Long Grove Apple Pie & 2 Lou's Pizzas
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Long Grove Apple Pie & 2 Lou's Pizzas

A perfect combination for the pie lover! Two Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas and a Long Grove Confectionery "brown bag" apple pie made with a flaky crust, packed full of freshly sliced apples, and smothered with just the right amount of spices.

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Package Contents:
  • Two 9-inch Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas
  • One 32-oz. "brown bag" apple pie from Long Grove Confectionery
  1. Completely defrost pie.
  2. Remove plastic wrap. Leave pie in paper bag.
  3. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350° for 60 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven; slit top of bag and peel back to expose top of crust of pie.
  5. Return to oven for 20 minutes or until top is golden brown.
Serve with ice cream.

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Best of the Best
Long Grove Apple Pie & Deep Dish Cheese Pizza
Diane From Tampa, FL
I ordered this pie because the photo looked great and I know Long Grove has great products. I also wanted an alternative pie to the pumpkin ones I make from scratch. But, I was VERY disappointed. The pie crust was slimy and maybe too much butter or oil. One bite and we pitched it. Fortunately my pumpkin pies were a hit, so didn't miss a beat, but I will not order again.
We discovered Malnatis when we lived in Chicago in the 70's. Our whole family (5) grew up being customers. We need you in Dallas North Suburbs. Your food is unlike anyone else and terrific. We do not want to live without it in our lives.
Lou's for Christmas
I sent this to relatives in MN for Christmas. Package arrived as scheduled and in excellent condition before Christmas. Family has reported that the pizza was excellent and the apple pie the best ever. Thank you Lou and Taste of Chicago for best quality products and service.
Amy From Arlington Heights, IL
apple pie
excellent crust/buttery and chewy with just the right amount of cinnamon on apple filling
rosa From columbia, SC
apple pie
second time ordering the pie,best apple pie I have ever tasted, and my kids agree
rosa From columbia, SC
2 pizzas + apple pie
just a great treat--gave us several meals and snacks
Sue From MN
Pie in a bag?
We've had many apple pies over the years, but the apple-pie-in-a-bag is absolutely the best we've ever had. The crust should be considered a dessert on it's own.
Kyle From Spokane, WA
How Can You Beat Pie & Pie??
Such a wonderful combination of things we love AND from the Chicago area! Don't even think about telling me how many calories are in each slice!
It was a gift
Two sausage pizzas
Ed From Brentwood
Top Notch Apple Pie & Pizzas!
This was a repeat order of Long Grove's Apple Pie and it seems to be more delicious each time - best apple pie out there! A little pricey but well worth it. And Malnati's Sausage Pizzas are fantastic, and unfortunately Habit Forming!!
Don From Houston, TX
Sweet Home Chicago
Deep dish pizza and Long Grove apple pie at a special price. That the pizza, shipped frozen, could match the pizza we used to pick up at the local Malnati's outlet is something that had to be tasted to be believed. It was. The pie? It tasted yummy, but diabetics should make sure they have a full supply of insulin before trying a piece. Is the rush and subsequent hyperglycemia worth it? I can speak only for myself. I had a smile on my face when I was revived.
Barry From San Diego, CA
Fabulous Pizza & Apple Pie
I usually order pizzas a few times a year. It is the best deep dish.This time I ordered the pizzas and received an apple pie which was way better than I expected. I will order it again...
Apple pie
The apple pie was excellent.
Mark From Indianapolis, IN
These pizzas are just simply the Sauciest and best tasting I've ever had.
David From Elkton, MD
Pizza & Apple Pie
We had the apple pie for Thanksgiving. Topped it off with ice cream and caramel syrup. It was fabulous !!!! Pizza is great as always
for a daughter and family in florida
two lou's veggie pizzas and a brown bag apple pie
bill From lafayette, IN
Excellent service! Food was delivered fast and everything was delicious! Will have to order again for some other event!
Top shelf deep dish
Deep dish deliciousness, a real pizza pie, not a flat floppy disc. Gooey cheese, just the right amount of tomato and mildly-spicy sausage. Have received and given as gifts a number of times and have always been happy with the quality of Lou's products. Homemade awesomeness delivered to your door.
Had the sausage pizza. Thought the crust was a little thinner than usual but still very good
Gloria From Plesaanton, CA
Long Grove Apple Pie
It was the perfect birthday gift for my son-in-law
Mary Kay
Comfort Sunday
Pizza and apple pie Makes for the perfect rainy Sunday
Best Service
I was so impressed with the service on my order; I was sent an email to confirm delivery of my order so I knew the package was received on the date promised and the receiver raved about the Pizza and Apple Pie!
Sandra From Monee, IL
apple pie and pizzia
Irene From San Diego, CA
Like going home again
This is a great web site for all us transplanted Chicago folks. Food is awesome and delivery is super quick.
Brian From Monterey, CA
Apple Pie WAY too sweet
Pizzas great, as always. Apple Pie was just oozing with sugar. Nobody could eat is because it was so sweet. Had to throw away 1/2 the apple pie
Traliboss From CO
Gift Purchase
I Love the products myself, so ordered a Gift Package for my Daughter-in-law in Tacoma Washington.
Michael Bryans
Pizza's are wonderful and the process of ordering and tracking is great. Thanks
Patty From Northlake, IL
The Real Deal
My girlfriend was raised in Chicago and she got me hooked on Lou's pizzas for my birthday. Liked them so much, we give these for gifts now. The best pizzas period. We're going to come back here often for all the Tastes of Chicago that we miss now that we live in the Northwest.
Kyle From WA
I ordered these combos for my sisters' families. They love every bite, especially the crust.
LS From MN
1 Long Grove Apple Pie 1 Sausage 1 Roni
Order arrived on time and as communicated. Food was great and pie was excellent
Brian From Fort Collins, CO
The Apple Pie was fabulous!
Sent my mom Lou Malanati's vege pizza and sausage. She said the vege was runny; told her it may have to bake longer. She said the sausage was good. BUT the Apple Pie was out of this world!!! Will have to order one for myself soon!
Betsy Gamble
Never again
Not good
Henry From Darien, IL
Pizza and Apple Pie
Anthony From Denver, CO
Pizzas are always hit; everyone loves them and they arrive in great shape. I was told by the recipient that the Long Grove apple pie was the best pie they had ever had!
Ro From IL
pizza present
a gift for my daughter and family in pennsylvania. 2nd time i've sent it and they love it
bill From lafayette, IN
Apple Pie + Pizza
Spinach, Pepperoni Pizzas and Long Grove Apple Pie--as usual, absolutely delicious!!!
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