Chicago Italian Sausage Shipped from The Original Nottoli & Son

The Original Nottoli & Son has been making Chicago's best Italian sausage since 1947. Now you can have their Chicago Italian sausage shipped straight to your doorstep! Get a taste today.
The Original Nottoli & Son
Chicago's Best Italian Sausage
The Nottoli family has been making some of the best Italian sausage in Chicago since 1947.

Their Chicago storefront, The Original Nottoli & Son Italian Sausage Shop and Deli, has passed hands from grandfather to father to son, but through the years they remain dedicated to producing exceptional products using the finest ingredients.

Making the best Italian sausage in Chicago is their #1 claim to fame, but their giardiniera deserves some recognition, too! Offered in mild or hot, this Chicago-style condiment pairs perfectly with Nottoli's Italian sausages, also available in mild or hot. Give it a try today!

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