, CA