Spotlight on: Real Urban BBQ

Real Urban Barbecue

In addition to serving up savory goodness, the laid back, cool atmosphere at Real Urban BBQ's Chicagoland locations provides a casual and fuss free (but far from napkin free) meal. And the smell, oh the smell! One sniff and your mouth will be watering beyond control. They smoke enough BBQ daily to keep it fresh and promise the best quality. So when their locations are out, they're out!

The items sold on Tastes of Chicago have been smoked to perfection by the experts at RUB and immediately sealed to guarantee the fresh-from –the-smoker flavors are maintained for your enjoyment when ordered through Tastes of Chicago. Directions for preparing are enclosed with each package and are incredibly easy to follow, allowing you to serve and enjoy a delicious meal that will leave people raving and most likely zero leftovers.