Portillo's Italian Beef Kit & Hot Dog Kit Combo



Portillo's Italian Beef Kit & Hot Dog Kit Combo

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Get a taste of two of Portillo's most famous dishes, their Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches!.

Package Contents

This Portillo's Italian Beef Kit & Hot Dog Kit Combo is packed with:

  • 2 lbs. of Portillo's Famous Italian Beef
  • 2 qts of Portillo's signature gravy
  • 8 bake and serve Italian rolls
  • 8 oz. of Sweet Peppers
  • 8 oz. of Hot Giardiniera
  • 10 all beef Portillo's Chicago hot dogs
  • 10 poppy-seed buns
  • 9-oz of yellow mustard
  • 6-oz of green relish
  • 6-oz of sport peppers
  • Celery salt

Hot Dogs

A Portillo's Chicago style hot dog is a natural skin on all beef hot dog served in a steamed poppy seed bun loaded with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, kosher pickle spear, sport peppers and Portillo's own seasoning salt.
Hot Dogs
  1. Fill a 4 quart pot with one and half quarts of water (48 ounces).
  2. Bring water to a boil; turn the water down until it stops boiling, or a slight simmer. (DO NOT COOK HOT DOGS IN BOILING WATER).
  3. Place desired number of hot dogs into water and cook uncovered for 20 minutes. This is one of the critical steps to get the genuine Portillo's flavor.
Hot Dog Buns
  1. Do not steam the buns until the hot dogs have cooked for 20 minutes.
  2. Place package of hot dog buns into a microwave, if fewer buns are desired put them into a plastic bag and loosely close bag.
  3. Heat buns on high for 2 to 2 ½ minutes. (If fewer buns are desired heat for 45-60 seconds).
  4. Be cautious when opening, escaping steam and hot dog buns will be extremely hot.
  1. Carefully open steam bun completely.
  2. Place hot dog into bun with ends curling up.
  3. Top with desired condiments in the following order: Mustard, Relish, Onion, Tomato slices, Portillo's seasoning salt (one shake per slice), Pickle spear and Sport Peppers.

Italian Beef

Stove top heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in large sauce pan.
  2. Heat until it reaches 180°.DO NOT BOIL. This takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Open beef pack and separate slices. This creates a more flavorful and tender sandwich.
  4. Add enough slices for 2-3 sandwiches at a time and heat for about 1 minute. Add beef in small increments as needed.
  5. Take temperature of gravy while heating beef. The temperature should stay between 165° and 180° for best results.
French Bread:
  • Place rolls on cookie pan 2" apart and bake at 450° for 5 minutes.
Microwave heating instructions
  1. Place entire contents of gravy bucket in microwave safe bowl and heat for 5 minutes. This includes any solids or spices.
  2. Stir contents and then heat for another 4 minutes while separating the beef slices. The temperature should be 180°. DO NOT BOIL.
  3. Take bowl out of microwave and add enough beef for 2-3 sandwiches and stir in for about a minute. Take temperature as you add beef.
  4. If the temperature falls below 165° remove beef, return to microwave and reheat for 2 minutes.
  5. Food Safety Caution: The beef and gravy in this package must be at 40° or colder upon receiving it.
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  • Posted by Chei on Dec 16th 2023

    Italian Beef & Hotdogs

    I ordered the Combo kit for my spouse as a Christmas gift and it was delivered sooner than I expected, which was great. My spouse and I live in Boston and wife is from Illinios and the food brought her back home. Thank you, everything was great!.

  • Posted by Stacy S. on Jan 16th 2023


    Great Christmas gift for family members and friends unable to visit during the holidays. The Portillo’s beef and hot dog kits were wonderful.

  • Posted by William S. on Jan 11th 2023

    Always a 5-star Purchase!

    A Portillo’s order coming to the house is always a cheerful event. The order never disappoints. The food inside is superb quality. The delivery makes it on time and all items included are still frozen upon arrival in Florida. Highly recommended for quality, packaging, and taste.

  • Posted by JUDY C. on Jan 11th 2023

    Everyone loved the Portillo's. I

    Everyone loved the Portillo's. I send it to my kids every year. It's the perfect Christmas gift because for every occasion.

  • Posted by BRYAN M. on Jan 10th 2023

    Delicious it’s nice to have

    Delicious it’s nice to have a piece of home

  • Posted by Gary A. on Jan 5th 2023

    Best Italian Beef!

    Portillo's is the best!

  • Posted by KATHY C. on Jan 5th 2023

    bought as gift

    bought as gift

  • Posted by Eric B. on Jan 5th 2023

    Was very good we ate

    Was very good we ate the beefs real quick Tennessee doesn't do Italian beefs

  • Posted by Candice M. on Jan 1st 2023

    Wonderful Experience

    I sent the Portillo's Beef & Hot Dog packages as a gift to my daughter and they LOVED it! It was delivered frozen as expected and arrived a day early. I will definitely order again from Taste of Chicago!