Devanco Foods Gyro Kit

One bite and you'll be transported back to your favorite Chicago fast food joint.

Add 2 Lou's Pizzas for $32

That's about what you'd pay at the restaurant!

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Package Contents

  • 16-oz. gyro slices (approximately 25 slices)
  • 10-oz. tzatziki (cucumber sauce)
  • Six Pitas (makes six large sandwiches)

Tzatziki (Cucumber Sauce): Open container and stir contents until creamy smooth. DO NOT HEAT SAUCE! (Unused sauce should be refrigerated). For additional sauce, add sour cream.


Pita Bread: Microwave for 15-20 seconds until warm and soft.

Gyros Slices: Microwave 4/5 slices of Gyro meat (single serving) on a microwave safe dish loosely covered with plastic wrap for approximately 45-60 seconds on high setting. For more than 5 slices, add approximately 10 seconds per slice.


Pita Bread: Heat at medium/high temperature until warm and soft, about 20 -30 seconds per side. If you like your Pita slightly crisp, lightly baste Pita with vegetable oil on both sides while heating.

Gyros Slices: Heat Gyros slices on medium/high heat for approximately 20-30 seconds per side.

Remember: Gyros are precooked, so DO NOT OVERCOOK WHEN HEATING!

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