Spotlight on: Portillo's

Dick Portillo is very familiar with the term "humble roots." After all, the first Portillo's (then known as "The Dog House") was nothing more than a 6' x 12' trailer with no running water or bathroom when it opened in 1963. It took 4 years to upgrade the small trailer, but since then, Portillo's has hit the ground running and never looked back.

Portillo's now operates in 38 locations, with most locations spread throughout the Chicago area, but a few nationwide as well. No one Portillo's restaurant is like the other; each one has its own unique theme. These themes reflect Dick Portillo's love of history, especially Chicago history! Portillo's restaurants include memorabilia from the 20s, 30s, 50s, and 60s. From the music to the décor, each restaurant has the old-time Chicago feel that Dick Portillo loves. (Photo credit: Portillo's)

Portillo's Restaurant

Although the restaurants themselves are a sight to behold, Portillo's fans keep coming back for the food. The items sold on Tastes of Chicago are Portillo's staples: Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef. Both packages are extremely easy to prepare, and packed with Chicago flavor. So turn up your jukebox and get ready to enjoy the same great food Portillo's has been serving up for over 50 years!