St. Patrick's Day Food

When it comes to St. Patrick's Day food ideas, corned beef is always at the top of the list! And cabbage...if you like that sort of thing.

St. Patrick's Day food, corned beef sandwichAll cabbage aside, for the quintessential Chicago-style St. Patrick's Day food feast, Chicagoans look to Manny's Deli for the ultimate corned beef sandwich.

Manny's makes their famous sandwich by piling their perfectly seasoned, thinly sliced corned beef high between two slices of seeded rye bread. Add a generous spread of their special horseradish mustard, and you've got yourself a corned beef sandwich worthy of any St. Patrick's Day food feast.

Ship this Chicago-style St. Patrick's Day food feast right to your doorstep by ordering a Manny's Corned Beef Kit, and make it a Malnati-style St. Patrick's Day food feast by adding two Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzas!


St. Patrick's Day in Chicago isn't just about the corned beef...

One of our most beloved traditions is the dyeing of the Chicago River, where every St. Patrick's Day, the river is dyed a brilliant shade of green, fit for the holiday. Check out a time-lapse video of this process below!