Ship Cookies from Deerfields Bakery

Deerfields Bakery has prided itself on creating top-quality, imaginative, and delicious foods since 1972. Their sugar cookies are hand-decorated with careful precision, creating a beautiful and delicious cookie you're proud to give as a gift, or save for yourself!
Deerfields Bakery
A Rich Baking Tradition
Deerfields Bakery opened in 1972, but their family's rich baking tradition started in 1886 when their ancestor, Adam Schmitt, opened his first bakery in Weisloch, Germany.

Since Adam's first bakery, five generations of the family have carried on the baking tradition that continues today. A lot has changed since 1886, but the family's commitment to serving the finest baked goods remains the same. Their hand-decorated sugar cookies are almost too pretty to eat, but after one bite, you won't be able to stop!

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