Portillo's Italian Beef Kit
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Portillo's Italian Beef Kit

Nobody does Italian beef as good as Chicago! Taste the Windy City's best with a Portillo's Italian Beef Kit.

Add 2 Lou's Pizzas for $32
That's about what you'd pay at the restaurant!
Add 2 Lou's Pizzas
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Package Contents:

This Portillo's Italian Beef Kit is packed with:

  • 2 lbs. of Portillo's Famous Italian Beef
  • 2 qts of Portillo's signature gravy
  • 8 bake and serve Italian rolls
  • 8 oz. of Sweet Peppers
  • 8 oz. of Hot Giardiniera
Stove top heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in large sauce pan.
  2. Heat until it reaches 180°.DO NOT BOIL. This takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Open beef pack and separate slices. This creates a more flavorful and tender sandwich.
  4. Add enough slices for 2-3 sandwiches at a time and heat for about 1 minute. Add beef in small increments as needed.
  5. Take temperature of gravy while heating beef. The temperature should stay between 165° and 180° for best results.
French Bread:
  • Place rolls on cookie pan 2" apart and bake at 450° for 5 minutes.
Microwave heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in microwave safe bowl and heat for 5 minutes. This includes any solids or spices.
  2. Stir contents and then heat for another 4 minutes while separating the beef slices. The temperature should be 180°. DO NOT BOIL.
  3. Take bowl out of microwave and add enough beef for 2-3 sandwiches and stir in for about a minute. Take temperature as you add beef.
  4. If the temperature falls below 165° remove beef, return to microwave and reheat for 2 minutes.
  5. Food Safety Caution: The beef and gravy in this package must be at 40° or colder upon receiving it.

Real reviews from customers just like you!

SOoooo GOOD!!!!!
I just got mine in the mail on Friday and ate it Monday. Soooooo good! I felt like I was back home in Chicago again. It was really easy to make, too.
Alexandra From NJ
Portillo's Beef
Excellent. The real thing. Will buy again.
Ken From seminole, FL
birthday goodies for daughter in Florida
my daughter and her husband so miss the Chicago food..so I usually send them SOMETHING from "TASTE OF CHICAGO" catalogue...it is fast and easy and shipping is included in the price...what a deal for all!!
CAROL From barington, IL
Just Like Home
I am originally from Chicago. I moved to Memphis back in 1989 and have longed for the delights of hometown food. I was really pleased with the quality of Portillo's Beef. The food was fresh as if I purchased it from the restaurant here in town. Thank you for the memories!!
Keith From Memphis, TN
Long time Dick Portillo Fan
I first became familiar with Dick Portillo's offerings back in the '60's when he started out in the wagon parked in the Zayre's parking lot on North Avenue in Addison. I took my boys there after little league games and it was the highlight of their day, even more than their game. Now they are all grown and send me the Portillo's Beef kit here in Texas on a regular basis. I am very grateful for the service and find the product just as good as if served in one of the restaurants. Keep up the good work! Nick N. Fort Worth, TX
Nick Nicholson From Fort Worth, TX
I was born and raised in chicago and moved to georgia a few years ago. What I miss the most is the food.It is great to be able to go online and order my favorite italian beefs..TASTES LIKE I'M BACK HOME AGAIN...LOVE THEM!!!!
just like home
Ex-Chicagoan who enjoys the great pan pizza, Chicago style beef and of course the Chicago dog. A day after craving these foods they arrive at our home on the west coast, and I feel I'm back home in sweet Chicago.
The kind of meal you dream of when you've been away from Chicago awhile.
loved it
My husband is from Indiana and loves your food so much
More than satisfied!
Delivery was so speedy. My friend cried when she got it! Her family was thrilled and said it tasted as good as they remembered.
Italian beef
Fantastic Italian beef. Great service.
like I remember
This kit brings a bit of my home town flavor to me in Pittsburgh, can't get beef sandwiches like the kit provides here....
Always delicious!!
This product was delivered not only on-time, but actually one day early. And it's always delicious for a family of four. Never stop ordering this!
Portillo's Italian Beef
Beef is exceptional, much like good pizza, Italian Beef is virtually non-existent here in Alabama. I would like to request that you offer the ability to purchase extra rolls for the beef, as 4 per tub is just not quite enough.... 6 or 8 per tub would be perfect. Thanks - Craig
Discounts please
I would buy more if there was a loyalty, frequent buyer, or referral discount.
Excellent gift for new parents
Sent to help celebrate a new addition to the family. A much appreciated gift by mom and dad as they embark on their new roles. Portillo's not available in Michigan and the kids enjoyed having a special treat.
My husband and I LOVE Italian beef. Unfortunately we live in Florida. When we come home we pig out on the food and it's fantastic to know that I can still get the product shipped to me. Helps keep me from getting to home sick.
Tastes of Chicago always delivers!
We use Tastes of Chicago 4 or 5 times a year. Shipment always arrives on time and in great condition.
Beef sandwiches
Barb From Chicago, IL
Portillo's Italian Beef Kit
5lb of great italian beef with all the fixings
DAMON From chicago, IL
Our delivery
My Yuletide order of the Portillo's Italian beef kit arrived in a timely manner, however it seemed that the bag with the dry ice had popped and small pieces of the ice were all through the box. The top of one of the gravy containers was broken, but as it was still frozen nothing had come out. I think that maybe the kit needs a little more padding or something as this happened last year or the year before as well. Still, really looking forward to enjoying it on Christmas Eve. It has become a tradition.
Kevin From Coral Springs, FL
Out of state Family wanted Portillos
My brother lives in Kansas and loves Portillos; so for his birthday I sent him an order. He was estatic over his gift! I heard about this on the Eric & Kathy Show 101.9 FM--I never knew this was an option! I ended up sending this to my older brother in California as well...they love Portillos, but who doesn't really?
RF From Joliet, IL
Great taste of Chicago!
Friends moved to Texas and were happy to receive a little bit of Fiends moved to Texas and I was able to send them a little bit of Chicago. They loved it!
Linda From Palatine, IL
The Classic Italian Beef Sandwich
The sandwich was outstanding. The beef was tender and all was very tasty to include the buns.
Gregory H. From St. Louis, MO
Portillo's Beef Kit
Best Tasting Beef Sandwiches
Pam From Kingwood, TX
Italian beef nostalgia
Dennis From Vancouver, WA
Failed Delivery
Italian Beef Kit was shipped on Monday 23rd next day air. It is now Christmas morning and package is still in route with Thursday scheduled delivery.
Douglas From Rockton, IL
Love these Beef's
We love the Portillo's Italian Beef's. They travel very well!!
JT From Gypsum, CO
Better packaging needed
The taste of the Italian beef was excellent. Easy to make, but more rolls should be included. The only issue we had was that one of the gravy tubs was cracked from the top down. Thankfully the gravy was still frozen, so we didn't have any spillage.
Happy Minnesota Family
My relatives who relocated to MN from Chicago, were very excited to receive the Portillos Beef kit! To quote their thank you: "Yes ma'am, that's some plate-licking perfection :-)"
Roz From Chicago, IL
Great gift
We love to order from these guys. As ex-pats from Chicago we get homesick for pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef. There is no shortage of incredible food in Los Angeles, but whenever we go to Chicago we tend to plan our visits around our favorite foods. Being able to order from here we have introduced so many people to what real good food tastes like. We order for ourselves and for gifts. The food always arrives at the right time, is perfectly packaged, has directions are easy and accurate, and best of all- tastes so delicious! When you open your door and the UPS guy has that box from Lou Malnati's it just makes you feel super happy and not quite so homesick.
Dallas From Culver City, CA
Perfect Holiday Gift
The Portillo'sItalian Beef Kit
Donna From Land O Lakes, FL
Portillo's Italian Beef
Wonderful, just wonderful
Made it on time as described.
Brian From Palatine, IL
Italian Beef
The Italian Beef kit was fantastic. Can't get Italian Beef like that here in TX. Thanks for shipping it next day air in time for Christmas since UPS messed up the initial shipment.
Sherri From TX
On time delivery
Ordered a christmas gift for family out of town, enjoyed how convenient it was. Did not like that to have it delivered around christmas I had to pay more money.
Amanda From Mokena, IL
Portillo's 2lb Italian Beef Package
Amazing taste and quality. We will continue to order in the future. Cannot find beef like this on the West Coast! Reminds me of my childhood growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. Thanks!
Steve From OR
Great food Great service
Thanks for the speedy delivery! My parents in Texas former Chicagoins loved it.
Art From Green Bay, WI
Wonderful Italian beef
Portillo's Italian beef
Jane From Kiel, WI
Yum Yum Yum
Italian beef with the works
Lonnie From IL
Italian beef
Italian beef, rolls etc.
Yolanda From Algonquin, IL
Italian beef
I send Italian beef and all that goes with it to my daughter and her husband every year on their wedding anniversary. It never disappoints and they look forward to it every year.
Yolanda From Algonquin, IL
Very Happy Boy
BEEFS! My husband is so happy! Finally getting some authentic Chicago beefs! Thanks so much!
Suzy From Franktown, CO
The bread you can't beat! The flavorful beef & au jus is just to die for! Add some Mozzarella Cheese & you have yourself a perfect sandwich! Mmmmmmmmmmm! I used to live across the street from Portillo's (Tinley Park, IL) & I was there at least once per week - maybe twice! Since we've moved....I'M HAVING WITHDRAWS!!!! Thanks to Tastes Of Chicago now we can still get it!
Kimberly From Cullowhee, NC
Italian Beef was excellent however, buns did not turn out well and green peppers were mushy. Had to run to store and get fresh bread and green peppers to salvage meal.
Dan From Highlands Ranch, CO
We were very pleased with the quality, price and delivery of the Portillo's italian beef kit we ordered. Everything arrived perfectly packaged, labeled with easy to follow directions and came out perfectly. There was more than enough meat for 8 sandwiches, the rolls were baked up very nicely, the peppers and giardiniera delicious. Will definitely order again. Moved away from Chicago 18 years ago and miss Portillo's! This is the next best thing to being there!
Ellen From Hayward, WI
Super fine,
Even though our team lost, the dinner was a winner!
Bonnie From Estes park, CO
Italian Beef at Its Best
Great package as always
Beyond great!
My shipment was delayed due to a winter storm here in South Carolina. I was sure the Italian beef would be ruined. When my husbands gift arrived, it was so well packed for shipment everything was in perfect condition. My husband is a native of Chicago and was so pleased and surprised to have a taste of home. We will purchase again!
Melissa From Hartsville , SC
Great Service
Ordered a Portillo Beef kit and had an issue with first shipment. Notified customer service and they fixed the issue by sending me another kit in the mail.
Portillo's Italian Beef Kit
8 servings includes Beef Bread Gravy Sweet Peppers & Hot Gardiniera
Tastes like home!
We ordered the Italian Beef and it was amazing. Tasted just like it did when I was growing up in Chicago.
Elisha From OH
Italian Beef
Seemed expensive at first but ended up a decent value. Could have used an extra roll or two but overall was terrific.
Joe From Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
We kept telling our friends here in NC about it. We finally got them some & prepared it for them. They loved it as well.
Kimberly From Cullowhee, NC
Portillos Italian Beef
Italian Beef Sandwiches
Matt From Hinsdale, IL
Italian Beef Sandwiches
I lived in Chicago all my life moved to the east coast a few years ago, miss my Italian Beef Sandwiches, your company is awesome for having Taste of Chicago offer what I miss so much..The best in Chicago...Thanks!!!!!
lydia bibiloni From waterbury, CT
Italian Beef Kit
The Italian beef kit is perfect for 8 sandwiches. It tasted very authentic just like I remember eating Italian beef in Chicago growing up.
Angela Bacon From GA
Portillo's beef
Excellent service and great beef sandwiches
Terri From Kent, WA
JAMES From Centreville, VA
Love the Portillo's beef!
These are Great! They travel VERY well! Can't get these buns out West.
John From Gypsum, CO
Italian beef it was great had it for our daughters birthday
Marcia From Smyrna, GA
Beef in a bucket is the most wonderfull thing in the world. My husband and I wait all year to get it!!!! We order for our anniversary in April and it's always perfict. I can picture in my head eating this sandwich back home and it makes me so happy!!!
Ashley From Columbus, GA
It was good
The flavor was good. It was nice to get a taste of Portillo's without being in Chicago but nothing like eating at the restaurant.
Christina From CA
italian roast beef sandwiches
I got this order on Friday for Fathers Day Today when I served it meat was definitely off. I was unable to serve it and conenquently had nothing to give my guests for lunch I would appreciate at least a partial refund on my order
. Andrea Klein From ALISO VIEJO, CA
Italian Beef
The food was absolutely delicious and there is more than enough of beef! The only down side was one of our buckets of gravy was broken when delivered.
Daniella From Houston, TX
Portillo's Italian Beef Kit is my favorite item to order. It is so yummy!
Toby From S'port, LA
Best Beef Sandwiches
Portillos Italian Beef Sandwiches - almost as good as being back in Chicago!! They were delicious - we will definitely order them again!
Great Gift
I sent a shipment of Portillo's beefs to my Dad for Father's Day (a native of Chicago now living in South Florida). He was so excited when he opened he box. Great gift idea!
KES From Atlanta, GA
Father's Day Gift
I sent this to my Father for Father's Day and it was a huge hit. He grew up in Chicago and loves the Italian Beef. It was great. It came when it said it would, was packaged great and tasted great.
Dawn From FL
Better than the Memory!
My daughter had a birthday delivery of Portillo's Italian Beef to her Boston home. She willingly shared it with several friends who now appreciate and understand her excitement. I can't believe that she shared her prize package, nor can I believe that one guy had lived and schooled in Chicago for a year and never had even tried Italian Beef! OMG!
Just as Expected!
Rho From Chico, CA
Happy Father's Day from home
sent Dad some Portillo's beef for Fathers Day in Alabama.Made his month.
chuck From tinley park, IL
It was great, I just needed more giardiniera, I loved the roast beef, and my wife couldn't have picked a better birthday present!
tim From Prescott Valley, AZ
Great gift
I ordered this for my son for Father's Day. He and his family enjoyed it and reminded him of his trip to Chicago a few years back.
italian beef
although the beef wasn't dry and tasteing like cardboard, like the last order, it just isn't like any I.B. sandwichs we had growing up in Chicago. The bread although tasty, becomes mush when gravy is added. We will eventually try your pizza and see if that brings back any memories? Thank you for making our 1st order correct!
Daniel Grace From Bradenton, FL
Just like the real thing
Tastes just like the real thing!I feel like I'm in Chicago! I wish they offered good customer coupons, I ordered 3 beef kits last week and couldn't get a coupon code, when spending $240 at one time it would be nice for some little customer appreciation discount. But, the food is fantastic!
Jen From Windsor, CO
Great choice.
Delivered promptly and in good condition. The guests loved it.
Jim From Denver, CO
Great service!!
Excellent beef.
John From Homer, AK
Italian Beef Review
Bradford From Charleston, SC
Italian Beef Kit
The entire family enjoyed the Italian beef sandwiches! We had the opportunity to eat at Portillo's while vacationing in Chicago.
Kannithia From Lafayette, TN
The food arrived beautifully and it was all so easy to prepare and eat, YUM!
Keli From Alto, NM
Portillo's Italian Beef
Italian Beef
Leann From Orlando, FL
It's not average
It's one of the best beef sandwiches I ever had. I bought friends from Texas there two weeks ago and the first thing they wanted to eat was portillo's Italian beef and hot dogs. I just sent them a beef kit for their anniversary gift.
John From Granbury, TX
Tastes just like home :) I order every month!
Tonia Stevens From Addison, TX
Just like home!
I was raised in Chicago area and I miss all of the food. This italian beef was just like I had when I lived there. This is my second order and I will keep buying it.
Sandy From Elizabeth, CO
Portillo's Italian Beef
Fabulous, fabulous
Can't beat this Italian Beef
We order it regularly, impossible to mess up and impossible to not enjoy.
Jon From IA
Nailed it
Italian Beef Sandwiches
Deb From MN
Portillo's Beef
Delicious as always
Margaret From Laguna Vista, TX
Home for Christmas
Closest thing to being home, in Chicago, for the Christmas holidays... who needs ham when you have Portillo's Beef?
Martha From New Braunfels, TX
Portillos Italian Beef
Awesome Beef arrived right on schedule. It sure was great having a taste of home. I am so glad I found this website and can now order my favorite (quality) foods.
Kathy From UT
Survey for Italian Beef
Best we have ever had, one of our favorites
Tammy From Lilburn, GA
Happy Holidays
Perfect gift to send to my retired parents in Florida. Just a little taste of Chicago for the Holidays. My parents were delighted. It easy to order and it perfectly on time.. I will do it again next year!
Scott From Chicago , IL
Italian Beef
Kristi From Denver, CO
Italian beef
Was very good, always enjoy Chicago beef
Rosemary Prisock From Tuscaloosa
Keeping The Ties to Home
I purchased this gift again this year, for former Chicagoans living in Nevada. They enjoyed it so much, I had to do it again this year.
Michael From WHEATON, IL
Great Chicago beef
Chicago beef meal has become a tradition in our family.
Brigitte From FL
So Good!
You forget how good an authentic Italian beef is, delicious!! We can't wait for leftovers!
Great treat for Christmas Eve!
We had the Portillos Beef kit for Christmas Eve - what a wonderful treat. Great food and limited time spent on cooking. Will definitely do it again!!
Bill From Clarksville, MD
The Italian beef is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. This is the second time we bought it, and both times we loved it!
Tammi From West Bloomfield, MI
Terrific Gift!
I just sent a message to the little blue box on the webiste...
Lexine From ME
The turnout was so Awesome I thank you for filling my stomach. All My God Thank... I was born and raised in Chicago...
Arthur Johnson From Irving, TX
Ultimate New Year present!
Italian beef set
Judy From Tempe, AZ
Sent this Portillo's Beef to a cousin who now lives in a small town in TN and misses Chicago food. She was a happy camper and it was good for several meals for her and her husband.
Jan From Winfield, IL
Italian Beef
Delicious as always
Irene From Navarre, FL
Taste of home
I sent Italien beef for friends that just moved to Oregon from Chicago. We always would have Portillos for football games. They said it was yummy!
Taste of Home
Bought this for my parents who live in Texas for Christmas. The really enjoyed it and the fact it was from Chicago.
Beth From Broken Arrow, OK
Nancy From Dallas, TX
As Tasty as Ever
Not the first time we've had the Italian Beef, which is why we keep ordering it! Wonderful lean beef, great broth and the peppers just add to the whole experience. Rolls hold up well to the broth and get nice and chewy when soaked.
John From Rifle, CO
portillos beef kit
The kit had enough of everything, no skimping on anything. Taste was very good
Ronald Spiess From Ellijay, GA
Sweet Home Chicago
Really enjoyed this Chicago beef. I live near a Navy base and most of the sailors were trained at Great Lakes and the ones I've spoken with really miss Chicago food as a whole and Portillos beef specifically. How about a franchise out here on the left coast. Everything was great, thanks.
Wayne From Oak Harbor, WA
Missing Chicago Food
Vienna Hotdog stand beef I remember as a child.
Mike From Chino Valley, AZ
We had wanted to try these for a couple of months. So ordered them for the super bowl party we had. They were a fan favorite. Everyone asked where we ordered them from. I will order again and again. Makes me want to order the year of goodies from them. Thank you!
Chuck From salt lake city, UT
Nice surprise!
Thought this would be more difficult but pleasantly surprised-easy to make and delicious
The Super Bowl party everyone wants to be at!
My wife and I started ordering this for last year's Super Bowl and it was a huge hit. All our friends had been talking about it all year so we had to do it again. So good and such a crowd pleasure! It is officially our annual tradition for the big game!
Nate From Bay City, MI
portillo's italion beef kit
Those whom I sent it to loved it!!
Harvey From Cadiz, KY
Italian beef
Just like we remember.
Larry From FL
Portillo's Beef
This is the best Italian Beef, in the U.S. Love it and miss it, thank goodness for Tastes of Chicgo
Patricia Nagy From Fairfield Glade, TN
Oh So Tasty!
Italian Beef kit
Karen From Nashville, TN
Loved it! A1 customer service!
The weather delayed delivery but customer service was really understanding and made sure I was taken care of. When I finally got my shipment I was elated that the meal was well worth the weight. I will definitely be back for more.
MI Keesha From Riverdale, GA
Best Valentines gift for my boyfriend who is from Chicago & LOVES Portello Beef Sandwiches!!! Now I Love it too!!! Also love the shipping discount offers!
WENDY From Kapolei, HI
Mama Mia
The taste of Chicago in Des Moines. Thank God for Portillo's Beef & Sweet Peppers.
Robert From Des Moines, IA
Fabulous Italian Beef!
Portillios Italian Beef with all the fixings was my choice for my birthday dinner and it was fabulous!!!
Robert From Lynchburg, TN
We've been fans of Portillo's Italian beef sandwiches for a long time, and looked forward to enjoying them again. However, the quality of the beef in our order was very disappointing. It was fatty, full of gristle, and reminded us of low-quality fast food chain meat. The gravy, bread, and peppers were all good, but the beef was not up to their usual standards.
Taste of home for Nephew away at college
He loves the beef sandwiches, so I sent him some. He and his roommate loved it. Thanks!!
Tony From Downers Grove, IL
gift for Jennifer
Ann Cole From Chicago , IL
My favorite thing
DELICIOUS Italian beef sandwiches.
denise From Lake orion, MI
So happy for this website!!!
I grew up in the burbs of Chicago. Then joined the military when I was 22 and left home. Then married a soldier, we've been all over the U.S. ever since. So when my parents found this site. I got all my favorite foods for my birthday. Now I order it when ever we want!!!
Dana From Cibolo, TX
Italian Beef
It was all great--the beef, the rolls, the juice, the peppers...just like we remembered getting in Chicago on Grand Avenue. My son wondered if we could get some for his wedding!
portillos italian beef kit
very, very good. my family loved these sandwiches
julia From ellicott city, MD
Mmmmmm Good !!
Absolutely, incredibly, hands down perfection. We left Chicago 35 years ago and sorely miss the food. No longer.
Larry From The Villages, FL
Best Beef Ever
We look forward to this treat. It is a great beef sandwich. Well worth the value.
Sarah and jon
Most people send adorable baby gift for a newborn and I chose to send a quick and easy and delicious few meals and they loved every bite.
Ann Cole From Chicago , IL
Best Vinenna beef ever
I live in FL no and always come here for my beef I would only change one thing a 16 oz bottle of gardinara to replace the 6 oz it comes with now
John From FL
Portillos Beef
Portillos Italian beef kit was a taste of home for my daughter and son in law!
Sue From IL
Chicago Italian beef
Gina From grand junction, CO
Chicago Italian Beef
Suzanne From Charlton, MA
I've ordered this many times and it's always a hit with our guests. So good!
So good!!
Excellent beef sandwich! I loved the peppers, beef, bread and hot pickled vegetables. It was so good!I was pleasantly surprised how great it tasted!!! I'm in love with food from Tastes of Chicago. Thanks, great job also shipping .
Kate From CHesapeake, VA
Portillo's Italian Beef Kit
The best Italian beef and kit for 8 generous sandwiches ever .
Richard Williams From Cumming, GA
Great reminder of home
I was watching the travel channel and suddenly became home sick. I realized how much I missed the variety of food that Chicago has. As a native south sider, I thought about how much I missed foods like gyros and Italian beef. Needless to say, I purchased the pizza and beef combo. I was so excited, when it arrived, I went to work immediately. I followed the cooking instructions listed online for the beef and everything came out perfect. I immediately went back to my days of visiting Portillo's in Alsip and Oaklawn. I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone that gets a littl home sick. You will not be disappointed. Now if I can only get Portillo's chopped salad and lemon poppyseed muffin delivered!
Kendra From MS
My favorite from home!
Chicago Italian Beef
Stephen From Lakeland, FL
Chicago Italian Beef is the Best!
Always a nice surprise for those that don't live in Chicago
Bibby From Cary, IL
Chicago Italian Beef
We enjoyed our Italian Beef so much. We try and order it 3-4 times a year. Thanks
Vicki From Tullahoma, TN
So glad they ship!
Have received several of the kits as a care package from my mom and we were very impressed with the quality. Followed the directions exactly - almost like a ritual. We can't get anything like this in Florida - certainly not the beef, but not even the bread or Giardinara.
Cindy From Vero Beach, FL
Italian beef
Reminds me of growing up in Chicago. Delicious!
Myra From san Francisco, CA
O live here in Illinois so I get Porttio's all the time, but my daughter snd family moved to Akron Iowa. The last time I was there in Sept. My son in law kissed me hello and asked if I brought Porttio's. I said no but I ordered it to be delivered. What a treat for them. For all of us !!!!!!!
Donna Weiss From Addison, IL
Italian Beef
Love love this beef. Use to get it when living in IL so I'm glad I can get a taste of back home delivered right to my door & can have it whenever we want!!
Del From AR
Delicious, easy to put together, fast shipping. They were a big hit with everybody!! They don't skimp on anything.
Sandy From KS
My childhood
We had the Italian beef at an friend from Chicago. My wife started crying. The snadwiches reminded her of her childhood in Niagara Falls NY. Even the rools were as she remembered them. Needless to say we are now fans and sending kits to her sisters.
Ann From OR
Portillo's Beef Kit
We bought this & it's absolutely amazing! It includes so much meat! We will definitely order this again!
Rick & Sharon From Lynchburg , VA
Pay up!
Every year I beat my boss beefs for cheesesteaks, and every year I pay up. One of these years the bears are going to have a better season than the Eagles! At least I know my boss is getting delicious beefs!
Gerry From NC
I live in NY where there is no shortage of good food. The Portillo's sandwiches are amazing. You can't get something like this just anywhere. I love that you can mail order food. If in your travels you find something you like, if it's popular enough there's a good chance you can find it online. There pizzas are pretty good too. I ordered two with the sandwiches. I still prefer getting a fresh pie here in NY. If you live somewhere that doesn't have good pizza these are great.
Will From NY
just like when I was a kid..
I've ordered from here several times and sent it to my brother in Colorado. This time I was visiting from Texas and was able to share in the feast. I just closed my eyes and we were back home again at my Ma's house eating off TV trays with her! Thanks guys..I'll be back!
Keith From Harker Heights, TX
Italian Beef
I purchased an Italian Beef kit and it was delicious my family really enjoyed it. I was born and raised in Chicago. I join the MILTARY and have been moving around a lot but there's one thing I miss and will never forget and that's Portillo Italian Beefs I only wish we had one in Columbia Sc, until we do I just have to order another kit. Keep up the good work!!
Jeffery From Columbia , SC
Just like being at home in Chicago
Portillos Italian Beef sandwich "kit" exceeded my expectations. The sandwiches tasted exactly as they do in the restaurant. My only complaint is the sweet peppers sent were not split into 2 packages like everything else. The 2nd pound of beef in my freezer will be topped with my attempt at pepper recreation. I ordered this as a Surprise for my husband for Father's Day, but truth be told, it was really for me.
Alexis From Mount Pleasant, SC
Beef is good, additives were too hot
I like hot spicy foods - I use jalapenos on a lot of different foods. But I ordered this without realizing it was "hot", and when we made it, was a bit disappointed that it was like that. I was thinking more along the lines of Philly Cheesesteak style. But I've never had the original, so this is all I had to go on.
Steve From Suffolk, VA
Family favorite
Born and raised in Chicago and Northwest Burbs, Enjoyed the greatest foods our Cities had to offer, and I and my family can still enjoy all the best tastes. Thank you for Tastes of Chicago
Tonia From CA
Great value.
Item was as described and shipped timely. Well worth the money for the amount of meals received!
chris From Rossville, IL
Best Sandwich Ever!!
We have ordered these sandwiches 3 times now. Two times for ourselves and once as a gift. LOVE them! All four of us agree that this is the best sandwich we have ever eaten. We had half of the sandwiches last weekend during the Bucs game and are saving the other 4 for the SuperBowl as another special treat. Great product. Will order again and again.
Sara From Apollo Beach, FL
Rating for Portillo Beef sandwich.
I have purchased Portillo Beef several times since I moved to Sn Antonio Texas. I really miss Chicago food. I have not found a beef sandwich as good as Portillo in Texas Period. Keep up the good work and I will continue to buy Portillos Beef sandwiches!!!
Ticina From Converse, TX
Birthday sandwiches
We send portillos and Lou's out to our daughters family for birthdays. One day my six year old granddaughter asked her mom for birthday sandwiches. My daughter was puzzled about what she wanted. Finally she figured out she wanted portillos beef. They have become a request to get a taste of Chicago.
Linda From IL
Birthday sandwiches
We send portillos and Lou's out to our daughters family for birthdays. One day my six year old granddaughter asked her mom for birthday sandwiches. My daughter was puzzled about what she wanted. Finally she figured out she wanted portillos beef. They have become a request to get a taste of Chicago.
Linda From IL
Like being in Chicago!
Product arrived on time and I confess, it was so delicious, I ate four of the 8 sandwiches (froze the ingredients for the other 4) within 36 hours! Was like being at Portillo's, the taste was superb. I just defrosted the other half of the order (only a week later) and I am sure the next four will be gone in two days. All items, even the bread exceptional. Highly recommend.
Philip Sheldon From Laguna Niguel, California, CA
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