Portillo's Italian Beef Kit & 2 Lou's Pizzas
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Portillo's Italian Beef Kit & 2 Lou's Pizzas

This unbeatable combo of Portillo's Italian beef sandwiches and Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas is a true taste of the best food Chicago has to offer!

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Package Contents:

This Portillo's Italian Beef & Pizza Combo is packed with:

  • 2 9" Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas
  • 2 lbs. of Portillo's Famous Italian Beef
  • 2 qts of Portillo's signature gravy
  • 8 bake and serve Italian rolls
  • 8 oz. of Sweet Peppers
  • 8 oz. of Hot Giardiniera
Stove top heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in large sauce pan.
  2. Heat until it reaches 180°.DO NOT BOIL. This takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Open beef pack and separate slices. This creates a more flavorful and tender sandwich.
  4. Add enough slices for 2-3 sandwiches at a time and heat for about 1 minute. Add beef in small increments as needed.
  5. Take temperature of gravy while heating beef. The temperature should stay between 165° and 180° for best results.
French Bread:
  • Place rolls on cookie pan 2" apart and bake at 450° for 5 minutes.
Microwave heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in microwave safe bowl and heat for 5 minutes. This includes any solids or spices.
  2. Stir contents and then heat for another 4 minutes while separating the beef slices. The temperature should be 180°. DO NOT BOIL.
  3. Take bowl out of microwave and add enough beef for 2-3 sandwiches and stir in for about a minute. Take temperature as you add beef.
  4. If the temperature falls below 165° remove beef, return to microwave and reheat for 2 minutes.
  5. Food Safety Caution: The beef and gravy in this package must be at 40° or colder upon receiving it.

Real reviews from customers just like you!

Best Beef
We lived in Chicagoland over 60 years and since moving to Minnesota way up North, we order food we miss and you never fail us. Thanks
dolores delaney
Love it
2lb beef and 2 pizzas
Carol From Loves park, IL
We are from Chicago and now Live in Florida and we look forward to our Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Delivery each time we order
Bruce From Orange , FL
Great gift
I gave this as a gift for a friend and her family who use to live in the Chicago area. They were beyond blessed and loved every last bite of it.
Tim From IL
Comfort Food
Friends going through a difficult loss said "Very thoughtful and delicious" "cure package" "awesome care package very much enjoyed" "delicious Chicago food" "true meaning of comfort food" "food is our language of love and we feel very loved"
mike From alpine, CA
Tastes of Chicago Beef
Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwiches
Food from home
I send this to my sons who live in Texas and California. Have never had a problem with quality or delivery. Always a welcome treat of comfort food from "sweet home Chicago!"
Karen From Chicago
Happy,Happy People
Once again the food was excellent. It was shipped to friends who were missing Chicago.
Chicago food for out of state college son
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
Helen From Niles, IL
Missed Chicago Food
We ordered beef and pizza and it was like we never left Chicago!!
KAthy From Dixon, CA
Portillo's Beef
Everything but the bread was great. I think you should provide sections of true French bread.
Leslie From Alexandria, VA
Just like home
Delicious. Easy to follow instructions too.
Everything was delicious and a snap to prepare thanks to the easy to follow directions
Maryann From Chicago, IL
Super fast delivery
I placed two separate orders to Florida and both were received within 24 hours. I received confirmation of deliveries via email. Awesome!
Great Food
The couple who rec'd the products were very pleased and enjoyed every morsel. I was also pleased with a perfect delivery. Thank you.
a janczak
Ordered many times. Always perfect. Thank you.
Great opportunity
Sent this to two bachelor sons in Phoenix who really appreciated and loved the beef and pizzas!!!! Great tasting...quick delivery and safely arrived
A wonderful reminder of the great food I grew up on. The pizzas were sooo good and the Italian beef kit was everything I was hoping it would be. Thanks for shipping the best food ever!
Better than at the restaurant
I sent a Pizza and Beef combo to my friend on Florida. Portillos and Lou Malnattis were her favorites when she lived in the Chicago area. She said they were even better than she remembered at the restaurants!
Best way to send a Taste of Chicago
This was not my first time sending out Tastes of Chicago to people who have moved away. I have also turned people on to the Great Tastes of Chicago who have never experienced real pizza and italian beef. What a great service you offer!
We grew up in Chicago and have lived in FL for over 30 years. We love the beefs and pizzas from Taste of Chicago!!!
Giving our kids a taste
We have been gone for 25 years. Our adult kids know there are few reasons to consider going back, now they understand what it takes.
Lou's for Parents
My parents were surprised and loved it. They lived in Chicago and now have moved to Arizona. The original pizza house in Lincolnshire was there Sunday night place. YES
Carol Brozek
Totally 100% satisfied! The food was fresh and tasty and worth every penny. I will be ordering again!
love this food !!!
This pizza is awesome , we recieved as a gift and we have ben purchasing them every since . the portillo's beef kit is wounderful too !!!!
belinda From apalachicola, FL
taste of chicago
2 pizzas and Italian beef sandwich kit/ shipment was held up by weather, can't help that. was out of ice and starting to de-thaw. still good even after sitting in a warehouse.
Tom From oklahoma city, OK
Tastes just like it does in Chicago! The pizza is perfect and the Italian beef is actually better than it was when we had it in the Windy City. My family will never eat anything other than Lou's pizza.
Dana From Tucson, AZ
Great food!
Great food, easy ordering, delivered on time
Pam From Naperville, IL
Chicago's Best
One of the few reasons we hated leaving Chicago was Lou Malnatti's and Portillo's. These products are awesome.
Dennis From Pawleys Island, SC
Portillos Beef Kit 2 Sausage
Everything was perfect and delivered on time. Thank You
Curtis & Julie Dillman From Indianapolis, IL
Pizza & Beef Sandwiches
What can be better than that! I used to live right across the street from a Portillo's (Tinley Park, IL) & was there at least once a week. As far as Lou Malnati's Pizza...it's ok, BUT IT'S CHICAGO PIZZA - we can't get good pizza here in NC! I would really rather see Fox's Pizza (Orland Park, Oak Lawn, Mokena) on here instead. But I'll take ANY Chicago pizza right now!
Kimberly From Cullowhee, NC
Happy for arrival.
I happened to order this for delivery during some of the worst winter weather Chicago has ever had. It was delayed, but I was kept informed by email. The $20 delivery fee was also waived, which was very much appreciated. It did finally make it to Phoenix and was enjoyed yesterday by all!
Joan From IL
beef gone bad and sausage gone bad
I was home when the order arrived on Dec. 31. I quickly put the pizza in the freezer and one of the 1 pound bags or beef in the fridge. That evening we enjoyed the other portion of beef. On Jan.3 we opened the other bag of beef and the meat tasted bad. We decided not to eat it and threw it away. Jan.4 we cooked one of the sausage pizzas and it was delicious. On Jan.10 we cooked the 2nd pizza and again the meat tasted bad. We threw the pizza away. My wife and I were very disapointed since we were looking forward to the treat. We are both from Chicago and love the food. This was a very expensive experience and we might not place an order again. Thank you for your time.
Norbert From Duluth, GA
Portillos & Pizza
Portillo's and two sausage pizzas.
Cindy From GA
everything was on time sandwiches were great pizza was kind of stale
Same great food, speedy delivery
food we miss, craving satisfied
Cheryl From IA
Through the storm
Lou's/Portillos combo
Hayden From Fairfax, VA
Through the storm
Lou's/Portillo's combo
Kerry From Fairfax, VA
Beef Great, Pizza, not so much
We have ordered many,many times before and as usual the beef was great, but this time, the pizza's were not up to the quality standards we have come to expect. The flavor of the sausage was not good, we did not get sick, but it did not taste like the Lou's sausage that we love.
Ellen From Media, PA
Still the Best
Nothing in Arizona comes close to the taste of a real Italian Beef sandwich from Chicago
Mary Rago
Great package for college kids
Sent this package to my daughter in college who misses the food she can get anytime in Chicago her and her friends love it and a major upgrade from college food
Brian From Chicago, IL
Beef kit
Great as always
William From AZ
None in California
We have only finished 1/2 of the order and the italian beef was excellent as I cook it slowly in a crock pot to let all the juices soak throughout the slices of meat. The outer crust was a bit dry and hard but it could have been overcooked by us as our oven usually takes longer than it says.
Jeff From Gilroy, CA
Best pizza & beef ever
Best pizza/Portilloscombination EVER. Love this food& how frozen it comes as well no matter how hot it is outside!!
Del From AR
Taste off Chicago food rocks!
Missing that food and know it comes to your door step...yumm!
Fernando From Myrtle beach, SC
My son has already had one of the pizzas and one of the beef sandwiches - and said they were wonderful. And the Pixies are already gone. So no complaints at all - great food, delivered on time and in excellent condition.
Sherri From Naperville, IL
We enjoyed the pizza's and Italian Beefs. Everything was very easy to prepare.
Portillo's Beef & Malnati's Pizza
We have not been able to find a decent beef sandwich or pizza since we moved to TX last year. This made the PERFECT birthday present for my husband that we could enjoy anytime at all. Thanks for memories of Chicago.
Diane From Cooper, TX
Delicious as always. However two packages of the peppers would be better. There are never enough for the second batch, which we don't use at the same time. Two packages of peppers would make it fantastic.
Cindy From GA
Revised Order to Hawaii
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
Carole From Morton Grove, IL
Italian Beef Sandwiches
Dorothy Montbriand From Sturgis, MI
Fast delivery awesome product!
Pizza was delicious , going to have the Italian Beef soon but know it will be just as delicious. We will order pizza more often for the true Chicago taste!
Jennifer From Conover , NC
The Taste of Home
Beef and Pizza reminded us why we always be Chicagoans. It was delivered on time and as usual tasted great.
Bob From Blythewood, SC
My only Chicago food option.
It's impossible to get Chicago deep dish or Italian beef in our area. It's a real treat to be able to have it shipped and keep the taste and quality. When our package arrives we plan our meals around our order. Our Taste of Chicago food is always reserved for Football nights.
Alice From CA
Such a wonderful way to start a weekend!! After moving to Virgina we especially miss Portillos Italian Beef and
Portillos Beef and Lou's Pizza
Lynne From Elkton, VA
Portillo's Beef
Scrumptious !!
Walter Nowak From Frisco, TX
beef and pizza pack
2 pizza one beef pack
joanne From Medford, OR
malnati's pizza combo
as always, fabulous. could use a few more pepper slices
joy From delray beach, FL
great gift
Pizza and beef sandwich kit was very appreciated and recipient said it was delicious. I have sent this gift before and it always gets excellent comments.
Karen From Woodbury, MN
A favorite of mine
I've ordered the beef / pizza combo several times. Always great. Brings my hometown to me in Vermont
Maria From Williston, VT
Pizza Beef Combo
Great package, great quality and taste. The pizzas seem to be getting a bit smaller however...
Karen From Mesa, AZ
Italian Beef is Just a Little Piece of Home for the Holidays
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo was absolutely delicious and a little reminder of what makes Chicago one of the best places to tempt one's appetite. We will be ordering again soon!
Lyndee From Boca Raton, FL
Best gift I could give family that has everything
Fast delivery, great food,
Gerald From Chicago, IL
Beef and Pizza to Denver!
Just about perfect. Slightly slow on delivery but everything arrived in perfect condition. My brother in Denver cannot get a good beef or good pizza there, so he welcomes my annual Christmas shipment. I've done this (or a variation on it) with you folks for years and it's always a welcomed gift. Good value from my end, too.
Todd From Evanston, IL
Everything was fantastic! But it's still better straight out of one of your ovens to my mouth!
Tony From Morehead , KY
Replying to Taste of Chicago Survey
Two pound beef package plus two sausage pizza's
Joe Perkins From Estero, FL
Just like old times
I live in Florida and was missing Chicago food. I got the Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo and let's just say, if I had a tail, it would be wagging!
Eric From Tampa, FL
Beef and pizza Great
Italian Beef and Lou's pizza
Melodie From Phoenix, AZ
5 Star as usual
Derek From FL
Home sweet home
Moved out of state two yrs ago and longed for a good Portillios beef and Lou Malnatis pizza. Got on line and found taste of Chicago. Received order as stated and everything was still frozen, which was my concern. Couldn't wait to have a beef and boy was it good, almost brought tears to my eyes. Pizza was just as good for dinner the next day. Will definitely be ordering again. Might get some Garret's popcorn too.
Kathy From Erwin, TN
Love Italian Beef
Since leaving Chicago some 30 years ago its great to still get Italian Beef and Lou's pizzas.
Judy From OR
Great food delivered
The Portillo's package is nicely packaged in two separate containers. The only complaint is there is only one bag of sweet peppers. Everything else comes in doubles. Please send two packages of hours. The Gardeneria is in a jar and can be saved easily in the refrigerator. Pizzas are outstanding.
Cindy From Atlanta , GA
A taste of home
Beef and pizza
Scott From IL
portillos beef &ou malnatis pizza combo
sandra From gig harbor, WA
Portillo's Italian Beefs and Lou Malnati's Pizzas
Portillo's Italian Beefs and 2 Deep Dish pan pizza's, 1 sausage 1 cheese. Fantastic. Always gets a great YIPPIE from Naples Florida.
Juanita From Chicago, IL
As Good as it gets!!!!
Every purchase, as good as the one before, we order all the time, fantastic!!!!
Kerry From Heber city , UT
Fantastic Beef and Pizza!
We missed both of these places in Florida, but now we have a taste of home right here in geezerville!
Gigilarue From Sunny Florida
Tastes just like having the real thing at the restaurant
Melissa From San Diego
Loved it!!!
I bought this as a surprise for my husband's birthday. He grew up in Naperville, IL and still misses the food from Chicago. His parents were also in town this weekend and everyone loved the food! Thanks again!!
Kristen From Knoxville, TN
Pizza and Beefs
Talk about authentic Chicago Deep dish Pizza and Beefs! It was as good as eating in person at the restaurants. Will be purchasing more for gifts and myself in the future. The cookies were wonderful!
Amy Cantu From SPRING, TX
Absolutely the Best!
Portillo's Beef Kit and 2 Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
Mary From Thousand Oaks, CA
I Send Portillo's every year at Christmas time to East coast to have when I visit. We all think it's so special. This year added 2 Lou's! Made it even more special!
Barbara From WI
MARY DECASTELL From Boynton Beach, FL
I have yet to try the ship to you service but since I grew up with these amazing eatery's I need to do it! The food is amazing now I hope the service is worth the price tag!
ian From Fort Dodge, IA
Satisfied customer
I've always been happy with your products and delivery. Thanks for keeping 'chi-town' flavors in my far away kitchen.
Tasty yumminess for Chicago ex-pats
My son recently graduated college and moved away from Chicago. Although he loves where he now lives, he misses all his Chicago favorites he grew up with, and was THRILLED with the pizza and Italian beef I sent him. A little taste of home for him; thanks for helping me make him happy!
Barbara From Glenview, IL
My wife I miss Chicago and it's iconic foods. We still can't believe that food came in a box. It's like we sat down and ordered it in a restaurant. Blew out expectations away.
Scott From Traverse city, MI
Delivery was as promised and I was informed all along with tracking info.
Alon Jeffrey From Grays Lake, IL
Love Chicago pizza and Italian beef? So do we!
Two thumbs up! Package arrived in south Florida on time and still frozen. The pizzas and Italian beef were so good! You can close your eyes and imagine you are back in Chicago! Will definitely order again...perfect anniversary dinner!
Beverly From Davie, FL
Nothing Better
This combo is so amazing that my husband and I think about it all day. Can't wait to dig in at supper!
MaryLou From Santa Fe, NM
Absolutely, THE best
Italian beef and pepperoni pizza combo
MaryLou From Santa Fe, NM
Fantastic Beefs!
Italian Beef Kit; love the peppers, rolls and giardinera included. Yum!
Michelle From Fairfield, OH
Birthday Bash in Minnesota
Taste of Chicago - it was outstanding i was impressed at how quickly it was delivered. Great hit for the party. Everything tasted great and was high quality.
Karen From west chicago, IL
Awesome Awesome Awesome...as always
Pizza and Beef Kit arrived as promised and as always, tasted like heaven!!!
Lisa From UT
Excellent Service and Pizza
Simply wonderful! The pizza and delivery was outstanding!
Ray From WA
Gift for my dad that lives on the east coast and I send it to him for all occasions . It's the best pizza and beef that he has ever had. It's the greatest gift that he enjoys and always looks forward to it. Chicago finest is the best!! Thank you for shipping included and in a timely fashion. You never let me down . Thank you!!
Joanne Rivera From From Chicago and ship To Rhode Island, IL
Hits the spot!
This order has become our Father's Day ritual and sustains us in between trips back to Chicago. The Pizzas taste great and the instructions for the beef sandwiches are easy and make them come out perfectly. A little Chicago haven in Texas.
Lori From Austin, TX
My dad loved it
My dad was missing Chicago so I got him this for his birthday. He absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to order more. My brother-in-law had never had an Italian beef and made sure to get the website so he could order more!
Kelli From Columbia, SC
Best Beef Sandwich Ever
Ordering this is always a special treat. Always invite friends to share this wonderful sandwich. Since moving away from the Chicago area this is the only way to enjoy beef and pizza.
Royleen From Hot Springs Village, AR
We love Portillo's Beef and Lou Malnati's Pizza. They remind us of living in Chicago. Can't get these great tastes where we are now. Quick delivery. Easy to heat and serve. Includes everything you need (beef, bread, peppers, giardinara). And most importantly...heavenly to eat.
Jen From ME
Tasty Memories!
After 30 yrs of traveling to Chicago to visit family, we always crave "Tastes of Chicago" during the holidays! Tasty!
Molly From DALTON, GA
Floridian Review
My wife and I lived in the Chicago area for several years and grew accustom to the best beef sandwiches and pizza available anywhere. After moving to The Villages, Florida we found out those same treats are available via speedy delivery. What a wonderful treat for us and our friends that were unaccustom to Taste of Chicago delicacies. Love them!
Dennis & Roxie Popper From The Villages, FL
The pizza, of course, was amazing... But we were skeptical as to how frozen Italian beef sandwiches would be... But wow - amazing too! DI recruits are confusing and your are not sure if u are supposed to defrost everything first, but other than that it is well worth it and the flavor is fantastic!
E from Pitt From PA
Italian Beef
Portillio's Beef kit was awesome!!!! The real deal. Love the pizza too and I am gonna be a customer for life
Paul From San Diego, CA
I ordered this for an office party to honor some of our Chicago transplants. They loved it. It's great that everything you need for the meal is included.
Hannah From Ocala, FL
The Best!
The Italian beef and deep dish pizza brought me back 30 years to when we'd watch Star Trek every Friday night as a family with this delicious food!
Portillos Beef and Lou's Pizzas
Want you to know this is not my first order, I absolutely can not tel you how perfect your products and delivery are! Arrives and cooks up same as sitting in your restaurants! Thank you, please send me a coupon and I will keep referring and ordering myself.!!!!!!!
Marilee Spann
The Best Food in Chicago
I purchased the beef & pizza combo so a friend of mine from New Zealand could taste what REAL pizza tastes like.. They were very impressed by both the pizza and the Italian Beef.. This is our Xmas eve dinner every year here in Houston.. A taste of HOME!
Mary Bradely
Taste of home
Purchased the combo pack for my parents for Christmas they are from Chicago and now live in southern Indiana where they don't have Italian beef and don't have a clue what good pizza is. They loved it! Delicious like being back home!
Mark From Seymour, IN
Wish it was a better experience
I ordered Beef and Pizza's for my family in Reno for the holidays and although delivered on time, the UPS driver dropped off the box at the office of my father's apartment building and nobody let him know that the box was there. The box sat for an extra day, everything thawed out and they were unable to eat any of it. I'm not sure how but I wish there was a slightly better system to ensure this doesn't happen. I order frequently for my family but may have to reconsider as I don't want this type of thing to happen again.
Jeffrey From Lake In The Hills, IL
great delivery time
Good way yo deliver chicago goods out of state
mar From IL
Never a Disappointment
As always, a great product. My gift recipient loved the two Lou's pizzas and the Italian beef and all the fixin's. It has become a Christmas Eve tradition since they live in Florida now and miss all the great tastes of Chicago. Always arrives in perfect condition and on time.
Alice From Naperville, IL
portillos/pizza combo
Fantastic, a taste of home!
Mark From Lisbon, CT
Birthday Feast Supreme
I bought the beef/pizza combo feast for my birthday and enjoyed every morsel with my family. Excellent!
Steven From Suwanee, HI
Lost a bet on the Bears. They won great food!
As a Bear fan, I have a standing wager with a friend of mine from Georgia who happens to be a Packer fan. As you may know, they won so he won. Ugh...Switched up the prize and let him know how good we have it in Chicago...Chicago Deep Dish and a Chicago beef sandwich. Always a winning combination!
Niki From Fox Lake, IL
deb From IA
Have used your service several times and it has always been on time, fast and delicious
Betty From IL
Taste of Home for sister in California
Sent this for my sisters birthday and thought she'd like a taste of home.
My sister absolutely loved the pizza and beef. She had a taste for some good Chicago Style Pizza the day it arrived and was absolutely thrilled with it.
CARRIE From Chicago, IL
Great Surprise!!
Portillo Beef and Lou's pizza combo... We sent this as a thank-you gift to a family in Philly. We wanted to give them a little taste of famous Chicago food. They were thrilled!
Patty From Chicago, IL
the best in the world
albert From topanga, CA
Portillos Lou combo
2 sm pizzas and 2 lbs beef
Virginia Kirk From Downers grove, IL
Everything arrived very fast and was packaged well. Directions for preparation were very easy to follow.
maryann From Chicago, IL
foods delivered
sent beef and pizza to cousins in Oklahoma, for the bears opener.got there as promised ..yummo !!
Boller From Mokena, IL
Recent purchase
beef and pizza combo
beef and pizza combo
Sent as a gift, they loved it!
like being back home
Last time we visited Chicago our first stop from Ohare was Lou's. I miss all the wonderful food.
Steve From AL
Just the very best from Chicago!
Malnati Pizza, Portillo Beef, Just the very best from Chicago!
J Michael From Land O Lakes, WI
My 30 yr old son's first year away from "sweet Home, Chicago" for Christmas! Couldn't afford to go to him, nor could he afford to come back home so thanks to Tastes of Chicago - I was able to send Chicago to him! He was thrilled and I was as well. Arrived in perfect condition on the day that was promised! Will use again and again!
Sharon From Round Lake, IL
-Chi-Town Eats!
Delivery was prompt. Food was delicious, (as usual). No ccomplaints. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Mike From Titusville, FL
Great Pizza
We had a cheese and a sausage deep dish pizzas. They tasted great, not anything like grocery store pizza. Will order again.
would die without tastes of Chicago
I live in indiana I was born and raised in Chicago, having this delivered to me is such a treat!!!! It's always cold and always delicious!
tiffany From Noblesville, IN
Great Fathers Day gift
A gift that was enjoyed by entire family
Traci From Huntersville
Taste of Chicago
Lou's and Portillo's are the BEST!
Cheryl From CA
Taste of back home
I bought Portillo' s Italian Beef and Lou Malnati' s for my boyfriend for his birthday.. We both grew up outside of Chicago and moved away...it was so good to have the familiar foods of home again.
Shelley From Everett, PA
Pizza and beef sand
Delicious and on time
Fan favorite's
Brought us back to dining at Lou's!! The pizza's were excellent ! Portillo's Italian Beef was just as great as we remember it ! Thank you !
Donna From NC
Portillos has the best Italian beef. Some of my family live in Illinois, and every time I come to visit I eat nothing but Portillos..lol. I am so happy that Tastes of Chicago has delivery. I loved the Pizzas as well, the only thing I don't like about the pizzas is there is too much cheese and I cannot order the pizzas with light cheese. Thanks!!
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
Best Beef Sandwiches and Best Pizzas sent to Florida to my daughter to give her the best of Chicago.
Irene From Schererville, IN
Well Received!
My daughter was visiting her cousins in Seattle so as a thank you I sent the Beef and Pizza combo to her aunt and uncle to arrive while she was there. They were most grateful and are now properly hooked on Portillo's beef sandwiches (I had already introduced them to Malnati's pizza!). It makes a great gift and offers a little bit for everyone. Can not recommend enough.
Diane From Oak Park, IL
Pizza and Portillos
Elizabeth From Neptune Beach, FL
Portillos Beef & Lou Malnati's pizza combo
John From Island Park, NY
Beef and pizza
beef and pizza
James From Oxford, NC
Best Gift Ever!
To give family and friends a Taste of Home, and they can't wait to get at it!
Rudy From Des Plaines, IL
Great as always!!
was all we expected, and have enjoyed in the past !!
Patricia From Damascus, OR
Portillos Beef Kit-Yum!
The Portillos Beef kit is awesome! The meat is incredibly good and the rolls.... Where do these heavenly rolls come from! Highly recommend this item- we will definitely order again and again and again
Lou's Pizza
We have been ordering Lou's pizza for well over a decade. This is the first time we have been disappointed with the quality. There seemed to be less cheese and crust was thinner than past orders.
Sooooo good
Everything was so delicious its hard to believe it was not fresh from the restaurant. The peppers are just about the best thing on the planet & the thin sliced beef is to die for. Im from Philadelphia and have got to say this is a superior beef sandwich!! And Im typically not a deep dish pizza fan - i like my crust thin and crispy - but the amazing tomatoe-y sauce makes up for it...and the instructions on handling the pan make the pizza perfection!!
Kelley's Review
The order arrived promptly and was well received!
Valentines Pizza and Beef
We have had Lou Malnati's sent to the four corners of U. S. ( Hawaii incl) over the last 8 years, and finally realised that we have accidentally started new family tradition. God Bless you Malnati's!!!
Mel and Maureen LEE From Dover, PA
Family Impressed
Great selection.
Tammara From IL
pizza and italian beefs rock
boy did I miss my italian beefs and deep dish pizza. thanks for making it easy to receive
Beef and Pizza Combo
I was born and raised in Hoffman Estates, Il. I left there almost 40 years back. This italion beef and pizza combo brought back so many memories of old friends and the wonderful food that came from our area. you all need to do some beef/sausage combo's that were prevalent back then. The food and the delivery service was excellent !!! Frank Peters
Frank From Ellaville, GA
Best Beef in Chicago!
Portillo's Beef is simply the best Italian Beef in the city! The beef literally melts in your mouth, bursting with flavor! All time fav!!!
kim From fort myers, FL
Neither my husband nor I have ever been to Chicago, being able to order food and have it delivered to door from such amazing restaurants in Chicago was simply awesome, we got to taste foods we would have never had to opportunity to try before, Thank you Lou Malnati's! for giving us this opportunity, the Italian beef and pizza were both out of this world delicious. we can get nothing like this anywhere near where we live. we will be ordering again soon, we are looking forward to trying everything we can from Tastes of Chicago!!!
Chris From Crescent Valley , NV
Great Food!
This is the second time my family has bought this as our Christmas Eve dinner. My wife's family is from Chicago so it's nice to bring a bit of that in for the holidays. The beefs are fantastic as are the pizzas. We definitely recommend!
Gabriel From San Antonio, TX
Christmas present
overall pleased, but purchase did not arrive when it was supposed to. it was supposed to arrive on 24th but did not get there till 26th. first time ordering. that is really my only complaint. jus wish it would have got there for Christmas cause that's what I paid for.
Wowed recipient of this gift pack
I sent this gift pack to my daughter in Washington. She loved the taste of back home in Chicago. Excellent gift to give to transplanted Chicagoans.
Rick From Richmond, IL
Tasty and fast
These are my 2 favorite Chicago foods. Delivered fast. Tastes great.
Yummy Chicago food in San Diego
Lots of food for a great price!
Mandy From Aurora , IL
Gift Package
Everything was perfect. The package arrived on time as advertised. This is a great gift idea for folks from Chicago now leaving in other parts of the country
We have been buying the pizzas for over a year and they've been great so we wanted try a different product. We got the pizza and Italian beef sandwich combo and were thrilled with the Portillo's sandwiches. I had a problem stopping with eating just one, so after 2, I figured it was time to take a break. Next we'll try the Carson's ribs and I'm sure they'll be just as good as when I ordered them at Carson's restaurant in Chicago! Thanks!!!
Al From FL
no sausage on the pizza
I give the beef 5 stars and the pizza zero. There was no meat on the pizza- literally no meat. The pizza was marked "sausage" but had nothing on it other than cheese and tomatoes. Must have been a misprint. I moved from Chicago to Portland, OR last year. This was the first time I've had my beloved Chicago food. Kind of a bummer
David From Portland, OR
The beef was absolutely amazing! I will definitely order again!
Amy From Willoughby, OH
My parents were born and raised in Chicago and portillos is always a go to every time we vist there. I ordered this to surprise my family for a birthday dinner out here in Seattle and it was flawless, I used a crock pot to heat the gravy and made sure to pull every piece of beef apart and put it all in the crock pot for a few minutes and it turned out perfect! The most difficult part was looking in the freezer everyday and knowing we had to wait for the birthday dinner before we could eat it! Will most likely do this a few times a year.
Dan From Seattle, WA
We were so please with our order of Beef sandwiches and two pizzas. Everything was delivered incredibly quickly (very surprised and happy about that!) and all the products were clearly labeled so you know what was what. We will definitely order again in the future.
Erin From Seattle, WA
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
Just excellent. Ships well, tastes great.
Julie From Vienna, VA
A taste of home
I was raised in the Chicago area and now live in Denver. The beef was exactly as I remember. The kit provided everything you need for a great beef sandwich.
Sandy From Denver, CO
Good thus far, haven't eaten all
I have had a pepperoni and one sausage pizza from Lou Malnatis, haven't tried the Portillos italian beef package. I was nervous that the pepperoni and or sausage would taste old and nasty, as a lot of frozen foods at grocery stores taste, but nope: it tasted really really good! I live in Springfield, MO and it is sad that a pizza shipped frozen from Chicago is the best tasting pizza in the area. Thank you guys!
christophert From Springfield, MO
I miss Chicago! Very nice to be able to get GREAT food sent to our home here in Sandpoint, Idaho
Lynne From Sandpoint, ID
Awesome Pizzas and Portillo's Beef
We have ordered the pizzas a number of times, but decided to try the beef sandwiches. As expected, they were awesome, the directions were especially clear on how to prepare them and the ingredients were delicious. My husband truly enjoyed his birthday this year! Thank you!
Char From Georgetown, TX
Good Deal
Great Pizza and especially the Italian Beef, can't beat it.
Greg From Houston, TX
Offer additional incentive discounts for additional orders
Two separate orders over $210.00 total
Carol From MI
Steak sandwhich and pizzas, awesome fathers day gift choice.
Jennifer From Pembroke Pines, FL
Awesome as Always!
Order several times a year & it gets better every time! Order is always perfect & delivered still frozen on the date expected!
Out of State Delivery
Sent a care package of Lou Malnatis Pizza and Portillos beef sandwich to friends who moved to Arkansas. They missed both so much and really enjoyed the pizza and beef!!! Reminded them what they miss and left behind. There are no good pizza joints or places to get a really good beef sandwich
David From Aurora, IL
We now live in Maine and this is our connection back to Chicago, nothing out here that we have found to compare.
Wonderful taste, smell and reminds us of Chicago. We do this numerous times a year.
Dave From ME
Always good quality.
I am always pleased with the orders I receive. Every bit brings me back to sweet home Chicago. Only part that kept me from 5 stars on this review is there was some glitch in the ordering system that didn't show, email me about, or charge my original order until days later...after I had made a second identical order thinking the first didn't go through. Eventually got charged for, and received both. Love the food, just didn't have room for it all in the freezer. There's a lot to those beef sandwich kits! Hopefully this was just a random hiccup in the system. Packaging was perfect. Items made it to south Texas still frozen, despite 100+ degree heat.
Charles From Laredo, TX
Will still be a loyal customer
Pizza arrived a day sooner than promised, was not at home until late, pizza had thawed, we refroze them hope they will be fine. Have ordered several in past without any problems, never disappointed in the quality and taste in the past.
William From Cerro Gordo, IL
Arrived on time. Packed well. Pizzas a little small, but lots of beef. Everything delicious. And a nice treat for my away-from-Chicago son.
Lou Malnati's Pizza
Good value , arrived on time as promised
Jim From Twin Falls, ID
The beef sandwiches were wonderful, as was the pizzas. Brought back memories of being in Chicago. My husband and I went to Portillo's every Saturday !!
Constance From Gamaliel, AR
Pizza Delivery, Please!
I ordered the Chicago Pack for delivery for a friend in S Dakota, she had never eaten Lou's pizza or Portillos, she is in 7th heaven. Food was frozen and fresh when delivered
E From Cary, IL
Perfect Chicago
We are from Chicago but live in California and the thing we miss most is the food. I wasn't sure it would be the same as being there but the quality was amazing. My son will no longer eat any other pizza and everyone raved about the beefs. My family has requested that we order at least once a month. Now we can have a piece of home without the weather!
Alexandra From CA
Gunning Thanksgiving
All items arrived on time. Since it was a gift, cannot say about taste. I have had the pizza before and was good. Friend said he really enjoyed the beef sandwich.
john From natchez, MS
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
wonderful that my son can still have the food he loved in Chicago
Clara From Bensenville, IL
A real hit!
My brother is serving in the military in the vast food wasteland of Fallon, Nevada. Missing Chicago....wallowing in the awful Bears' season....I decided to send him a taste of home. He and his also-from-Chicago roommate were ecstatic to receive fresh-packed, dry-iced, ready-to-cook, Lou Malnati's pizza and Portillo's beef. The quality, he confirmed, was just as good as going to the restaurants here in Chicago.
Sue From Chicago, IL
Sending Chicago to Memphis
My sister lives in Memphis and whenever she comes home our first stops are Portillos and Lou's. Wanted to send her a "taste" of home and she loved it!
Dawn From Elgin, IL
Love Portillos
Portillos is always a classic in our house. I ordered this kit for Christmas Eve. My mom grew up in Chicago so Portillos is her favorite.
Kim From Orange County, CA
Christmas Gift
I ordered the Portillo beef and 2 pizza kit for our family members in Texas. Arrived quickly and They were so excited. They stated the beefs were amazing, however the pizza was only ok. I'll definitely use taste of chicago again, but order different items.
Eve From IN
Holiday Gift
Family raved about the beef, have not eaten pizza but looking forward to it.
Chicago in Houston!
Pizza and beef combo
Diana From Houston, TX
Xmas and Birthday feast
The italian beef was amazing and generous in portion for the money. The little pizza were also great tasting, but too small for the cost. Would do the beef again in a heartbeat - as good as they are, i would skip the pizza to go!
Debbie From WI
Pure deliciousness!
It is always a treat to have the Taste of Chicago delivered to our front door! It is what we miss most about not living there.
Tammy From Bozeman, MT
Super bowl food
Italian beef sandwiches were awesome the pizzas were good but much smaller than I remembered
Rich From Kent, WA
Super bowl party
Portillos Italian beef and Lou's pizza gave us more food than we could eat. We live in Philly and know how to eat out here. I looked like a boss showing up with the cooler of food. Great taste, great value, and easy party planning. Will definitely do it again.
Love your food, Love your service
Best beef sandwich ever!!!!! Killer Cookies!!!!!
Terri From Mount Vernon, TX
Taste of Chicago in Ohio!
Food arrived frozen and when it thawed it was great! Will definitely order again...
Cynthia From Miamisburg , OH
Happy, happy daughter!
Package arrived the day our flight landed in Miami so we got to have a Chicago dinner with our daughter and son in law as planned. A great gift we all could share.
Mom From Chicago, IL
Great as always!
Food was delivered as expected and was delicious as always.
Todd From Parker, CO
Delivery as scheduled, good value, delicious!
Back to Chicago food
We miss Chicago food and this order gave us a warm fuzzy feeling of back home. It was soooo good! Just as we remembered.
Alyce From Bradenton, FL
Great food!
Great service!
Royce vick From Austin, TX
Great Chicago Tastes
Love the tastes, packaging could be better.
Captain John From Treasure Island, FL
Chicago To Arizona
Enjoyed the beef sandwiches and pizzas with friends who never had real Chicago before
Don From AZ
Excellent as always!
Received my order quickly. The quality of the Italian beef sandwich kit was excellent! The pizza quality, also very good!
Tara From IN
Best beefs ever!!!
Simply the best beefs you can get on the planet. Being able to order and have in Georgia is a great blessing.
Marty From Statesboro, GA
Perfect Gift!
I sent the Portillo's Beef and Lou's Pizza Package to my son and his wife who live near Dallas. It is a little bit of home that they love. I sent this often, and always hear that they make a pizza the moment the package is delivered--and they save the beef for a weekend treat. They love receiving it--and eating it--and it makes me feel good to be able to give them a bit of home--and let them know I am thinking of them!
Collette From Gurnee, IL
A taste of home
We got pizza and beef for my dad's birthday. We moved from Chicago a few years ago and he always talks about how much better chicago pizza is. It was very good, though our veggie pizza didn't cook perfectly when we followed the instructions. Overall it was a tasty treat enjoyed by all.
Paige From CA
Good Chicago food experience
I ordered this to treat my California neighbors to a real Chicago feast. It was a hit!! This was the first time they had ever even heard of Italian beef much lest tasted it. We all enjoyed every bite! Lou's pizzas opened their eyes to what deep dish pizza should taste like.
Margie From Santa Rosa, CA
A Hit
Gift for my nieces's birthday, now she can celebrate with friends on her schedule. Very appreciated.
Deborah From Chicago, IL
food order
My son, who is just beginning medical school in Brooklyn, said the food was fantastic! Thank you.
beef kit / 1 sausage 1 spinach
sent to brother in North Carolina
Marc From Chapel Hill, NC
christmas present
portillos beef and pizza
Sandra From IL
Portillos Beef and 2 Lou Malnati's Pizza Combo
The Beeff is fantastic and translates well to eating at home. The 2 pizzas were disappointing. Not very large and were "lost in translation" from eating at Lou Malnati's--which has great pizza! Also, wish Sausage and Pepperoni was a choice.
Pam From Southlake, TX
Keeps me from missing Chicago!
As always, the food arrived on time and ready for eating! It is the next best thing to being back in Chicago.
Arlene From TX
Chi born - now lives in NYC
After an address/delivery mix up, I was kindly greeted and had a second pizza/italian beef gift sent to my son who will always sing the praises of Italian beef from Portillo's. It's the first place we stop when he comes into town. So thanks for your help and amending the delivery snafu!
Home food
It was great having chicago food delivered to my door. It was easy to cook and tasted like home.
Rebecca From Salem , MA
Chicago's best!
Pizza and beef
Ann From Portland, OR
All about that beef.
My dad is a native Chicagoan, and he got me hooked on Italian Beef. It is hands down my favorite food from The Windy City, and I crave it ALL the time (gotta love the deep dish, too!). Package arrived quickly and in good condition. Can't wait to chow down while watching the 'Hawks on TV!
Lisa From GA
Craving Satisfied
The Portillo's Beef was excellent as I remember.
Debra From Mansfield, TX
Portillio's beef
Everything in the package was great but one more sub bread would be better. It is delicious!
Howard From Henderson, NV
My two pizzas and Italian beef were delivered all the way to Hawaii on time. Super impressed, will definitely order from here again!
Kalie From Haleiwa , HI
Best delivery !!
Fran ward From Aledo, TX
Always a treat
sent these pizzas to my brother who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Needless to say he enjoyed them immensely and is recovering so well he can now try to run the calories off!
joyce From orland park, IL
Pizza and Beef Combo
Great service but your online system charged my card twice due to an error on my billing zip code, this error took 3-days to be taken off my pending charges. The actual product was well received and I just placed a second order for (4) pizza package today. Signed up for your emails but have only been receiving general messages, no discounts or coupon codes :(
Zack From IL
Awesome as usual!
Carol Ballish
Our Siesta From New Mexican
We are native Chicagoans. We lived here for quite a few years, enjoying the marvelous New Mexican cuisine, until, we realized we were missing something...a lot! We are so very grateful to have the option of Portillo's Beef, and Lou's pizza. We lived but a ten minute drive to both. Now, we are living the good life!! It comes right to our door.
MaryLou From Santa Fe, NM
pizza/beef combo
Michael From Boynton Beach, FL
Wonderful gift
My friends had a loss in the family and were thrilled when pizza and beef from their old home town arrived during a difficult time. It was easy to reheat and arrived perfectly. Much better than a casserole ;-)
Sue From La Grange, IL
seriously good
I'd ordered Lou's 6 pack pizza before and while good, it can't compare to Lou's fresh. So, craving beef from Portillo's I thought it would be good, but not outstanding. I was wrong. The beef kit was exceptional; the beef, gravy and rolls were delicious and easy to prepare. Still am homesick, but at least had a nice taste of home! Will definitely order again.
Stephanie From Lincoln, IL
Portillo's Beef & Lou Malnati's Pizza combo
Johannafaye From Tunnel Hill, GA
Beyond Delicious!
The Portillo's Beef Kit was amazing! We were very pleased and will order again. I never knew beef could be that tender and tasty! We've been buying Lou's pizza's for years- they are the best!
Rick & Sharon From Lynchburg, VA
Corporate Brassknuckles of Chicago
Excellent for the Chi-town veteran abroad or the newbie who has no idea how important this food is (thin crust aside)!!! Chicago Americana fare at its core...
Eddie From Downey, CA
Customer service
I order 2 pizzas and the italian beef combo pk everything was excellent but the Sausage Pizza I contact customer service and told them about it and they was really quick and help me with my order they solve my problem quickly and I just want to say their customer service agent was really really helpful thanks
Lettie From Harrison twp, MI
Chicago my Food
Lived in San Diego over forty years and have found nothing like Lou's pizza or Portillo's beef.
Irene From San Diego, CA
Highly recommend if you're looking for true Chicago authenticity. My husband and I grew up in Chicago and are in CO now, can't find good pizza, let alone beef sandwiches, anywhere (businesses try). This is doing the trick for us and nice we can have it at home!!
You won't be disappointed. I'm never without Lou's pizzas in my freezer since I moved to FL but this is the first time I've ordered the beef. It's fabulous. Tastes as fresh as getting it right from Portillo's. It's a hit in our house.
Kristin From Sarasota, FL
Awesome Food!
Fresh! Delish! Packaged very well! Easy to prepare! Sooo good! Get some! YUM!
L From IL
Love your beef
We moved to Florida love when we order your beef kit
Tim From Kissimmee , FL
A 10! Fantastic!!
Was a little skeptical, was pleasantly surprised. Everything was perfect. If you follow the instructions it tastes exactly like Chicago. Will be ordering again!! Steve.
Steven From Boca Raton, FL
Absolutely the best!!!
I crave the Pizza and beef when I lived in Illinois...found a way to still enjoy in Missouri!!!
Gwenn From Stockton, MO
Best in the category
Perfection. Best Italian beef in the country
Kristina From CA
i ordered the beef and the pizza. the beef was exceptional. BUT the pizza was not good i was very diappointed in lous pizza for this reason i amgiving it a rating of a 1 on pizza and a5 on beef.
the beef as very good.BUT the pizza was not a true deep dish. it had very thin cheese and sausage was just a thin rolled out put under tomates. home run inn frozen was much better. i learned to never order the pizza again!!!
lori From greeleyville, SC
I'm SO EXCITED!!! Oh how I've missed you!!
I recently moved from Illinois to Utah. A friend sent me this package in the mail. I have missed this food so much! There is nothing in this area that is remotely close to the food that I received in the mail from Lou's and Portillo's. It is made perfectly, frozen perfectly, and sent to my door with instructions. What a delight I can't even tell you how happy I am! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to eat this food again!
Ellen From Provo, UT
Best Sandwich EVER!
We've never had an Italian Beef sandwich. Portillo's came highly recommended to us from a Chicagoan, so we thought we'd try it. Best sandwich we've ever had! So yummy! The bread was so good - worth the gluten! Having it at home, we were able to load up the sandwiches with beef and dip them in the gravy - au jus! Will definately purchase this product again. And two Lou's pizzas? Worth the added cost. It's always great to have those in the freezer!
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