What's the Deal with Crustless Pizza?

If you're on a gluten free diet and miss the bliss of deep dish from Lou Malnati's, our crustless pizza is just the thing for you!

Lou Malnati's Crustless PizzaFor some time now, Lou Malnati's has proudly offered a tasty crustless pizza for those who are gluten intolerant, or simply on a low carb diet. As the name indicates, by "crustless," we mean...there's no crust! This pizza is made from our lean sausage as the base, then topped with our fresh mozzarella cheese and tasty tomato sauce.

It's not your average deep dish, that's for sure.

Just because you can't eat the crust, doesn't mean you can't get a great pizza from Lou Malnati's! Order Now ›